100 One-Syllable Girl Names To Consider

Pregnant woman holding a sheet of paper with a list of one-syllable girl names.

Choosing a name for your new baby girl can definitely be a challenge - there are just so many options to pick from.

While there are plenty of lovely long names out there, sometimes all you want is a short and sweet, snappy, roll off the tongue choice. Easy to pronounce, easy to spell, and easy to remember - take a look at our 100 favourite one-syllable baby girl names.

1) Anne (of Hebrew Origin) meaning “Gracious, or Merciful”.  

2) Ash (of English Origin) meaning "From the Ash Tree".

3) Bay (of English Origin) meaning "Sea Inlet".

4) Bea (of American Origin) meaning "Blessed".

5) Belle (of French Origin) meaning “Beauty”.

6) Bess (of English Origin) meaning "God is My Oath".

7) Beth (of English Origin) meaning “God Is My Oath”.

8) Bette (of American Origin) meaning "God Is My Oath".

9) Blair (of Scottish Origin) meaning “Field, or Plain”.

10) Blake (of English Origin) meaning "Fair-Haired, or Dark".

11) Blanche (of French Origin) meaning “Fair, or White”.

12)  Blue (of American Origin) named after the colour Blue.

13)  Blythe (of English Origin) meaning "Happy".

14)  Bo (of American Origin) meaning "To Live".

15) Bree (of American Origin) derived from the “Brie region of France”.

16) Britt (of Scandinavian Origin) meaning "Exalted, or Lofty".

17) Brooke (of English Origin) meaning “Small Stream”.

18) Brynn (of Welsh Origin) meaning "Hill".

19) Cass (of Greek Origin) derived from the name Cassandra, meaning "She Who Entangles Men".

20) Cat (of English Origin), a shortened form of the name Catherine, meaning "Pure".

21) Char (of German Origin) meaning "Warrior".

22) Cher (of French Origin) meaning "Dear One".

23) Claire (of French Origin) meaning “Illustrious, or Enlightened”.

24) Dawn (of English Origin) meaning "Sunrise".

25) Deb (of English Origin), a shortened form of the name Deborah, meaning "Bee".

26) Delle (of English Origin) meaning "Meadow".

27) Dot (of Greek Origin) meaning "Gift of God".

28) Elle (of French Origin) meaning “Girl, or Female”.

29) Eve (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Life".

30) Faith (of English Origin) meaning "Faithful".

31) Faye (of French Origin) meaning “Fairy, or Elf”.

32) Fern (of English Origin) derived from the plant “Fern”.

33) Fleur (of French Origin) meaning "Flower".

34) Fran (of English Origin) derived from the name Francesca meaning "Free".

35) Gail (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Joy".

36) Glynn (of Welsh Origin) meaning "Valley".

37) Grace (of Latin Origin) meaning "Charm".

38) Greer (of Scottish Origin) meaning "Guardian, or Watchful".

39) Gwen (of Welsh Origin) meaning "Blessed Ring".

40) Hope (of English Origin) meaning "Desire of Fulfillment".

41) Jade (of English Origin) meaning “Green Gemstone”.

42) Jai (of Indian Origin) meaning "Victory".

43) Jane (of English Origin) meaning “God Is Gracious”.

44) Jean (of English Origin) meaning “God Is Gracious”.

45) Jem (of English Origin) meaning "Gem".

46) Jess (of English Origin) derived from the name Jessica, meaning "God Beholds".

47) Jill (of English Origin) derived from the name Jillian, meaning "Youthful".

48) Joy (of Latin Origin) meaning "Happiness".

49) Jude (of English Origin) meaning “From Judea”.

50) Jules (of French Origin) meaning "Youthful".

51) June (of Latin Origin) derived from the Roman goddess "Juno".

52) Kai (of Hawaiian Origin) meaning "Ocean".

53) Kat (of English Origin) meaning "Pure".

54) Kate (of English Origin) meaning "Pure".

55) Kim (of English Origin) derived from the name Kimberly, meaning "From The Meadow Of The Royal Fortress".

56) Laine (of English Origin) meaning "Dweller in a Lane".

57) Lake (of English Origin) derived from the word "Lake, or the one who lives by a Stream".

58) Lane (of English Origin) meaning "From the Lane".

59) Leigh (of English Origin) meaning "Field".

60) Lex (of English Origin), a shortened form of the names Alexis or Alexandra, meaning "Defender of the People".

61) Liv (of Scandinavian Origin) meaning "Cover, or Shield, or Life".

62) Lou (of German Origin) meaning “Farmed Warrior”.

63) Luce (of Italian Origin) meaning "Light".

64)  Lux (of Greek Origin) meaning "Light".

65)  Lynn (of Celtic/Gaelic Origin) meaning “From The Lake”.

66) Maeve (of Irish Origin) meaning "Intoxicating".

67) Mai (of Japanese Origin) meaning "Dance".

68) Maude (of French/German Origin) meaning “Battle Might".

69) May (of English Origin) derived from the Greek “Goddess Maia”.

70) Nell (of English Origin) meaning "Shining One".

71) Neve (of Irish Origin) meaning "Bright, or Snowy".

72)  Noor (of Arabic Origin) meaning "Light".

73) Paige (of English Origin) meaning "Young Helper".

74) Pam (of English Origin) meaning “All Honey”.

75) Pearl (of English Origin) derived from the “Small, round bead of a Mollusk - the Pearl”.

76) Pip (of Greek Origin) meaning "Friend of Horses".

77) Prue (of Latin Origin) meaning "Wise".  

78) Quinn (of Irish Origin) meaning "Descendent Of Conn".

79) Rae (of English Origin) derived from the name Rachel, meaning "Ewe".

80) Rain (of American Origin) meaning "Blessings From Above".

81) Reese (of Welsh Origin) meaning “Running”.

82) Reign (of French Origin) meaning "Queen".

83) Rose (of English Origin) derived from the flower the “Rose”.

84) Rue (of English Origin) derived from the name of a herb, "Ruta Graveolens".

85) Ruth (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Friendship".

86) Sage (of English Origin) named after the herb "Sage".

87) Shay (of Irish Origin) meaning "Hawk".

88) Sian (of Welsh Origin) meaning "God's Gracious Gift".

89)  Skye (of Scottish Origin) meaning "Adventurous, or of Free Spirit".

90)  Sloane (of Irish Origin) meaning “Expedition, or Invasion”.

91) Soul (of English/Irish Origin) meaning "Light, or Soul".

92) Sue (of English Origin) meaning “Lily”.

93) Starr (of American Origin) meaning "Star".

94) Tai (of Vietnamese Origin) meaning "Talented One".

95) Tate (of English Origin) meaning "Cheerful".

96) Tess (of English Origin) meaning "Harvestor".

97) Trish (of Latin Origin) meaning "Noble Woman".

98) True (of English Origin) meaning "Real, or Genuine".

99) Vale (of Latin Origin) meaning "Strong, or Healthy".

100) Viv (of Latin Origin) meaning "Alive".



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