44 Paladin Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Find cool Paladin names here.

A Paladin is traditionally a knight renowned for his heroism and chivalry.

The use of the word Paladin started in the late fourteenth century. A person who is always there and helps everyone, especially in the battle, is called a Paladin.

A Paladin is the champion of cause and war, the term means "warrior". You can use a Paladin name for your characters in various battle royale games like 'Call Of Duty', 'Freefire', 'World Of Warcraft' and 'Dungeons And Dragons'. They are so popular, which is why we have put together a list of the best and most famous Paladin names for your characters.

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Paladin Names Related To God

In a virtual world, your character name reflects a lot about you, so here are some great Paladin names to make your characters strong.

1 . Adikia means "Goddess of injustice".

2 . Aeolus (also known as Aeolos, Aiolos, Aiolus, Eolus)  is the God of air and the winds.

3 . Aether (also known as Aither, Akmon, Ether) the God of light and the atmosphere.

4 . Aidene is of Gaelic origin and means "a fiery one". Pronounced as Ay-deen  

5 . Antheia is originated from Greek mythology, it is the name of the Goddess of gardens and flowers.

6 . Apollo (also known as Apollon, Apulu, Phoebus) God of the sun, healing, music and herding.

7 . Ares (also known as Aries, Mars, Enyalius) God of chaotic war.

8 . Calypso was the Goddess nymph of the mythical island of Ogygia.

9 . Cynth means "the moon Goddess".

10 . Elpis is the Goddess of hope.

11 . Enyo is originated from Greek mythology, it is the name of the Goddess of war.

12 . Gavril means "Warrior of God".

13 . Hercules is considered to be the immortal hero of many Greek legends and he is believed to be the strongest man on earth.

Paladin Names are important in 'Dungeons And Dragons'

Paladin Names Related To Nature

A strong Paladin name for your character gives you the confidence to play well. These Paladin names are great choices.

14 . Amaris has Hebrew and Spanish origins. It means "child of the moon and promised by God".

15 . Annika means "sweet faced" and "God has favored".

16 . Asena means "mother of wolves".

17 . Ezlyn is pronounced Ezz-lin. It means "the one who lives by water".

18 . Lysandra is pronounced li-san-druh. It means "the one who defends man".

19 . Minka has its origin in Slovenian, Danish and Polish. It means "strong or resolute".

20 . Nesryn is pronounced Nez-rin, it means "a wild rose".

21 . Renna means "little prosperous one". It is an Irish origin word.

22 . Sahar is derived from Arabic, it means "dawn".

23 . Salem has its origin in Hebrew. It is pronounced Say-lum. It means "peace".

24 . Tauriel means "daughter of the forest".

25 . Zander is a variation of Alexander. It means "defending or defender of men".

Fantasy, Famous And Unique Names Of Paladins

In the fantasy world of gaming, a famous name helps people remember your name and your characters. A number of people use famous Paladins as inspiration for their characters for this reason.

26 . Avyanna means "strong, beautiful and powerful".

27 . Brina means "protector".

28 . Eira means "snow".

29 . Fintan is a name which means "white fire".

30 . Lovis is a German origin fantasy name. It means "a famous warrior or glorious in battle".

31 . Morrigan means "the great Queen".

32 . Niran is a Thai name, it means "eternal".

33 . Polaris is the name of the North Star. This is a unique Paladin character name.

34 . Ryuu is a Japanese origin name. It means "the dragon spirit".

35 . Sheridan is a Gaelic name, it means "feral or wild".

36 . Skender means "defender of mankind".

37 . Tosia is pronounced taw-sha. It is a Polish name that means "highly praiseworthy".

The Best Paladin Names For Female Characters

Find the best female Paladin name here. If you are a female gamer or a male gamer using a female avatar, we suggest the following female Paladin names.

38 . Aiyana is a Native American name that means "eternal flower".

39 . Amyra is an Arabic name. It means "a commander or a princess". It is pronounced Ah-My-Ra.

40 . Daesyn means "beloved".

41 . Keziah means "a cassia tree".

42 . Nova means "a bright star".

43 . Taysa is a Greek name that means "bound together".

44 . Zillah means "shadow".

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