Paint Your Own Cookie This Christmas!

cookie decorating.

Mmmmm. Everyone knows that Santa can’t resist a good Christmas cookie and neither can we! So what better way to round off Christmas than by taking your mini master-chefs along to Dulce Senso’s one-off Paint Your Own Christmas Cookie workshop? In this merry masterclass, artists both young and old will receive instructions on how Paint Your Own Christmas Cookie works and then you'll be free to be as creative as you want! At the end of the session, every child will be able to bring their masterpieces home. With tickets from just £6, it’s the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth, whether you consider yourself an artist or not! Incase you need a little more convincing, check out our 5 top reasons why you should hop on your sleighs, jingle your bells and fly on down.

1. Get your Santa hats on and be as creative as you can

When it comes to decorating Christmas cookies, there’s definitely no right or wrong! In Dulce Senso’s PYO Cookie workshop, you’ll have all the tools, colours and expertise at your disposal, so there’s no reason not to go craft crazy and be as imaginative as you possibly can. Who said Christmas trees have to be green?

2. You can easily recreate it at home

Dulce Senso’s PYO Cookie workshop might just be a merry half an hour but who says that you can’t decorate Christmas cookies at home as well? After the pro’s have shown you how it’s done - whether you consider yourself to be a chef or not - it’s super simple to whip up a quick cookie recipe and have a go at mastering the decorating yourself! Not only is it a great excuse to get cooking with your little ones but you’ll also end up with loads of sweet treats to enjoy over the festive period!

family baking bonding in the kitchen

3. It’s bound to get you feeling festive

Dig out your Santa hats because this post-Christmas workshop, being held on 27th December with half an hour slots from 10am till 2pm, will help the festivities continue well into the New Year and make Christmas last a lifetime - who doesn’t want that? After you’ve had all the pigs in blanket you can eat, opened up the last of the presents and munched down on all the Christmas chocolate, what better way to round off Christmas than with a family-friendly cookie painting workshop for all abilities?

4. It’s the perfect activity for your youngsters

Aimed at little ones aged 1-6, it’s a great way to get creative juices flowing and engage your mini artists in the craft of cookie decorating. There’s no doubt that cookie decorating isn’t all the rage when it comes to arts and crafts for kids and with a festive Christmas twist, this workshop can’t go a miss! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to let kids express themselves, a relaxing way to unwind after a busy festive period and it’s proven to build confidence as it helps children take pride in their work and try things out for themselves, independent of grown-ups!

christmas cookie decorating workshop for kids

5. Satisfy your sweet tooth!

Everyone knows the best bit about baking and decorating is the fact that you get to take home and enjoy all that you’ve made after! At the end of the session, each child will get to take home two cookies: one with their own masterpiece and the other with the edible colour palette. What better way to admire art than to eat it? Plus, we’ve got insider information from one of Santa’s reindeer and apparently, these cookies are some of the best - sshhh!



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