27 Paper Cup Crafts That You Won't Have Tried Before

Paper cups for paper cup crafts

Kids are hardwired to love anything arts and crafts inspired, and opting for a cup craft gives you a sturdy starting point.

A paper cup can be used as a great base for a whole range of fun crafts. As always, these crafts for kids are easy to make, fun to work on and will help develop both fine and gross motor skills in a fun way.

Even younger children can try easy paper cup crafts. Even by simply painting with a cup, or sticking things to it, they hone those motor skills. Paper cup craft activities usually don't require too many supplies either, with many cup crafts for kids only needing them to wave a paintbrush over the paper cup!

So, grab your crafts supplies (and a paper cup or two) and get set to try these paper cup crafts with the kids. Cheers!

Fire Breathing Dragon

Image: © Le Coin de Mel

Try this great craft idea –kids can get this dragon to breathe fire by blowing into one end.

You Will Need:


Orange and red tissue paper


Googly eyes



Step One: Cut a hole out of your cup and make a 7cm slit along the length of the paper cup.

Step Two: Use card to make spikes with a flat edge that you can push through the slit leaving the spikes on the outside of the cup.

Step Three: Attach strips of coloured tissue paper to hand down from the cup. Next, stick two pom-poms either side of the spikes and attach googly eyes on top.

Paper Cup Droid

Are your kids Star-Wars obsessed? This fun tutorial will show you how to make a paper cup recycled Droid!


Image: © The Craft Train

You Will Need:

Paper cups

Elastic bands




1.Stretch a balloon over the top of your paper cup so it's taut, cutting away excess. Use different sizes for different sounds, secure with elastic bands and decorate. Now you can enjoy your drum!

Bubble Painting

We love cup crafts for kids, but cups can also be a fun tool for little kids to paint with. Give them a dish of paint and get them to first put the top of the paper cup in the paint then press it on the paper - perfect circular bubbles!


Image: © Red Ted Art

You Will Need:




Decorations of your choice

Step One: Push your pencil through both sides of the paper cup near the base to make holes. Decorate your cups however you please.

Step Two: Thread through your ribbon to string your cups up in a line then hang in your garden or bedroom.

Advent Calendar

Image: © Hodge Podge Craft

You Will Need:

24 paper cups

24 Bulldog clips

24 mini pegs

5-6 metres of ribbon



Snowflake stickers

Step One: Decorate your cups with the stickers. Cut the card into 24 tags and stamp with numbers 1-24. Use mini pegs to attach to cup.

Step Two: Attach cups to the ribbon using the bulldog clips and fill each paper cup with mini gifts, or chocolate!

Party Cups

You can also use the above craft with paper cup treats to make party baskets for birthday celebrations! Just add guests' names to the tags instead of numbers.

Ghost Piñata

Image: © Red Ted Art

You Will Need:

One white paper cup

White tissue paper




Black pen


Step One: Fold tissue paper in half and fold down over the the cup so that it hangs down over the open end.

Step Two: Make a hole through the tissue paper and base of the cup and use string to create a hanging loop. Secure tightly with glue and tape.

Step Three: Fill the paper cup with treats. Tape tissue paper over the open end, and tape a piece of string hanging lower than the tissue paper covering the cup.

Step Four: Draw on eyes and a mouth. Hang up and have fun tugging the string.

Paper Cup Craft Phones

Image: © Hello Wonderful

Not all kids craft has to be complicated. Hours of fun can be had by kids with two paper cups and a piece of string. This paper cup craft is as easy as attaching string between each cup.

Mini Houses

Image: © Artsy Craftsy Mom

You Need:



Coloured cardboard



Step One: Turn your cup upside down and give kids sharpies to draw on windows, a door and a garden of flowers.

Step Two: Cut out a circle from the card and roll into a cone, fixing in shape. Place on top of the house and fix with more tape.


Image: © Factory Direct Craft

You Will Need:

White styrofoam cups

Yellow  paint

Green card


Step One: Cut from the top of your cup down to the base to create the petals.

Step Two: Paint the base of the cup yellow. Attach to a stick of green card for the stem.

Paper Cup Animals

Image: © Gautam Dutta

You Will Need:


Coloured card


Tissue paper

Sheep: Cut out wave shapes in sheets of black and white card and attach to the cup. Use more card to make the face and fold in half before attaching to the top of the cup.

Octopus: Use a red cup. Cut out eight red cardboard tentacles and glue on small pink 'suckers'. Attach both ends to the cup twisting them around as you go. Finish by cutting out and gluing the face parts.

Owl: Cut out strips of small triangular shapes from red and brown card. Wrap around the cup alternating between the two colours. Cut out circles for eyes and add some orange card to the top outer corner. Use scissors to create snips out of this. Finish with a beak shape, folded in half and glued on.


This great craft is a lot of fun for little ones to make and as a cup craft for kids it's a rewarding one! Try this cup crafts for kids to make a paper cup trophy. Kids will have hours of fun with this paper cup craft.


Image: © The Pinterested Parent

You Will Need:

Paper cups


Split pins


Step One: Kids can paint the cups and leave to dry.

Step Two: Cut out sails from the card - you'll need two sets for each windmill.

Step Three: Attach to your cup in a cross shape using the split pin.

Themed Baskets

Image: © First Palette

You Will Need:





Foam sheets

Pom poms

Easter Basket: Paint your cup yellow. Use orange foam cut into shape to create a beak and feet. Attach with glue. Use yellow card to make a pair of wings and attach to either side of the cup. Finish by drawing on some eyes.

Trick or Treat Basket: Paint your cup black. Out of black cardboard cut out a pair of wings and small triangles for ears. Stick on with glue. Add some googley eyes and some yellow cardboard for a mouth.

Christmas Basket: Paint your cup brown. Use beige cardboard to cut out a pair of antlers and two ears. Attach antlers to the top and the ears to the side with tape or glue. Draw on eyes and a mouth and finish with a red pom pom nose.

Create your cup craft handles by punching a hole on each side and attaching twine. Fun cup crafts for kids with a sweet treat!

Chinese Lantern

Image: © Activity Village

You Will Need:

Large cup


Gold card


Red wool

Step One: Paint the outside of your cup red, and the inside gold. When dry remove the rim to use as a handle.

Step Two: Cut strips into your cup down to the base. Fan out. Make a collar out of gold card and fix so that the strips are slightly splayed.

Step Three: Use red wool to make a tassel which can be poked through the base and fixed. Use the rim to make the handle and fix either side with tape.


This binocular craft tutorial is easy to make into a fun paper cup craft activity too. This is a really simple paper cup craft for budding twitchers. In fact, many crafts for kids can be transformed into fun cup crafts for kids.  Just add a paper cup!


Image: ©

You Will Need:

One paper cup

One clear plastic cup


Small plant



Step One: Get kids to decorate the paper cup. Fill the paper cup with soil and pop a plant inside - make sure to firm the soil around it.

Step Two: Place the plastic cup on top and tape.


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Cora Lydon is a freelance journalist living in Suffolk with her husband and two children. She’s also a children’s book author who loves finding activities and place to inspire her children. Her dining table bears the scars of many craft activities attempts (many unsuccessful).

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