70 Peaceful Names Meaning Kind For Your Baby

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Looking for peaceful baby names that mean kind for your precious bundle on the way?

Whether it is a family name, a religious one, or a name with a meaning, there is much to consider when naming your child. When we are searching for the perfect one, we often consider the traits that we hope our child will embody and there is nothing quite as important as being kind.

If you are looking for peaceful baby names for the new addition in your family, the right one could be featured right here! These 70 names from around the world have been carefully selected as they are all names that mean kindness, love, and compassion.

Most Popular Names That Mean Kind

With thousands of names to choose from, it can be difficult to select the perfect one for your new addition. However, there are certain names that we hear often.

Some of our favourite girl names meaning kind include:

1.Adelaide (Germanic) Directly meaning noble kind, Adelaide is associated with kindness and courtesy.

2.Agatha (Greek) Agatha means good woman and she is kind at heart.

3.Mercy (English) An old fashioned name that is making a comeback, Mercy is kind and just.

4.Ebele (African) A popular name amongst the African community, Ebele is one who is kind and merciful.

5.Glenda (Welsh) The good witch from Wizard of OZ, Glenda is fair and kind.

Some boy names that mean kind are:

6.Gareth (Welsh) The name of a gentle knight, Gareth is kind and sensitive.

7.Kareem (Arabic) Also spelt Karim and Kerem, this is an Arabic name that means kind and generous.

8.Clement (English) As a first name, Clement is one who is merciful.

9.Kevin (Irish) A name that was once in the top 100, Kevin is handsome and kind.

10.Hiroshi (Japanese) This popular Japanese boys name means generous and tolerant.

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Gender Neutral Names That Mean Kind

In recent years, more and more parents are choosing gender-neutral baby names. Some examples of unisex baby names are:

11.Amlah (Arabic) This name is apparent in many countries. In India, Amlah means kind and handsome but in Islam, it means kindness and favour.

12.Jude (Hebrew) The name of the patron saint of lost causes, the direct translation of this kind name is praise.

13.Keeva (Irish) Traditionally a baby girl’s name in Ireland but gender-neutral elsewhere, Keeva is beautiful, kind and gentle.

14.Noha (Arabic) Noha is a guide; they are both kind and wise.                                

15.Rifqa (Urdu) A pretty Urdu name that means kindness.

16.Cody (English) Cody is someone who is kind and helpful.

17.Kadin (Arabic) Kadin is a kind friend; a companion.

18.Kai (Japanese) Kai means different things in different languages, but in Japan, it means kindness and mercy.

19.Tirion (Welsh) Traditionally a girl’s name but now unisex, the meaning of Tirion is one who is kind, sensitive and compassionate.

20.Yoshi (Japanese) Yoshi directly means good luck, and they are kind and respectful.

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Religious Names With Meanings

These often ancient names are found within religions around the world, with religious baby names including:

21.Abdo (Arabic) An Islamic boy’s name that comes from Abdul, Abdo is the kind-hearted servant of God.

22.Alman (Arabic) Alman is a Muslim boy’s name that means kind, willing and wise.

23.Hadassan (Hebrew) Traditionally a girl’s name, Hadassan is a compassionate name that is featured in scripture.

24.Hannan (Jewish) A kind boy’s name; he is most compassionate.

25.Jasdayal (Sikh) A boy’s name, which means the ‘glory of kindness’.

26.Kannon (Chinese) Kannon is a form of Kuan-yin; the Chinese Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy.

27.Maitri (Buddhist) Meaning the ‘compassionate one’, Maitri comes from Maitreya; a goddess featured in Buddhist eschatology.

28.Qasim (Arabic) A son of the Prophet, Qasim is charitable and generous.

29.Raham (Hebrew) A Jewish name meaning compassion and mercy.

30.Ruth (Hebrew) A biblical name, Ruth was the ancestor of King David and known for her kindness.

31.Xhiva (Hindi) Derived from Shiva, this name means benevolent, noble kind and auspicious.

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Unusual Baby Names That Mean Compassion

If you are looking for something a little bit different, these beautiful baby names may just be the ideal choice.  

32.Calia (Italian) A unique name, Calia is a kind and beautiful person.

33.Caoimhe (Irish) Pronounced Keeva, she is beautiful and kind.

34.Clemens (Danish) An unusual boy’s name that means kind, merciful and gentle.

35.Dayaa (Hindi) One of our favourite Indian names meaning kind, Dayaa translates as compassion.

36.Ehud (Hebrew) Kind at heart, Ehud is known as the ‘sympathetic one’.

37.Elisedd (Welsh) This boy’s name comes from the Welsh word for kind, elus.

38.Elmira (Arabic) Elmira is of noble kind; she is a generous and kind-hearted princess.

39.Galahad (English) An ancient name from Arthurian legend, he is pure of heart, selfless and of noble kind.

40.Gennady (Russian) An uncommon boy’s name that comes from the same Greek word as generous.

41.Opkar (Sikh) A boy’s name that speaks of benevolence and the importance of being kind.

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Girl Names That Mean Kind

We are spoiling you for choice with even more baby names from around the world.  Other unique names of girls are:

42.Aanya (Hindi) From Hannah, Anya means kindness and grace.

43.Caris (Welsh) Of Welsh origin, Caris is full of grace and kindness.

44.Dalal (Arabic) This stunning Arabic name means a touch of love and kindness.

45.Faria (Arabic) Faria is beautiful, kind and loving.

46.Garbo (Italian) A beautiful name for a baby. Garbo is kind and courteous.

47.Hanny (American) Also spelt as Hany or Hanni, she is filled with grace and kind at heart.

48.Hiroko (Japanese) Similar to Hiroshi, Hiroko is fair, generous and noble kind.

49.Latifah (Arabic) She is elegant, kind and delicate.

50.Lilo (Hawaiian) A classic from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch, Lilo translates as the ‘generous one’.

51.Mehar (Persian) Mehar is kind and graceful in all she does.

52.Mehri (Persian) Mehri is kind with a sunny disposition.

53.Mercia (English) Coming from names related to Mercy, this is a name of compassion and kindness.

54.Nanna (Hebrew) A traditional yet unusual name that speaks of compassion and mercy.

55.Rukhi (Hindi) Rukhi is a name for a baby girl meaning kind at heart.

56.Yarina (Russian) Meaning peace, Yarina is associated with being kind and compassionate.

Boy Names Meaning Kind-Hearted

57.Bahram (Persian) A baby boy who is kind and good-natured.

58.Beningno (Italian) Beningno is a boy’s name that means kind and friendly.

59.Cedric (Celtic) Believed to have originated in Wales, Cedric is one who is noble kind and bountiful.

60.Chares (Greek) This Greek boy’s name translates as grace and kindness.

61.Dobromil (Slavic) An Eastern European boy’s name that means kind and good.

62.Elric (Gaelic) Elric was a kind and wise ruler.

63.Fazili (Arabic) Fazili is kind and generous.

64.Garrath (Welsh) Similarto Garreth, this Welsh boy’s name means one who is kind.

65.Junpei (Japanese) A name that means he who is kind and pure.

66,Kalman (German) This multicultural boy’s name means generous and kind-hearted.

67.Kapono (Hawaiian) Kapono is fair, kind and righteous; he has a great sense of moral duty.

68.Latif (Arabic) Latif is of Islamic origin, and it is a name that means kind and gentle.

69.Mehran (Persian) A beautiful name that means ‘rain of kindness’.

70.Rauf (Arabic) A kind boy who is friends with everyone.



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