28 Perfect Purple Names For Your Baby That You'll Love

Baby girl sat smiling in a field of purple flowers.

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Naming your baby is wonderful, but deciding on just one or two can also be a bit intimidating when there are so many names out there to pick from.

Some parents choose to pick their baby's name by letter, while others decide to search out the perfect name by meaning. If you've decided to go with finding one by meaning, and want to give your new baby a colour name, we've collected 25 of the best purple-themed baby names just for you.

From flower and plant names like Iris and Kovidar, to precious stones like Amethyst and colour words like Lilac and Indigo, there are names here for every family. Whether you want an old favourite or something new and unique, there's sure to be something on the list for you.

Girls Names That Mean Shades Of Purple

With so many shades, purple is an incredibly versatile colour, From pale pastels like lilac and lavender to intense shades like fuchsia and magenta, all those shades make beautiful colour names for baby girls.

1) Fialova (Slovak): This name means purple or violet in Slovakian, and is reminiscent of names like Fiona.

2) Fuchsia (German): This vibrant shade of purple-pink is also the name of a flower. It's most famous for being used as the name of a character in the series Gormenghast.

3) Lavender (English): Another name that is both a flower and a tone of purple, this pretty pale shade is the name of a character in the Harry Potter series.

4) Lila (German/Swedish): This versatile Germanic name meaning purple also means night in Hebrew and beauty in Hindi.

5) Lilac (English): This pale pastel purple shares a name with a flowering shrub and has a lovely vintage feel.

6) Malva (Spanish): This Spanish word for mauve makes a lovely name in its own right.

7) Mauve (English): A pinky-purple shade, this elegant purple name is reminiscent of names like Maude and Maeve.

8) Violet (English): Probably the most popular and well-known of all the names that mean purple, this rich tone is also a floral name. Violet is a popular name given to characters in books and film.

9) Violetine (Lithuanian): This lovely Lithuanian word for purple sounds like a cross between ever-popular Violet and names ending in -ine like Christine and Amandine.

Close up of pretty purple flowers.
Image © Pixabay.

Girls Names That Mean Purple Flowers Or Gems

As well as shades of violet and lilac, there are plenty more purple baby names for girls out there both classic and unique. The ones in this section of our list are based on names of precious stones and flowers.

10) Amethyst (Greek): This gem is the birthstone for February.

11) Elestren (Cornish): This pretty purple colour name means iris.

12) Hyacinth (Greek) This name is both a flower and a bluish-purple gemstone.

13) Iolanthe (Greek): An elegant name meaning little violet flower.

14) Ione (Greek): Like Iolanthe above, this name means violet flower. It's also the name of a sea nymph in Greek mythology.

15) Iris (Greek): Another name from Greek mythology, this is the name of the goddess of the rainbow as well as being a blue and violet-coloured flower.

16) Wisteria (American): This floral name belongs to a pretty purple climbing plant.

Boys Names That Mean Shades Of Purple  

Whether it's a reddish-purple like Corcran or Gentian's almost-blue shade, purple comes in all kinds of varieties. While boys' names that mean purple aren't quite as common as girls', there are still some lovely choices out there - just look at these ones.

17) Corcran (Irish): This name derived from Irish Gaelic corcrain means a reddish-purple.

18) Gentian; Gentius (Albanian): The name of a star-shaped flower with medicinal properties, gentian also lends its name to an antiseptic dye. Gentian was named after the Illyrian king Gentius, who discovered it could be used in medicine.

19) Morado (Spanish): This name comes from a surname, but is also a Spanish word meaning purple.

20) Tyrian (Phoenician): This name got its start as the name of a deep violet dye from Phoenicia, but is now also well-known for belonging to a character in Game of Thrones.

Nature-Themed Boys Names That Mean Purple

If you want something a bit more subtle than a direct purple meaning, we're got some names for you here. These beautiful baby boy names that mean purple come from words for purple flowers and stones.

21) Kovidar (Sanskrit): This strong name means purple orchid tree.

22) Porfirio (Spanish/Italian): This Spanish and Italian name comes from a type of purple stone as well as a purple dye.

23) Slate (English) : A stone-based name, slate is a purple-grey rock.

24) Viorel (Romanian): This lovely name means sweet violet, a type of alpine flower. It's also the name of a character in Paulo Coelho's novel The Witch of Portobello.

Non-Binary Names That Are Shades Of Purple Or Purple Flowers

Mum with her son sat on her lap in a field of purple flowers.
Image © Liana Mikah via Unsplash.

Non-binary names are an increasingly popular choice with parents, and these names are no exception.

25) Ai (Japanese): Like a lot of Japanese names, this name's meaning can vary depending on the kanji used to write it. It means indigo when written with one kanji, but also means love if written with a different one.

26) Indigo (English): This dark purple dye makes a lovely name for any baby.

27) Phoenix (Greek): Although associated with the immortal bird, the original meaning of this name is reddish-purple.

28) Suren (Scandinavian): In its native Scandinavia, this elegant name means lilac.



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