80 Best Orange Jokes That Are Peely Great!

Orange jokes are great for the mind and the soul.

You'll be cracking "orange you glad?" jokes after going through our orange color jokes selection!

Let's g-rind through some of our oranges jokes! Following our collection of fruit jokes and banana puns, we have compiled our top orange jokes for you to get tang-y with!

From funny orange jokes and orange juice jokes to an orange knock-knock joke now and then to citrus jokes and orange one-liners, see what a-peels to you here with these awesome orange jokes because, after all, these fruit jokes are here for your entertainment.

Did you know that the largest of the citrus fruits are oranges? And there are over 600 varieties of oranges! Besides being as delicious as they are, oranges have a high resistance to disease, which means more oranges are killed due to lightning strikes than by any plant disease! Just because an orange is green doesn't mean it's not sweet! An orange's skin will turn orange in cooler weather, but in warm areas, the chlorophyll remains intact, causing the fruit to be green.

Also, the orange color is named after the fruit. Before oranges made their way to Europe from China, yellow-red was simply called yellow-red, or just red. The color orange is quite significant in history too! Orange is also known to be the color of the Royal Dutch family and thus it became the symbol of the Netherlands. So, here are some jokes about oranges. Enjoy!

Funny Orange Jokes

Let the color orange rule your heart.

Here are some freshly plucked orange jokes. These orange jokes are confirmed to refresh your mind:

1. What happened when the orange broke out of prison? All hell broke juice!

2. How do oranges communicate with each other? They speak in Mandarin.

3. Why did the orange turn into orange juice? It couldn't handle the pressure.

4. How did the orange get into an easy group at the Olympics? Because it was well seeded.

5. How do you know the orange was bullied? Because it was beaten to a pulp.

6. Why did the orange get dressed to go to the gala party? Because it found it a-peel-ing.

7. What happens when you rub two oranges against each other? You get Pulp Friction.

8. Why did the orange get prescription glasses? Because it was lacking Vitamin See.

9. Why was the orange depressed? Because nobody could peel his pain.

10. What are oranges served in prison? Three square peels a day.

11. What did the oranges do after concluding the meeting? They peeled the deal.

12. What would you get when you mix an orange-flavored soda and a twig? A fanta-stick combination!

13. Why do oranges have amazing eyesight? They keep their eyes peeled!

14. What happens when oranges get into a fight? Things get juicy!

15. Why did the orange get into a car crash? Because it wasn't keeping its eyes peeled on the road.

16. Why did the orange's song receive a negative review? Because the song wasn't orange-inal.

17. Why couldn't the orange believe that her friend had let her down? This was because citrus-ted him!

18. Why are oranges wholesome fruits? Because they have that peel good factor in them!

19.What happens when two oranges who hated each other are locked in the same room? There was pulp-able tension in the room.

20. Why are oranges the smartest fruit? Because they can concentrate.

21. How did the orange come back after it was chucked in the garbage? Because it was a boom-orange.

22. What happens when two oranges collide? They get en-tang-led!

23. Why was the orange always on the edge? Because he had a seed of doubt planted in him.

24. Why did the orange want the entire world to drown in orange juice? Because it was his Fanta-sea.

25. Why did the orange fail in his exams? Because of a lack of concentration.

26. Which role in the Star Wars movie was the orange cast for? Emperor Pulpatine.

27. What do you call a punctual orange who is always on time everywhere? A clockwork orange.

28. What did the orange do the night before his exam? He g-rind-ded through the entire syllabus so that he was prepared for the examination!

29. Why did the orange jump down from the bridge? Because it had nerves of peel.

30. What does an orange listen to? Music com-peel-ations.

31. What did the germaphobe orange hate the most? Being squeezed at.

32. Why was the orange selected as the valedictorian? Because he was the zest in class.

33. Why did the orange have a sad Halloween this year? Because he was all zest up and had nowhere to go.

34. What happened when the orange was peeled? It lost its rind!

35. Why was the orange sad when he found out he was missing a piece? Because his segment a lot to him.

36. What did the orange do for fun? Orange go-kart.

37. What did the orange say before jumping into the juicer? The zest is yet to come!

38. Why did the orange say no when her parents came to her with a marriage proposal? Because she was against orange-d marriages.

39. What did the orange say when he was complimented on his looks? "Surely, you must be telling this in zest"!

Awesome Orange Jokes

Oranges can be a great subject for humor.

Scroll through these tangy jokes that may be great for your bittersweet taste buds!

40. What is a Vampire's favorite fruit? Blood orange.

41. Why did the orange help the old lady cross the road? To do a random act of rindness.

42. What did the orange do for its friend's birthday party? It made all the orange-ments!

43. What would Santa's name be if he wore orange instead of red? Fanta Claus.

44. Why was the orange so impatient this whole time? Because it did not like to wait and C.

45. What did the orange vigilante say after beating up the bad oranges? Juice-tice will prevail!

46. How did the orange come back to life after dying? It made a peel with the devil.

47. Why did the orange react so late to being on fire? It couldn't peel the burn!

48. What did the doctor prescribe to the orange who couldn't keep his emotions in check? Tangor Management.

49. What happened when Orange, Apple, and Banana went on a picnic? They had a fruit-ful day.

50. What happens when you put a bad orange in shawarma? It turns into sour-ma!

51. Why was the orange sent to rehab? Because it was a peel popper.

52. What did the doctor tell the orange during the physiotherapy? He said, "Concentrate!"

53. What happened to the orange after he got depressed? He fell into a pith of despair.

54. What did the old orange see before it died? The grim ripe-r.

55. Why did the orange dress up as a clown? Because it wanted to become a zester.

56. Why was the orange crying in his room today? Because someone hurts its peelings.

57. Why did the half orange miss his kid's birthday? Because he wasn't a-round.

58. Why couldn't the blind man find his orange? Because it wasn't tangy-ble.

59. Why couldn't the orange dance at the talent show when his partner didn't show up? Because it takes two to tang-o.

60. After the orange failed his exam, why shouldn't the orange father scold his son by telling him about how well the apple had scored in the same exam? This is because one should never compare apples to oranges!

61. Why did the orange always dream of a world filled with Vitamin C? This was because it was its Fanta-C!

62. What did the orange say after being tortured by another orange? "You're gonna burn in a pith of fire"!

63. Why was the little boy staring at the orange juice carton? Because it said "concentrate"!

64. Why did the orange get insurance? Zest in case.

65. What did the orange say to its Environmental Science teacher? "Climate change isn't peel!"

66. How did the orange father console the orange mother after their daughter orange couldn't crack the g-rind-ing entrance test? He said, "It is alright, citries her best!"

67. Why was the orange blushing? Because he walked in on the salad dressing!

68. What did the orange joke about with his friends? His daily g-rind at work.

69. What did the orange say on meeting his long lost brother? Orange you glad to see me?!

Orange Knock Knock Jokes

Knock, knock. Who's there? Orange! Orange who? Orange you glad we have more jokes for you! Take a glance at our collection of some wonderful knock-knock orange jokes!

70. Knock, knock!

Who is out there?


Orange who?

Orange you the sweetest!

71. Knock, knock!

Who is outside?


Orange who?

Orange you going to the movies today?

72. Knock, knock!

Who is the one outside?


Orange who?

Orange you going to open the door?

73. Knock, knock.

Is anybody outside?

Orange juice.

Orange juice who?

Orange juice glad to see me?

74. Knock, knock!

Who's there?


Orange who?

Orange County Police, you're under arrest!

75. Knock, knock.

Is there anyone outside?


Orange who?

Orange-ments have been made, sir, it's time to go!

76. Knock, knock.

Who is it out there?


Orange who?

Orange you going to leave, it's pretty late now?!

77. Knock, knock.

Is anybody out there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad I came to pick you up from school?

78. Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Orange who?

Orange go in the juicer.

79. Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad it's almost Christmas!

80. Knock, knock.

Is anybody out there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad I'm not an apple!

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