Boogie On Down! 9 Online Dance Videos For Kids To Keep Active


We're all spending much more time at home these days and it's more important than ever that kids stay active and stimulated. There are so many amazing online dance channels on YouTube providing free dance classes right now, and we have listed some of the best movement classes out there, so that your preschooler can burn off energy and learn a lifelong skill all in the comfort of their own home.  

This is such a great time to explore fun new hobbies, and introducing some of these free dance classes into your child's routine is one of the best ways to keep your little one active, inspired and stimulated every day. Your child will love their new home school dance classes and you can join in and get a workout in at the same time. Get your leg warmers out, the dance-off is about to begin!

Go Noodle

This dance channel is a one-stop shop for all the latest dance crazes. With interactive themed choreography, Go Noodle takes children step-by-step through all the most popular playground dance trends, which even little kids can get to grips with. Bumbling animal mascots will have little kids laughing away while following along, and there are mountains of videos to get through. You and your preschooler will know every dance trend back to front in no time. (Disclaimer: we can't promise that the songs won't be stuck in a loop in your head for days afterwards!).

This diverse YouTube channel also features a variety of mindfulness, yoga and stretch videos. We love the Rainbow Breath guided meditation to start the day and the On & Off Flow for helping kids redirect crazy energy when cabin fever takes over.  Click here to enter the world of Go Noodle, and get ready to dance the day away!

Daniella Ballerina

If you have budding ballerinas on your hands, this is what you are going to be watching from now until the end of lockdown. Welcome to the soothing world of Daniella Ballerina, where classical preschool dance class meets whimsical animation. With music box piano accompaniment, story time, a range of exercises and the calming presence of Australian ballerina Daniella Rowe, your child can participate in a dance class format they may already be familiar with from real-life classes.

If they haven't yet started classes, these videos will prepare them for their first lesson post-lockdown. These online dance classes encourage kids to use their imaginations, and each class has a different theme and storyline to dance along with. Check out Daniella Ballerina and her enchanted world here.

Cosmic Kids

One of the most popular kids' workout channels on YouTube, Cosmic Kids introduces children to the world of mindfulness and yoga. With colourful story-book backdrops, a bubbly host and a wide range of exercises that allow kids to stretch themselves out to the max, kids not only learn a huge range of yoga moves but also learn important mindfulness lessons.

Many of the videos have fun themes, so if you have a Gruffulo, Moana or Frozen fan you're in luck. Try out their Yoga Disco videos for some upbeat, easy dance lessons, and for winding down try the Peace Out Guided Relaxation playlist.  We recommend joining your kids on the living room floor so that you can all regularly relax body and mind together.  Discover this blissful world of kids' yoga here.

family dancing

The Ballet Coach

Currently live-streaming 14 dance classes a week on Facebook, Sarah Du-Feu trained at the English National Ballet School and is now taking the locked-down world by storm with her online classical dance classes. Sarah teaches pre-school ballet live every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 9.30am. The Ballet Coach classes take the format of typical dance school pre-primary classes, with warmups, imaginative role-play and lots of fun, dynamic exercises.  

Du-Feu's classes really are the next best thing to actually being in a ballet class, and kids will love learning fundamental ballet moves and doing some imaginative playing at the same time. We think it's an amazing opportunity for children to take up to four free half-hour ballet classes a week, which hardly anybody would be able to afford outside of lockdown!

Oti Mabuse

If you're a Strictly fan you'll already be familiar with dance star Oti Mabuse, who was crowned champion in her 2019 stint on the show. Oti is now providing live half-hour dance lessons to children from her YouTube account every day at 11.30am. All the videos are available to watch at any time after the first airing, although it could be a nice part of your daily lockdown routine to tune in at the same time each day for your family's dance class! Your kids will feel like they're at a real showbiz dance school as they're taken through themed choreography with Oti and her dancing partner.

After a half hour learning and repeating all Oti and Marius' moves, your child will have a complete dance they can perform. We loved their Aladdin dance video, and although really little children may not get every single move, they'll love doing the sessions with you or siblings, and when you put your steps to the music at the end of the videos you'll really feel like you're on Strictly! Tune in every day at 11.30am here.

Sadler's Wells

From 1st April, Sadler's Wells will be streaming free online dance workshops for families with preschool children. A great introduction to the world of creative movement, these dance classes are perfect for nursery-age children to get active with Mum or Dad, as they are specifically coordinated with families in mind.

The classes will include 10 fun movement activities covering a range of dance styles. Kids will also be developing creative thinking, coordination and collaboration as you will also be taking part on the dance floor! Head over to the Sadler's Wells YouTube channel to find out more.

kid dancing to video at home

Desmond Cool Jams

We guarantee this hilarious YouTube channel will bring a smile to your face. Never want to hear "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa" ever again? Well, you haven't heard this crazy smooth R&B version yet that'll have you playing it on repeat all day every day even when lockdown is a distant memory. Impressive moves, animal and superhero mascots, catchy remixes and vibrant animation will have your children addicted to street dance in no time.

This joyous channel is just so much fun to explore together with your kids, learning new moves together and laughing your heads off as the videos get more and more bizarre.  So embrace your inner child, turn on the speakers and head over to Desmond's YouTube channel for a fun movement session with your kids.

Kidz Bop

This chart-topping kids' dance troupe have produced tons of fun dance videos on YouTube that your kids will want to spend all their time watching and learning cool new moves from. With over 1 billion views on their YouTube channel and over 16 million albums sold, Kidz Bop are a huge hit with the kids, and even younger children will enjoy the upbeat tunes, simple moves and charismatic tween dancers.

With child-friendly lyrics and chart-topping tunes, Kidz Bop cover popular hits and choreograph dances that young fans around the world love. They have so many videos on their channel that you can do with your child, and kids can get active, learn tons of new dances and have a load of fun in the process. Tune into their YouTube channel to get some movement inspiration from some of the best young dancers in the world.

Zumba Kids with Dovydas

Offering some of the best kids' Zumba dance classes on YouTube, this channel offers lots of high-octane movement classes, and some are danced just by kids, for kids. However, even the adult classes are simple enough for a toddler to follow, and the upbeat music will definitely get you all in a good mood. Although there are only a few of the kids' videos, your child will likely want the same ones on repeat anyway. Repetition is the name of the game if you want your child to learn a new dance, so make a playlist of the kids' videos and let them workout to their hearts' content.

You can find Dovydas on his YouTube channel here and we recommend these hugely popular videos, the Minions movement class and the I Like To Move It video!



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