30+ Painting Puns & Jokes That Will Tickle You Pink!

Paintings jokes can be quite sophisticated.

Painting is the most visceral form of art and we engage it on a daily basis.

Paintings are observed as the most primitive of visual arts. To the viewer, it gives a peek into the artist's mind and their perspective on the subject.

Paintings just soothe the viewer and color their senses with all the shades of imagination. It lightens their mood, helps them think, and ease off. Even before words were invented the early man used to communicate through art. The ink was the primary conduit and making visual portraits. The fun fact is they stored this ink in animal bladders! Paintings, in general, affect all sections of the public equally and it helps us look at life in a way you had never even wanted to before. What better way to mesh words and art than with some niche painter puns and jokes, right?

The true artist once said if you smell paint, then it's obvious there is a fantastical canvas just round the corner!

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Let's brush away the facts and move onto some spicy art puns and painting now.

Funny Paint Jokes That Add More Color To Your Day

From canvas to city walls, painting has emerged as a medium for all spaces.

Here are some hilariously crafted jokes that will tickle all your brushes and make you the funniest art guy at a party. And remember, there are no bad jokes about painters! It's all in shades of color. Here's a list of hilarious paint jokes. You can take one of these paint jokes and crack them for your painter friends. These jokes can really paint a pretty picture for you as a comedian:

1. So you know how a painter fights? He challenges his rival to a doodle.

2. What do you call something painted by a tiger? A paw-trait.

3. What did Cobain say when he got too close to painting? Smells like White Spirit.

4. Why was the artist convicted of false murder charges? Guess he was framed!

5. Did you hear about the artist who took things too far? Guess he didn't know where to draw the line.

6. Did you hear about the artist who just died? Guess he had too many strokes.

7. What was the first thing the artist said on calling up his best friend? Yellow?

8. What do you tell a painter who just had a breakup? Brush it off.

9. Do you know what a painter draws before he goes to bed? Curtains.

10. Do you know why the artist add sugar to his paint? To make it more palatable.

Funny Painter And Painting Jokes

From Jackson Pollock being a naughty trouble maker to Michaelangelo never bathing himself, artists did all kinds of wacky stuff other than paint. But one thing they kept at was painting or sculpting of art every single day. These paint jokes can really make your paint buddy roll with laughter. If you can land these jokes well, you may look like an artist comic too!

Here's an amazing list of some of the most popular jokes and one-liners involving painters and/or their paintings:

11. Why did Claude quit painting? Cause he was not getting any 'Monet'

12. What do you call a surrealist painter who turned into a boxer? Muhammad Dali.

13. Where do you hang a painting by a cow? In a moooo-seum!

14. What did Van Gogh tell himself when his lover left? Let it Gogh.

15. How did Leonardo Da Vinci never sleep hungry? He just painted The Last Supper.

16. What did Salvador Dali have for breakfast? A nice bowl of surreal!

17. What do you call a pig that paints? Pig-casso.

18. Which painter had the most bubbly personality? Philippe de Champaigne.

19. What does an artist do when he's really cold? He puts on another coat.

20. Which art by Da Vinci is never happy? The Moaning-Lisa.

21. Why did Degas take so long in the toilet? He was consti-painted.

22. Why is the Starry Night so foggy? Guess you need to see it through some Gogh-gles.

Really Fancy Art Puns That'll Paint You A Smile

Paint jokes can really make your world colorful.

Puns on artist names have circled the world till time immemorial. From Degas to Gogh to Dali, there are many puns about painting that could be crafted. So if you like paintings, you are gonna love the puns about art on here. We have assorted some really colorful paint puns to suit your palette. Here's a list of fancy art puns that are sure to leave you in splits:

23. When the boat carrying red paint and blue paint crashed, the crew was marooned.

24. The bald artist painted rabbits on his head. He thought it would look like hares.

25. The artist died of a cardiac arrest. His art was weak.

26. She left the artist. He was more about louvre than love.

27. There was an Italian artist who really loved spices and always went to the market for chili. He was called Boughtachilli.

28. An eccentric artist used to paint on his pimples. Is zit art?

29. One time Lucy tried to paint the sky, but she blue it.

30. If painting is in your veins, do not be afraid of paint as one day you will have to face paint.

31. If you tell a painter his art is bad, he usually gets the picture.

32. The painter had his house mostly messed up. He said it was a work-in-progress.

33. I really like to paint plane propellers. I am proud of my fan art.

Art Puns On Paintings and Artists

Artists were real laid back in their real-life as well. Dali for a significant amount of time kept stealing pens wherever he went. Weird right? Take Da Vinci for example. He took three years to paint the Last Supper but painted the final touches to it 14 years later. Here's a list of some classy and sassy puns on famous artists and house painting puns:

34. MichaelAngelo entered the church and shouted to the ceiling "I got you covered!"

35. When Rembrandt was called to a house to repairing a neat painting, he said, "If it isn't Baroque, don't fix it."

36. So the artist went to the dentist and said, 'Matisse hurt.'

37. Do you know Van Gogh also wanted to make music apart from painting? But sadly, he didn't have an ear for it!

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