The World Is Your Oyster: 10 Brilliant Ocean Learning Resources

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Did you know the oceans contain 99% of the living space on the planet?

And yet, there is so much we don't know about them! Get your learning on this year to celebrate World Ocean Day on the 8th June!

The ocean is full of some weird and wonderful creatures from 20,000 different species of fish to the amazing colours of a coral reef. There is so much to explore down under so we've compiled a list of resources to teach your kids, of all ages, about the life under the sea.

Blue Planet Documentary

David Attenborough explores fun facts and amazing animals in this amazing ocean documentary. Using underwater cameras he follows fish, sharks and other marine life in this up-close experience with the ecosystem below the sand. Taking almost 5 years of filming to make and over 200 expeditions this really is a sneak peek into the underwater world. Perfect for the whole family and wonderfully engaging - Attenborough captures our attention yet again in this amazing documentary. Plus, if you like this then continue the adventure and tune into the second part, Blue Planet II, which took another 4 and a bit years to make.

Brains On! Podcast

This is an excellent podcast for a younger audience. The episodes are just over 15 minutes each so it will be sure to hold your kid's attention. This will help your children learn the ways of the water and explore ocean life through listening and learning. They have a couple of good episodes on the ocean, including Why is the Ocean Salty and an extra-long episode of The Deep Sea vs. Outer Space which is an hour long! This is also a great resource for other learning opportunities as well, Brains On! explores many of the curious questions of the world and you can find them all on YouTube!

National Geographic Lesson Plans

National Geographic is a great resource for learning and teaching your kids about all things nature. There have provided great resources to plan a lesson for ocean education. There are activities and lessons for all ages to explore; these are graded using the American grade system so this helpful guide should help you decipher what activities fit which age group. While these lesson plans are usually aimed at teachers there is no reason why you at home can't use these free resources to plan a lesson on the sea and the marine life it holds.

Ocean Activity Book

This free and printable activity book made by the NOAA Marine Debris Program and Office of National Marine Sanctuaries is the perfect resource to teach kids aged 5-8 about ocean life. This fun and engaging print-out fun facts, word searches and colouring while also including helpful tips and tricks to reduce your waste and help the oceans. These activities will keep your children entertained for hours while they search through the facts and complete the various tasks.


Printable Book Mark Series

The same company has provided a printable bookmark series for your older kids and even adults. Bookmarks are the perfect way to reveal fun facts because they are short and sweet and you are reminded of them every time you open your book to that page. The best thing about this series is that all the bookmarks line up to make one big picture so when you first print them out your child can put them together like a puzzle before getting to use them. The series teaches about marine debris and the effect it has on fish and other animals in the water. These make a perfect gift for avid readers on World Ocean Day or any other day of the year!

National Geographic Documentaries

The National Geographic also provides wonderful documentaries for families and children of all ages. It is likely that these will appear to older kids and teens given the length of the episodes and the deep exploration of animal life. Disney Plus is now home to all National Geographic documentaries or you can also find some on their channel on Sky. You could watch episodes like 'Giant of the Deep and Sea of Hope' or even 'America's Underwater Treasures'. Learn the facts about the water and search for hidden treasures that live in the sea.

SciShow Kids

These cute little YouTube episodes are great for 3-5-year-olds to learn all about the world's oceans and everything it contains. This YouTube series consists of all things science that you could teach your kids with these fun little videos that use cartoons and cute characters to engage your little ones and get them excited about ocean facts. 'Learn about Ocean Zones' or even 'The Outrageous Octopus' with these short little episodes that are under 5 minutes each. Alternatively, sit your child down to watch the 'Glowing Ocean Animals' to get them excited about the sea this World Ocean Day!

Fun Ocean Facts

These ocean facts are a great gateway to teaching your children about the water itself. Turn these facts into a quiz or make them into exciting ocean-themed posters to teach your kids about everything from tides to the Bermuda Triangle. You could even make a game from these facts and create some of your own fake facts before getting your kids to search through them and sort the fact from the fiction. Exciting and educational for all ages!

Learning about the ocean

Speak Up For The Ocean Blue Podcast

A podcast perfect for teens will educate them on cleaning up the planet and the effects of climate change. You can hear about the process of transporting fish to your door or even tackling the plastic pollution in the sea. With new content every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, your kid will never be bored of learning about the sea.

Online Quiz

What better way to test your knowledge at the end of the day with this online quiz. One of the many resources in this list that combines a great activity with education about the oceans. Get the family gathered together for this online quiz!



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