12 Orc Tribe Names For Your Campaigns

Choose an Orc tribe name for your campaign.

Orcs are fantasy creatures, best known from the 'World Of Warcraft' game, that are hungry for war and extremely violent.

These creatures have featured multiple times in places such as fantasy novels, literature, games and movies. Choosing a suitable Orc name for your 'World Of Warcraft' clans can be a difficult task, especially considering how these names often require a lot of creativity.

The first time an Orc appeared in popular culture was in J.R.R Tolkien's novels, and they have now become increasingly famous across the world. Orcs have large, green, muscular bodies with tusks and they maintain a constant hatred for other living things. To find a suitable name for an Orc tribe in your next campaign, take a look at this list of Orc tribe names, categorised into both funny and strong tribe names.

An Orc tribe is a group of Orcs who live and work together. Having a strong tribe name displays the strength of the entire tribe and is a matter of great pride for Orcs. Orcs are a great choice of creature or character during such campaigns as they aren't simply stronger than other options but their appearance makes them equally scary and intimidating. This means that, with the help of a great name, Orcs can be a great character choice for both new and old players of 'World Of Warcraft'. Choosing a tribe name is therefore an important decision, especially because a player cannot change it later in the game. Barbarian clan names, that bring about a sense of war are powerful choices for cool Orc clan names.

Why not choose your 'World Of Warcraft' Orc clans names from our list, or take inspiration from the list to come up with similar made-up tribe names yourself! You may also want to check out our list of the best Draenai names or the best funny clan names.

Funny Orc Clan Names

Choose a funny orc clan name for your campaign

If you wish to have a funny name for your Orc tribe, then take a look at these clan names.

1. Ahged (Irish Origin), the symbolic sound of an Orc, has been used to start the name making it relevant and funny at the same time.

2. Glob (English Origin), this clan name embodies the sound of the body structure of an Orc, making it a great choice for someone who wants to make light fun of the character.

3. Lumdum (English Origin), this name symbolizes the unrecognizable speech patterns of Orcs and uses it for the name.

4. Olog (Irish Origin), depicts the housing situations for Orcs, and the funny pronunciation of the name makes it amusing.

5. Parfu (Arabic Origin), while being short and sweet, used as an Orc clan name it has a nice ring to it.

6. Urzoth (Irish Origin), means "something or someone who is extremely dangerous", which holds true for all Orcs.

There are multiple Orc tribes names to choose from

Strong Orc Tribes Names

Want to feel cool by using scary names for your Orc clan, to spread fear among your competitors? Check out this list of cool names for an Orc clan.

7. Buramog (Indian Origin), this means "something that carries around itself as a bad omen", useful for striking fear.

8. Horknuth (English Origin), the tusks of an Orc, along with this name makes a great combination for a variety of Orc characters.

9. Lorbumol (English Origin), since Orcs cannot speak properly, this name ends up sounding like "Lord" making it a very cool choice.

10. Prikdarok (Indian Origin), this name for tribes means "someone who is to be scared of", a good choice for a tribe name.

11. Saraugog (English Origin), since Orcs first appeared in the works of Tolkien, a tribute to Sauron makes it a great choice for real fanatics.

12. Wubdagog (English Origin), the pronunciation of the name makes it intimidating for other members in the campaign.

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