40 Old Soul Quotes For People Who Are Wise Beyond Their Years

Quotes on being old souls are mystical quotations.

We have all heard some people say they are old souls.

Old souls basically means that these people have a different perspective in life. Mainly they like things of old or they are wiser than their age.

Old soul people usually have older friends rather than those who are their own age. Most of them are misunderstood by the people around them. This different perspective sometimes helps them and sometimes even makes them lonely. But these people sure are unique. Read these quotes below to know more.

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Best Meaningful Old Soul Quotes

Here we have the best of deep old soul quotes, old in mind and old in soul quotes, and 'I'm an old soul' quotes for you to relate to.

1. "I think there's an interesting contradiction of having a young face and an old soul. There's something funny about it, and it also allows you to reinvent being old."

- Matt Smith.

2. "I think I was always an old soul, even as a teenager."

- Brooke Fraser.

3. "It's not uncommon for the Old Soul to experience some measure of depression, apathy or existential lethargy when it comes to living everyday life."

- Aletheia Luna.

4. "I'm a young girl with an old soul. I wanted to fuse the two together, the past and the present."

- Melanie Fiona.

5. "It's my luck that I was born a bit of an old soul, and it's served me well."

- Laurence Fishburne.

6. "A Child of Happiness always seems like an old soul living in a new body, and her face is very serious until she smiles, and then the sun lights up the world."

- Anne Cameron.

7. "As an observer, the Old Soul like the Steppenwolf, feels an all-pervading sense of alienation. He is the ultimate Outsider who is both in the world, but not quite of the world at the same time."

- Aletheia Luna.

8. "There is a beautiful thing inside you that is thousands of years old. Too old to be captured in poems. Too old to be loved by everyone. But loved so very deeply by a chosen few."

- Nikita Gill.

9. "There's more discomfort being an old soul or a person who questions a lot of things. I'm young, but I'm old."

- Lykke Li.

10. "I think soul is soul. I don't see new soul as any different to old soul."

- Paloma Faith.

11. "Innately, the Old Soul carries a sense of world-wariness as he stands on the outside, looking in."

- Aletheia Luna.

12. "Old souls are usually childlike in many ways, having the playfulness and simplicity of children while maintaining a certain world-weariness and deep insight."

- don Mateo Sol.

13. "I've been told I'm an old soul, but I'm only 25. I have the old with the new in me, and my house reflects that."

- Hillary Scott.

14. "Everything there is but lovin' leaves a rust on your old soul."

- Langston Hughes.

15. "'Everything is connected' was probably a phrase first coined by an Old Soul."

- Aletheia Luna.

16. "It will always be difficult for an old soul to satisfy the expectations of the new culture; because as an old soul you will always prefer to fall in love with everything that has a soul too."

- Samiha Totanji.

17. "I describe myself as a big kid with an old soul, I'm very playful whimsical, but I definitely have that old soul as well."

- Jidenna.

18. "The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life."

- Oscar Wilde.

19. "The Old Soul is more inclined to be a lifelong learner, constantly feeding his thirst for insight through his own persistent efforts."

- Aletheia Luna.

20. "All I can say is that I've always felt like a very old soul. When I was 3, I felt 60."

- Faith Prince.

Quotes About Being Wise Beyond Years

Old soul independence quotes are inspirational.

Old soul people are usually wise beyond their times and years. The wisdom they have in life is greater than everyone else. Below are a few beautiful quotes on the subject that are full of life and heart.

21. "We don't need to be wise beyond our years. All we need is to be wise beyond our fears."

- Unknown.*

22. "Simon: You always were wise beyond your years.

Cassandra: No I wasn't. I used to be consciously naive."

- 'I Capture the Castle', 2003.

23. "He was like me - he just yearned for there to be someone in the world like Leo, someone with a secret knowledge and a wisdom beyond his own."

- Daniel Quinn.

24. "I remember being wise beyond my years when I was little."

- Rebecca Ferguson.

25. "My mind possessed the wisdoms of the ages, and there were no words adequate to describe them."

- Beatrice Sparks.

Quotes On Being Born In The Wrong Era

People with old souls can feel as if they're born at the wrong time. These are some old soul love quotes and more on the subject.

26. "I love reading about history. Sometimes, I feel I was born in the wrong era. There was more creativity in the air when people were still discovering new worlds."

- Shakira.

27. "I grew up weird - very sensitive and highly inhibited. I felt like I was born in the wrong time zone to the wrong people at the wrong place."

- Marla Gibbs.

28. "But I unfortunately was born at the wrong end of Time, and I have to live backwards from in front, while surrounded by a lot of people living forwards from behind. Some people call it having second sight."

- Merlin (T. H. White).

29. "With great sadness, I saw so many people born in the wrong time to be happy."

- Andrew Sean Greer.

30. "Have you ever felt you were born in the wrong decade, or came just a bit too late and missed out on all the good stuff when it was in its heyday?"

- E.A. Bucchianeri.

31. "I always say that I was born in the wrong era. I should've been born in the '70s or '80s when love meant so much more than it does today. In this busy world, we forget to find each other, fall in love, and go all the way for our soul mates."

- Mawra Hocane.

Sayings And Quotes About Being An Old Soul

Empathy old soul quotes tell the truth.

Since these old soul short quotes are from sayings, the source is unknown but we think they're great quotes and would like you to read them. If you know where they're from please let us know.

32. "A free spirit is just an old soul with all its karma paid. Needing to prove nothing."

- Unknown.*

33. "An old soul is not an old soul by virtue of age, but for their patience, self-measure, and joyful gratitude."

- Unknown.*

34. "My soul is old. My body is young. My mind drifts in between."

- Unknown.*

35. "Being an old soul is difficult. Because you are not here for greed, competition nor constant experiences. You are here for solitary, peace, love and empathy."

- Unknown.*

36. "I'm an old soul that believes in chivalry, romance, and love."

- Unknown.*

37. "I'm not old. I've just been young for a very long time."

- Unknown.*

38. "Here’s to the old in soul and the gypsy at heart."

- Unknown.*

39. "People talk about having an inner child. I don't. I have an inner old lady who says inappropriate things, tells everyone to be quiet, and wants to go to bed at 8 pm."

- Unknown.*

40. "The reason old souls enjoy spending time alone, is because they never really are."

- Unknown.*

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