90 Old Western Names Inspired By Cowboys And Pioneers

A lot of people all over the world love cowboy names.

Are you searching for names that have the Old West feel for your perfect bundle of joy?

Coming up with aged western names for your little cowboy or country girl is a fun task. Here you will find a list of cowboy names and the cutest country girl names, all inspired by the Old West outlaws.

There are so many famous cowboys, whose names we can draw inspiration from to find baby names. Arkansas Tom Jones, Bass Reeves, Bat Masterson, Ben Thompson, and Bill Doolin are just some famous cowboys, with perhaps the most famous cowboy being Billy The Kid.

Famous cowboys have become an important and popular part of many movies and TV shows. Entertainment based on these outlaws of the Old West is one of the main reasons for the persistent interest in famous cowboys and perhaps a reason why more and more parents are looking to these cowboys and cowgirls for baby names inspiration.

Most of the famous cowboys' names in this list are inspired by the sheriffs and notorious outlaws in the Wild West. We have also included some old timey baby names with a cowboy feel, such as Albert, Arthur, Earl and Bennett as well as some pioneer names. We hope that this list of girl and boy names helps you to find the right cowboy name for your baby.

If you want to name your child after a cowboy, then you have come to the right place. There are ample names for cowboys here, they are Old Western names with a stylish ring to them.

If you are looking for more country baby names, check out our list of the best country girl names and the best cute country boy names.

Western Names For Boys Inspired By Cowboys And Pioneers

Cowboys are renowned for their Wild West ways. The hat and cowboy boots have long been the hallmark of these famous outlaws in the Old West. These Western boy names can help you to celebrate the spirit of cowboys through your baby boy and his name.

1. Alonzo (Spanish origin) meaning "ready for battle".

2. Amos (Hebrew origin) meaning "burdened".

3. Arthur (Welsh origin) meaning "bear".

4. Bart (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of Tolmai".

5. Boone (English origin) meaning "good person".

6. Buck (English origin) meaning "cowboy".

7. Calvin (Latin origin) meaning "bald".

8. Chester (English origin) meaning "a fortress".

9. Clay (English origin) meaning "clay worker".

10. Clayton (English origin) meaning "from the township on clay land".

11. Cole (English origin) meaning "victory of the people".

12. Coleman (English origin) meaning "charcoal burner".

13. Colt (American origin) meaning "young horse".

14. Edgar (English origin) meaning "rich spear".

15. Elijah (Hebrew origin) meaning "my God is Yahweh".

16. Ernest (English origin) meaning "earnest". A good cowboy name.

17. Eugene (English origin) meaning "well born".

18. Frank (English origin) meaning "from France".

19. Gary (English origin) meaning "spear rule".

20. George (Greek origin) meaning "farmer".

21. Harry (English origin) meaning "an army ruler". A good cowboy name.

22. Henry (German origin) meaning "home ruler".

23. Holt (English origin) meaning "woodland".

24. Homer (Greek origin) meaning "pledge".

25. Howard (English origin) meaning "brave heart".

26. Ike (American origin) meaning "laughter".

27. Jasper (English origin) meaning "treasurer".

28. John (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious".

29. Lawrence (English origin) meaning "laurel".

30. William (English origin) meaning "with gilded helmet".

Western cowboy names are a great choice

Western Names For Girls Inspired By Cowboys And Pioneers

Western names are known for their outdoor vibes. These cowboy and pioneer inspired names have never gone out of style. Here are some ideas for naming your baby girl.

31. Adelaide (German origin) meaning "of noble kin".

32. Anna (Hebrew origin) meaning "gracious".

33. Annie (English origin) meaning "merciful".

34. Beatrice (French origin) meaning "bringer of joy".

35. Catherine (Greek origin) meaning "pure".

36. Cecily (English origin) meaning "blind".

37. Clara (Latin origin) meaning "illustrious".

38. Cora (Greek origin) meaning "maiden"

39. Dorothea (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God".

40. Edith (English origin) meaning "prosperous in war".

41. Eleanor (French origin) meaning "straight forward".

42. Eliza (English origin) meaning "God is my oath".

43. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my oath".

44. Ella (Spanish origin) meaning "young girl".

45. Emma (Latin origin) meaning "universal".

46. Florence (Latin origin) meaning "prosperous".

47. Gertrude (Dutch origin) meaning "spear of strength".

48. Harriet (English origin) meaning "home ruler".

49. Hazel (English origin) meaning "the Hazel tree".

50. Ida (German origin) meaning "hardworking".

51. Josephine (French origin) meaning "God will increase".

52. Letitia (Latin origin) meaning "joy".

53. Louise (English origin) meaning "famous warrior".

54. Lucinda (Spanish origin) meaning "light".

55. Lydia (Greek origin) meaning "woman from Lydia".

56. Mary (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved".

57. Matilda (English origin) meaning "battle strength".

58. Maude (French origin) meaning "battle might".

59. Mercy (English origin) meaning "compassion".

60. Minnie (English origin) meaning "of the sea".

Some of the cowboy names are very elegant

Gender Neutral Baby Names Inspired By Cowboys And Pioneers

The glamorized image of cowboys and pioneers has inspired parents to look for names that represent these ideals. Here are some gender neutral ideas to get you started, which can be used for naming your baby boy or baby girl.

61. Alice (English origin) meaning "from nobility".

62. Arizona (Basque origin) meaning "good oak".

63. Austin (English origin) meaning "great".

64. Blaze (English origin) meaning "flame".

65. Brooks (English origin) meaning "from the brook".

66. Butch (American origin) meaning "manly".

67. Carson (English origin) meaning "Christian".

68. Casey (Irish origin) meaning "vigilant in war".

69. Cassidy (Irish origin) meaning "curly haired".

70. Chandler (English origin) meaning "candle maker".

71. Charlie (English origin) meaning "free man".

72. Cooper (English origin) meaning "barrel maker".

73. Dallas (Scottish origin) meaning "from the meadow dwelling".

74. Denver (American origin) meaning "from the passage of the danes".

75. Destry (American origin) meaning "horse keeper".

76. Dusty (English origin) meaning "Thor's stone".

77. Dylan (Welsh origin) meaning "son of the sea".

78. Flynn (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of the red-haired man".

79. James (Hebrew origin) meaning "supplanter".

80. Jesse (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's gift".

81. Julian (Latin origin) meaning "youthful".

82. Justice (English origin) meaning "doing right by the law".

83. Kit (American origin) meaning "follower of Christ".

84. Loyal (English origin) meaning "faithful".

85. Maverick (American origin) meaning "wildly independent".

86. Montana (Latin origin) meaning "mountain".

87. Oakley (English origin) meaning "from the oak tree field".

88. Reeve (English origin) meaning "steward".

89. Remy (French origin) meaning "oarsman".

90. Rio (Spanish origin) meaning "river".

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