23 Overwatch Puns And Jokes That Will Make All Gamers Laugh

Fanmade Overwatch puns can really make your overwatch experience amazing.

Overwatch is a popular first-person battle arena video game.

Despite other similar games like Valorant that have since been released, Overwatch still dominates its niche. Naturally, creative gamers have started making puns regarding Overwatch too.

Overwatch is a game of tussles over objectives between two squads consisting of six people each. Each player in this game plays as a hero, i.e. an Overwatch character with a unique set of skills. One of the most popular characters, indubitably, is Genji. He is a ninja character whose cool aesthetics Genji jokes rank high among the most popular Overwatch memes. Here's a list of the best and funny Overwatch jokes to de-stress you!  You could also look at articles like 30 Best Laugh Out Loud Minecraft Jokes For Your Kids and The Best Hilarious Video Game Jokes For Kids.

Puns About Overwatch That Will Have Your Teammates Singing Zenyattaboy

Video game puns can be a great way to lift everyone's spirits when the game is not going well

Strategize your pun game with genji puns shuriken to make everyone giggle, and more! These puns on Overwatch are really going to make you laugh out loud.

1. If you have Reaper on your team, the rival Reinhardt is just Reinsoft.

2. The choke point had two Roadhogs casting their ult. Their hookup had them hogging the road.

3. Torbjorn swears a lot because of his Turrets syndrome.

4. I think concussive strike has a quite decent range. It goes pharah-nough.

5. You will not be cracking a single Overwatch pun. Not over my watch.

6. We could not defend with the only two Junkrats. We were two tired.

7. Zenyatta's opera about a dancing club of trans men was a major hit. It was simply called 'Transmendance'.

8. Lucio would not make a very good storekeeper at the vegetable store. He has a tendency to drop the beet.

9. One could not say with certainty that they would get through a blizzard even with proper gear. Mei-be they could, maybe not.

10. Mercy has naturally blond hair. The reason is that heroes never dye.

11. Mei had to go to couples counseling. She kept putting up walls.

12. A good Soldier 76 main would make for an excellent web developer. He gets everyone in his sites.

13. There're a lot of advantages to picking Mercy. To begin with, all her abilities are a big plus.

Jokes About Overwatch

Overwatch maps are quite amazing and strategic.

You may have eased into the puns from Overwatch. If you were looking for more fun and only the best Overwatch jokes, you have come to the right place.

14. What does Junkrat order at the restaurant upon every visit? Spam.

15. What is Junkrat's little brother called? Shrunkrat.

16. Why is Hanzo not a particularly gifted storyteller? His tales tend to drag-on.

17. Why did Roadhag start wearing shark-themed masks after Halloween? He got a real Mako-ver.

18. When does McCree have lunch? All day. After all, it has to be high noon somewhere.

19. What's one of the biggest video game jokes? Overwatch competitive matchmaking.

20. What would you call a movie about a French assassin who needs to go undercover to a series of breadmaking classes? Codename Widowbaker.

21. Why did Reinhardt get fired from his cashier job? He charged people too much.

22. Why is Mei a great socialite? She always knows when and how to break the ice.

23. How'd the tracer picker die? He can't recall.

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