46 Perfect Parrot Names For Your Pet

These names for a bird would be perfect for any pet parrot

These names for a bird would be perfect for any pet parrot whether they are male or female, Budgie or Cockatiel.

Some of the most common pet parrot breeds are African Grey Parrot, Cockatiel, Budgies and Parrotlets. When choosing your parrot name, make sure you choose the bird name that matches your parrots the best.

The names in this list are perfect as female parrot names and male parrot names. Any of these perfect parrot names will be the right fit for your pet parrot.

Take a look at this list to find the perfect pet names for your bird, or check out these crow and raven names and these phoenix names for more bird name ideas.

Pirate Parrot Names For Boys

These names are some of the best parrot names for your new pet

These pirate names come from some of the most well known pirates, fictional and real.  Why not name your boy bird after one of these famous male pirates? These names are some of the best parrot names for your new pet.

1. Calico Jack, name of an infamous English pirate.

2. Captain Hook, fictional pirate from 'Peter Pan', who is known for having a hook for a hand.

3. Davy Jones, from the metaphor 'Davy Jones' Locker', which means "the bottom of the sea".

4. Jack Sparrow, fictional pirate from 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

5. Jolly Roger, this is the name of the pirate flag traditionally shown for an attacking ship with a skull and crossbones.

6. Killigrew, from the name of Lady Mary Killigrew, an English pirate and wife of a vice-admiral.

7. Mr. Smee, fictional pirate from 'Peter Pan', seen wearing a striped shirt and is the boatswain for Captain Hook's ship.

8. Redbeard, the nickname of an Italian pirate, who has been considered the best pirate of all time.

Pirate Names For Girls

You can name your female parrot after any of these female pirates.

9. Boa Hancock, from the anime series 'One Piece', she is known as the Pirate Empress'

10. Bonny, from the name of an infamous female pirate named Anne Bonny, perfect for your female parrot.

11. Dola, from Captain Dola from the Studio Ghibli film 'Castle In The Sky', she is an air pirate.

12. Delahaye, from the name of Jacquotte, a French Haitian Caribbean pirate, she is most likely fictional.

13. Elizabetha, name of Elizabetha Patrickson, a female pirate.

14. Hon Cho, from the name of a Chinese pirate, Lo Hon Cho, who commanded 64 ships after her husband's death.

15. O'Malley, from the name of Grace O'Malley, who is known as the Sea Queen of Connaught..

16. Read, after the name of an infamous female pirate named Mary Read.

17. Sadie, from the name of a female pirate Sadie Farrell known as Sadie the Goat.

18. Sayyida, from the name of Sayyida al Hurra, a female Moroccan pirate.

19. Sister Ping, from the nickname of Cheng Chui Ping, a Chinese pirate who operated in the South China Sea as recently as the '90s.

20. Teuta, from the name of Queen Teuta of Illyria, Pirate Queen.

Famous Parrot Names

These names of famous parrots would be the perfect name for your birds. Some of these bird names would be perfect for a Spix's Macaw, which is one of a few species of blue parrots.  Blue Winged Parrotlets are another species of blue parrots.

21. Blu, from the children's movie 'Rio'.

22. Charlie, the name of Winston Churchill's pet parrot.

23. Coco, from the children's movie 'Kimba The White Lion'.

24. Iago, from the Disney film 'Aladdin'.

25. Jewel, from the children's movie 'Rio'.

26. Paco, from the children's show 'Maya And Miguel'.

27. Poll, the name of Andrew Jackson's pet parrot.

28. Poppy, from 'Angry Birds Stella'.

29. Pudgy, from the film 'Mrs. Doubtfire'.

30. Sweetpea, from the children's film 'Secret Life Of Pets'.

31. Tiago, from the children's movie 'Rio'.

Funny And Punny Parrot Baby Names

These bird names are fun and some of them are puns. These cute parrot names for birds are great parrot baby names for your new baby parrot bird.

32. Birdie, meaning "little bird".

33. Copycat (American English), meaning "copies another," "to imitate".

34. Hulk, from the alias of the Marvel comics character.

35. Marty McFly,  the name of a character from 'Back To The Future'.

36. Mowgli, from the name of a fictional character from 'Jungle Book'.

37. Mulan, from the Chinese folk story .

38. Rooster, meaning "roosting bird".

39. Zorro, from the fictional character, the name is Spanish for "fox".

Grey Parrot Names

African Grey Parrots are one of the most common pet parrot breeds. These names work best for this specific breed, but can also work for any bird that is a grey color. Here are some perfect bird names for your grey bird.

40. Ash, the powder remains of a fire.

41. Ghost, a spirit or apparition .

42. Graphite, meaning "black lead".

43. Mercury, the name of a silver colored metallic fluid.

44. Nickel, a whitish colored metal.

45. Pepper, dried berries from a pepper plant, typically black or grey in color.

46. Quicksilver, another name for "mercury".

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