100 Old French Names That Are Timelessly Stylish

Old French names have deep meaning, which could be perfect your child.

From the snow-covered mountains to the Riviera coast to the famous Eiffel Tower in the 'City of Lights and Love', France is spellbinding.

It is famous for travel enthusiasts, but at the same time, it is a place with incredible artisans, writers, chefs and artists that can found in the country.

France is also known for its sentimental and exquisite language, making French old names an ideal way to call your child. There are numerous reasons why you should choose a French name for your kid. It might be to respect your family heritage, the history of the country or simply honor everything France stands for. But there are some names like Capucine, Lancelot, and Océane among others that you won't find in English. If you love the sound of the French words, then you'll love these unique French names with their meaning.

You can also check out French boy names and unisex French names.

Old French Names For Girls

French names for a girl are derived from Medieval, Biblical, and Germanic words.

A French name is beautiful, elegant, and adorable. If you are looking for beautiful girl names, then we have curated a list that has names from France, German, as well as Norman French origin. These fantastic French girls names (with meanings!) could be perfect to describe your little girl.

1. Aimée (French origin) means "beloved". A lovely French girl name that is popular around the world.

2. Antoinette (French and Latin origin) means "praiseworthy".

3. Bernadette (French and English origin) means "brave as a bear".

4. Blanche (French origin) means "white and fair".

5. Camille (French and English origin) means "girl in white, religious attendant".

6. Chanel (Old French and English origin) means "the canal or channel". It is also the name of a popular French luxury brand.

7. Charlotte (French and English origin) means "strong and free.

8. Chloé (Norman French and English origin) means "flourishing and blooming". Famous name bearer: actress Chloé-Grace Moretz.

9. Claire (French and English origin) means "clear and brightly shining". The name became popular after it appeared in the TV show 'Outlander'.

10. Clementine (Old French and English origin) means "merciful, mild". It is a popular and ancient French name that became popular through the children's poem 'Clementine'.

11. Colette (French and English origin) means "victorious and triumphant".

12. Corinne (French and English origin) means "maiden".

13. Danielle (Old French and English origin) means "God is the judge".

14. Denise (French and Greek origin) means "devoted to the wine god".

15. Desiree (French origin) means "desired and longed for".

16. Dominique (Old French and Latin origin) means "belonging to the Lord".

17. Elaine (French and Greek origin) means "bright, shining light".

18. Fleur (French origin) means "a flower".

19. Francine (Old French origin) means "from France or free".

20. Gabrielle (French and Hebrew origin) means "God is the hero and strength".

21. Giselle (French and German origin) means "a promise or pledge".

22. Jacqueline (French and Hebrew origin) means "the one who comes after or replaces".

23. Jeanne (Old French origin) means "God is gracious".

24. Jolie (French origin) means "pretty".

25. Josephine (French origin) means "God will add or increase".

26. Juliet (French and Latin origin) means "forever young". The name was popularized after it appeared in the play 'Romeo and Juliet.'

27. Lourdes (Old French origin) means "from the town of Lourdes in France".

28. Louise (French and German origin) means "brave warrior".

29. Lucie (French and English origin) means "illuminating and light".

30. Madeleine (French and Greek origin) means "strong and great".

31. Mallory (Old French and English origin) means "unfortunate and unlucky".

32. Margot (French origin) means "like a pearl, child of light". Famous name bearer: actress Margot Robbie.

33. Marie (French and Hebrew origin) means "star from the sea of bitterness".

34. Michelle (French and Hebrew origin) means "who is like or closest to God". Famous name bearer: Former first lady Michelle Obama.

35. Monique (French and Latin origin) means "a wise counselor and advisor".

36. Nicolette (French and Greek origin) means "a victory of the people".

37. Noelle (French and Latin origin) means "born on Christmas Day ".

38. Odette (French and German origin) means "praise God, poem, wealthy".

39. Patrice (French and Latin origin) means "noble, born into nobility".

40. Pauline (French and German origin) means "petite and small".

41. Renée (French origin) means "reborn".

42. Suzette (French and Hebrew origin) means "graceful like a lily".

43. Violette (French and English origin) means "purple-blue flower".

44. Yvonne (French origin) means "Yew wood".

45. Zoe (French and Greek origin) means "full of life". Famous name bearer: actress Zoe Saldana.

Old French Names For Boys

Our lists of baby names consists of strong boys names with meaning  that will help you connect with your heritage.

Our list of French boys names consists of strong name from Norman French, Portuguese, and Anglo-Saxon culture, which have been used for centuries. These names are very popular with strong meaning and some can also be used as a surname.

46. Antoine (French and Latin origin) means "praiseworthy".

47. Armand (French and German origin) means "an army soldier".

48. Arthur (French and Celtic origin) means "noble one". Famous name bearer: legendary King Arthur.

49. Brice (French and Scottish origin) means "speckled son of a nobleman".

50. Charles (French and German origin) means "strong and manly". Famous name bearer: Prince Charles Of Wales.

51. Claude (French and English origin) means "lame, crippled, and limping".

52. Denis (French and Greek origin) means "devoted to the wine god, Dionysius

53. François (French origin) means "a free man".

54. Frederic (French origin) means "a peaceful ruler".

55. Gabriel (French and Hebrew origin) means "God is the strength and hero".

56. Gaston (French origin) means "Gascony in the southwest".

57. Gilbert (French and German origin) means "promise".

58. Guy (French origin) means "leader".

59. Hugo (French and German origin) means "intelligent".

59. Jacques (French origin) means "the one that comes after or replaces".

60. Jean (French and Hebrew origin) means "God is gracious".

61. Jules (French and Greek origin) means "forever young".

62. Leo (Latin and English origin) means "bold like a lion". Famous name bearer: footballer Lionel "Leo" Messi.

63. Louis (French and German origin) means "brave warrior".

64. Luc (French origin) means "the light".

65. Marc (French and Latin origin) means "warlike". Famous name bearer: singer Marc Anthony.

66. Marcel (French origin) means "a little warrior".

67. Martin (Latin and Spanish origin) means "warlike".

68. Maurice (French and English origin) means "dark skin".

69. Nicolas (French and Greek origin) means "victory of the people".

70. Noel (French and Latin origin) means "born on Christmas Day or at Christmastime".

71. Orville (French and English origin) means "from the gold town".

72. Pascal (French and English origin) means "born at Eastertime".

73. Paul (French and Latin origin) means "small". Famous name bearer: actor Paul Rudd.

74. Philippe (French origin) means "one who loves and befriends horses".

75. Pierre (French origin) means "strong and solid like a rock".

76. Quentin (French and English origin) means "the fifth one". Such baby names are perfect for strong-willed boys.

77. Raphael (French and Hebrew origin) means "healed by God".

78. Richard (French and English origin) means "strong and powerful ruler".

79. Roy (French and English origin) means "a king".

80. Russell (French origin) means "having red hair, fox-colored".

81. Samuel (French and Hebrew origin) means "asked of God, told by God". Such strong baby names are perfect for parents who are dedicated to God.

82. Sacha (French and Greek origin) means "defender of humankind, defending warrior".

83. Samuel (French and Hebrew origin) means "asked of God, told by God".

84. Sébastien (French origin) means "revered and adored", an old name.

85. Simon (French and Greek origin) means "God has heard".

86. Théo (French and German origin) means "Gift and blessing from God; "the boldest".

87. Thomas (French and Greek origin) means "twin".

88. Valentin (French and Russian origin) means "healthy and valiant".

89. Victor (French and Latin origin) means "victorious one", a popular French name.

90. Yves (French and German origin) means "an archer".

Gender Neutral Old French Names

French first names are not only beautiful, meaningful but also classy. So, if you don't want to give your child a gender specific name, then try out our list of non binary names.

91. Alex (French and English origin) means "helper, defender".

92. Ange (French and English origin) means "angel". Such noble names are perfect for both baby boys and girls.

93. Aurele (French and English origin) means "morning".

94. Camile (French and English origin) means "serving at the altar".

95. Clarence (French and English origin) means "bright and clear".

96. Elie (French and English origin) means "the Lord is my God".

97. Fleury (French and English origin) means "flower".

98. Lou (French and English origin) means "famed warrior".

99. Silouane (French and English origin) means "forest".

100. Sofiane (French and English origin) means "who walks fast".

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