Great Parks And Open Spaces To Enjoy In West London

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Having spent so long cooped up indoors, being able to explore and visit our local parks and open spaces is a real treat - so long as we're all able to follow social distancing measures.

Luckily enough, West London has plenty of great outdoor spots that you and the kids can safely enjoy. From beautiful Japanese gardens in Holland Park to the stunning hills at Northala fields - these are the places that you don't want to miss out on!

Remember to keep following government advice for England, Scotland and Wales regarding travel, and please bear in mind that all toilets, cafes and play areas mentioned are subject to changing closing measures in light of COVID-19.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens was once the private garden of Kensington Palace (and is now one of London's Royal Parks) and it's not hard to see why. The stunning park has so much to see and do - from gazing at the flowers in the Italian gardens to admiring the architecture over at the Serpentine Galleries to learning about the history of the Palace - you'll be lost for choice. There's plenty of green space for the kids to run around on, and even a huge pirate ship and Peter Pan themed sculptures in the Diana playground. Not to forget the veggie allotment that also has its own chickens!

Where is it? Kensington Gardens, London, W2 2UH

Nearest station: Lancaster Gate / Queensway / Kensington High Street / Bayswater

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Toilets? There are several family-friendly toilets on site.

Parking? Designated bays around the park.

Outdoor amenities: Diana Playground, sculptures, and a sensory trail.

Size: The park spans 265 acres - plenty of space to maintain your distance!

Osterley Park

Osterley Park

One of the largest open spaces in West London, Osterley Park is the perfect spot for some fresh air and beautiful scenery. Not only can you admire the history of the National Trust maintained Osterley House, but there's also plenty of green space, ponds, restored flower gardens, trails, and even a stable-turned-cafe.

Where is it? Jersey Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 4RB.

Nearest station: Osterley / Isleworth

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Toilets? There are on-site toilets (baby-changing in public toilets, disabled adapted by the stableyard).

Parking? Pay and display.

Outdoor amenities: Natural play area, and several child-friendly trails.

Size: An enormous 500 acres to explore.

Hammersmith Park

There's plenty to see at Hammersmith park, but one of its best features has to be the historical Japanese gardens (a pond, waterfall, gate, and sculptures that you don't want to miss out on). There's not as much open green space as at some of the other parks on this list, but there's a great play area, sports courts, and a large boating lake that your kids will love.

Where is it? Shepherd's Bush, London W12 7FW

Nearest station: Sheperd's Bush Market or White City.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Toilets? Not within the park, but nearby.

Parking? Car parks nearby.

Outdoor amenities: Gated playground, football pitch, boating lake, basketball, and tennis courts.

Size: Around 6 acres.

Northala Fields

One of the newest parks in London, Northala Fields is certainly unique in both appearance and landmarks. The park comprises of four huge man-made hills that offer stunning 360-degree views across London, six interconnecting lakes (with ducks and swans), two large playgrounds including a gorgeous wooden sculpture castle, an outdoor gym, and several walking paths.

Where is it? Kensington Rd, Northolt UB5 6UR

Nearest station: Northolt

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Toilets? Yes, by the cafe.

Parking? Yes.

Outdoor amenities: Two playgrounds, a cafe, and a lake.

Size: Approximately 68 acres.

Holland Park

Holland Park Japanese Garden

The beautiful Holland Park is a great outdoor spot to visit in West London and makes for a lovely day out. After you've spent time wandering through the wooded area, why not pay a visit to the Kyoto gardens and take a look at the koi carp pond, the red maple trees, and the Japanese bridge? There's also an extensive playground (with zip wires and giant see-saws!), a play area for younger kids, sports facilities, and even an open-air theatre. If you're lucky - you might even spot a peacock strolling around.

Where is it? Kensington, London W8 6LU

Nearest station: Holland Park / Notting Hill Gate / High Street Kensington

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Toilets? There are several toilets around the park.

Parking? Pay and display.

Outdoor amenities: Large playground, a cafe, a restaurant (keep in mind these may remain closed due to COVID-19), and sports courts.

Size: 54 acres to discover.

Walpole Park

Alongside the historical Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery, Walpole park is home to a large adventure playground, two beautiful fountains, two ponds, an ornamental Serpentine lake, and plenty of green space to enjoy and relax on. There's also an adult fitness area and several nature trails.

Where is it? Mattock Ln, Ealing, London W5 5EQ

Nearest station: Ealing Broadway

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Toilets? Accessible toilets on site.

Parking? Meter parking on the road adjacent to the park.

Outdoor amenities: Large playground, outdoor fitness area, ponds.

Size: 28 acres.

Bishops Park

Perhaps one of the best parks for little ones in West London - Bishops park makes for a great day out. Not only does it have a unique urban beach and plenty of water play features (perfect for the incoming sunny weather), but there are also several play areas, a skate bowl, table tennis tables, football pitches, and tennis and basketball courts. If you're after a more relaxing experience, you can take a walk around the many gardens, stroll by the river, and take a look at the ornamental lake.

Where is it? Bishops Avenue, Hammersmith, Greater London, SW6 6EA

Nearest station: Putney Bridge.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Toilets? There are toilets with baby changing facilities.

Parking? Parking available nearby.

Outdoor amenities: Playgrounds, paddling pool, urban beach, sports facilities, skate bowl.

Size: Approximately 22.5 acres.

Ravenscourt Park

With five different play areas, wildlife habitats, sports facilities and even a garden centre, Ravenscourt Park is certainly an outdoor space that can't be missed. When the weather gets warmer, there's even a paddling pool and children's beach for your little ones to enjoy.

Where is it? Paddenswick Road, Hammersmith, W6 0UA

Nearest station: Ravenscourt Park / Stamford Brook

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Toilets? Accessible toilets by the cafe.

Parking? No specific parking.

Outdoor amenities: Several play areas, paddling pool, children's beach, sports courts, and a garden centre.

Size: Around 20.5 acres.

Gunnersbury Park

Playing in the park

With plenty of green space for running around, relaxing, or even having a picnic (whilst maintaining your distance!) - Gunnersbury park is great for a morning or afternoon out in West London. In the middle of the park is the Gunnersbury House Museum - which, while maybe currently closed, is still a pleasure to look at. The gardens make for a nice stroll, there's a large pond, an exciting kids play area, a sports development in the works, and even a vegetable garden to take a look at. You can also bring your furry friends along with you as the park is dog-friendly!

Where is it?  Popes Ln, London W3 8LQ

Nearest station: Acton Town

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Toilets? Accessible public toilets near the museum.

Parking? Car park on-site.

Outdoor amenities: Kids play area, and sports facilities.

Size: 170 acres of space.

Pitshanger Park

Whether it's a riverside walk, a play in the playground, a game of sports or a relaxing sitdown that you're after, Pitshanger Park offers it all. The park has tennis, football, and bowls facilities, lots of open green space to explore, and even a golf course. There's plenty of wildlife to admire next to the river and a great play area for your little ones to enjoy. You could even take your bikes or scooters for a ride around the park - and dogs are more than welcome!

Where is it? West Ealing, London W5 1LS

Nearest station: Perivale.

Is it buggy friendly? Yes.

Toilets? Toilets available on-site.

Parking? Car park on-site.

Outdoor amenities: Playground, sports facilities, a golf course.

Size: Approximately 51 acres.



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