Our Top 10 Family Days Out Under £10

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After the expense of Christmas, you don’t need to break the bank to have a good time. There are plenty of free and cheap things to do that are great fun for the whole family. We’ve chosen our top 10 days out for under £10!

Beasts of London

This immersive interactive exhibition is all about the creatures and animals that helped to shape London into the brilliant city it is today. You’ll hear the stories from the animals themselves, make sure you listen out for some familiar voices! This special exhibition is just £9.20 and perfect for kids over 7.

KIA Oval

Any keen cricketers in the family? You’ll be bowled over by this brilliant tour of the Kia Oval grounds. Walk in the footsteps of sports stars as you see the field, commentary boxes, museum and so much more. 25% off means the tour starts at just £3.75 so it's a great innings.

The Big Barbican Adventure

This is a free do-it-yourself adventure trail at The Barbican. Complete the puzzles and use the clues to make it to the end and receive your prize. It’s a great activity for kids who are 5-12 and a chance for some teamwork or to complete a challenge on their own.

Which way now?

London Museum Of Water & Steam

This museum is a great option for any curious little ones. It’s got plenty of interactive and hands-on activities to help you discover the history of water and steam. From giant cogs to steam engines and plenty of other machines, it’s a great day out for kids ages 3-11 and we’ve got 43% off so prices are from as little as £4.

Craft and Graft: Making Science Happen 

Head to the Francis Crick Institute for Craft and Graft: Making Science Happen, a brilliant free exhibition about what goes on behind the scenes. There are over a thousand scientists working at the institute, but what do they actually do? And how do they carry out their life-changing research? Now is your chance to find out! It’s a great exhibition for kids over the age of 7.

James Bond Walking Tour

Could your child be the next 007? This James Bond Walking Tour Of London is a great day out and a chance for fiction and reality to come together. Learn all about the famous films and the British Secret Service as you visit familiar locations across the city. At £10, this is a brilliantly different thing to do for kids over 9.

Spitalfields City Farm

The countryside can be closer than you think with a free visit to Spitalfields City Farm. Say hello to the animals, check out the vegetable patch and learn more about sustainability. The team are friendly and there’s a brilliant farm shop and tea hut onsite.

Spitalfields Farm!

Moby Golf

Head to the Uk’s largest adventure golf course and get competitive with the whole family! Moby Golf has a 60 metre lagoon, a waterfall and of course, a whale. The 18-hole course will take you on a brilliant adventure around a desert island so watch out for sea creatures and shipwrecks. Book Moby Golf for as little as £4 and sayve 16% on family tickets!

Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival

The Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival is back from the 16th-25th of January and is definitely one to add to your to do list! With over 25 incredible installations, there is plenty for the whole family to see at the free festival. Why not grab a bite to eat or join a tour while you’re there.

Space Descent Virtual Reality

Have an out of this world experience with virtual reality at the Science Museum. You’ll be making your way back to earth from the International Space Station accompanied by none other than British astronaut Tim Peake! You’ve got to be 13 for this £8.05 activity but there are plenty of other fun things to do at the Science Museum if your kids are younger.



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