30+ Owl Jokes That Are Owl-Some

Owl humor should be right up your alley.

Have you ever wished you had the same powers as a night owl?

Owls are nocturnal birds that possess binocular vision, stereophonic hearing, and razor-sharp talons.

If you're an ornithologist, bird-watcher, or even a bird lover, you're going to love these owl jokes and bird jokes. If you don't want to be owl alone when you enjoy these jokes, you can share these silly owl sayings during dinner time or at a Sunday get together. Owl jokes and riddles have become increasingly popular after the emergence of many owl characters in mainstream media, such as Hedwig or Pigwidgeon from Harry Potter. You could be one of the many people who became fascinated with owls after seeing famous cartoon owls such as The Owl, Professor Owl, Big Mama, and Woodsy Owl on the TV as a child. Owl knock-knock jokes and owl riddles have been present since time immemorial. If you're interested in funny owls, and owls' jokes, the owl jokes in this article may just become your owl time favorite.

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Funny Owl Jokes

These are certainly not the worst owl jokes, but the best.

We hope you really enjoy this list of hilarious owl jokes, which also includes many barn owl jokes.

1. Why won't you ever find owls courting when it's raining? They find it too wet to woo.

2. Why did the barn owl want to become a math teacher when he grew up? He just loved owlgebra.

3. Why was the owl's mother upset with him? He was consuming too much micecream.

4. Why was the owl rapper with a sore throat not concerned with performing at his upcoming show? He couldn't give a hoot.

5. Why didn't any of the barn owl's friends hang out with him anymore? He sc-owled all the time.

6. Where are the most dangerous owls sent to be punished? Owlcatraz.

7. What did the owl say when his wife confronted him about eating all the shrews? I'm talon you, I didn't eat them.

8. Why didn't the owl college student study for his flying test? He wanted to wing it.

9. Why didn't the barn owl girl invite her classmates for the Harry Potter marathon? She wanted to watch it owlone.

10. What did the barn owl tell his friend when they made plans to meet the next weekend? Owl see you then!

11. What did the mother owl say when she noticed her son fixing the car, just like his father? Like feather, like son.

12. What did the barn owl say after getting out of the shower? Oh man, I forgot to bring a t-owl.

13. What did the owl detective say when he felt something was not adding up in the case? I don't know, something about this case smells fowl.

14. How did the owl's wife know he was planning a birthday surprise for her? She knew something was fishy when she saw her husband talking to the bass.

15. Why didn't the owl tell anyone about his secret stash of shrews? He was a shrewd owl who wanted the food owl to himself.

16. What do you call a group of medieval night owls that wear armor? Knight owls.

17. Why will you always find owls at the rat's Sunday mass? It is a bird of prey.

18. What is the name of the best owl magician who can disappear off the hood of cars? Hoo-dini.

19. Why do owls go out to party every Saturday night? They love a hoot time.

20. Why were the two owls bonding in prison? They were in ca-hoots.

21. What did the owl say to his beloved on their anniversary? I think you're very hootiful.

Best Jokes About Owls

Owl always be here for you.

Here is a list of the best jokes about owls. We hope that you'll find at least one owl joke to share with your friends and family.

22. What did the public call an owl that was caught red-handed stealing someone's parking spot? Spotted owl.

23. Why did the owl invite his butcher to his Sunday barbecue? He didn't know which meat to shrews.

24. What did the man say when his friend told him to stop mimicking a famous owl? Who?

25. What games does the owl family play every weekend with their kids? Guess Who?

26. What do you happen to get if you cross an owl and a skunk? A birdie that stinks, but does not give a hoot.

27. Why did the man take his pet owl to the barn party? It was free for owl.

28. Why did nobody like the spectacled owl? Everybody thought he was a know it owl.

29. Why did the owl have a sore throat after spending the night at the gun range? He was hooting owl night long.

Cute Owl Jokes For Kids

This list of cute owl jokes is great for kids, especially preschoolers. Many kids like to dress up like an owl on Halloween. If your kid also likes to dress like an owl, you must recite these jokes to them! This list contains many 'what do you call an owl' jokes, as well as a great knight owl joke that you will surely fall in love with. We hope you enjoy reading this list of cute owl jokes for kids.

30. What did the owl say to her husband when he messed up the mushroom dish? Why did you shrews to make this mush-shrew-m dish?

31. What do you call an owl that has a really baritone voice? A gr-owl.

32. Why didn't the owl try to woo his lover in the marsh? He thought it was too wet to woo.

33. What did the father owl call his son when his son first started boxing classes? Muhammed Owlee.

34. What do you get if you cross pearl owls with oysters? You will find many pearls of wisdom being born.

35. What happened when the baby owl got a sore throat? He didn't give a hoot.

Funny Names For Owls

Here are some funny names for pet owls and for kids who don't want to be owl alone on Halloween.

36. Dr Whoo

37. Owlbert Einstein

38. Snowy

39. Hedwig

40. Archimedes

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 30+ Owl Jokes, then why not take a look at 57 Best Duck Jokes That You Will Go Quackers For, or 31 Bird Jokes That Are A Hoot.


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