100+ Perfect Thief Names To Steal Your Attention

Thieves are renowned for breaking into houses through windows.

Thieves are renowned for breaking into houses through windows.

Below is a list of infamous rogue names, sure to captivate you.

Many people became infamous for their deeds. Thieves are often amongst these people.

If you are looking for good names for your character, it is important to choose names that suit their personality.  If your character is smart, witty and embodies any of the characteristics of a smart thief, these list of names are for you. From funny bandit names to fictional robbers names, we have you covered.

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Famous Thieves Throughout Time

Thieves lead a risky but thrilling life. This makes them a compelling figure to study.

1. Adam Worth, known as the Napoleon of crime, who sailed to England to evade the French law.

2. Alan Golder, a jewelry thief who began his criminal journey aged six.

3. Albert Spaggiari, the most challenging robbery of his life was through an eight-meter-tunnel.

4. Al Capone, earned the goodwill of people by his participation in charities.

5. Anthony Curcio, tried to rob Bank of America by posing as a construction worker.

6. Babyface Nelson, was a swindler who earned this title 'baby face' because of his innocent face.

7. Bernard Madoff, discredited with Ponzi schemes and stealing $64 billion of the general public.

8. Bill Mason, known for robbing gold medals from the famous sports athlete Johny Weismuller, which he returned later via post.

9. Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, this duo was infamous for looting from banks and trains.

10. Carlo Gambio, led the American crime scene, but the police did not touch him.

11. Carl Gugasian, flamboyant robber a.k.a Friday night robber, stole millions and a fleet of stolen cars.

12. Charles Manson, a songwriter who wanted to start a pop cult and a race war.

13. Charles Peace, an excellent, short-statured gymnast who carried out robberies in London mansions.

14. Clyde and Bonnie, famous thief couple who stole from gas stations, banks, etc.

15. Colton Harris -Moore, also known as ‘Barefoot Bandit’ because he robbed private homes, cars, and boats of people barefoot.

16. David Brankle, used to loot the banks on the premises of the supermarkets.

17. D.B.Cooper, hijacked a Boeing-727 flight, collected $200,000 as ransom money, and vanished in 1971.

18. Derek Smalls, notoriously known for his robbery of Barclay Bank in London.

19. Dick Turpin, began his career as a butcher. He graduated from stealing animals to the wealth of rich Britons.

20. Eugene-Francois Vidoq, a hardened French criminal who became a police informant and the first private detective.

21. Francois Villon, a celebrated French poet and a shady character who pilfered chapels and public offices.

22. Frank Abagnale, a genius who executed cheque frauds in 26 countries in five years.

23. Gerald Blanchard, termed as Canada’s most sophisticated criminal. He stole jewels from Vienna.

24. Hassan and Abbas, set free by the German police as they could not determine which brother’s DNA was on the glove.

25. J.D.McMahon, cheated his buyers by promising to sell them skyscrapers, which were dwarf buildings.

26. Jeffery Manchester, posed as a religious man and distributed toys to children until his arrest.

27. Jesse Woodson James, notorious civil war criminal specializing in looting trains and banks in 19th century America.

28. Jesse James, was killed by one of his own gang members.

29. John Dillinger, a hardcore American criminal who looted 24 banks during The Great Depression.

30. Jonathan Wild, started his career as a police informer but formed his own gangs to get rewards.

31. Leonardo Notarbartolo, a mastermind of the biggest robbery of the 20th century.

32. Natwarlal, an Indian impostor who sold the Taj Mahal to foreigners.

33. Stephen Blumberg, known as Book Bandit, who stole books from libraries of universities and museums.

34. Ted Kaczynski, did his doctorate in Mathematics and then turned to the dishonorable life of crime.

35. Tom Horn, infamous as a multi-talented criminal who was hanged to death.

36. Veerappan, most wanted Sandalwood and illegal ivory smuggler of Western India.

37. Vicenzo Peruggia, daring character who stole and smuggled Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa by dressing as a senior officer.

38. Vincenzo Pipino, a good name for a thief who has some morality.

39. Victor Lustig, most daring move was to sell Eiffel Tower twice.

Famous Female Rogue Names

Criminals behavior is not only reserved for men, just look at these good thief names below.

40. Ching Shih, a rare Chinese female pirate who commanded 40,000 men and challenged all the Asian empires in the 19th century. One of the famous female thief names.

41. Doris Payne, one of the renowned female thieves who robbed jewelry shops posing as a rich client.

42. Jeanne de Valois, disreputed for Affair of Diamond Necklace. She sold off the diamond necklace which she was supposed to give to the queen of France.

43. Ma Barker, intelligent lady who never conducted a robbery but always successfully planned them. A good female rogue name.

44. Son’ka, The Golden Hand, a Russian jewel thief. She used novel tricks to hide diamonds as long fingernails, a fabric purse, and a monkey who would swallow gems.

Notorious Thief Guild Names

Like any other enterprise, robbery can be a group activity, and there have been many famous gangs of thieves.

45. Dinner Set Gang, robbed rich people while having dinner in the homes of affluent Americans.

46. French Vacuum Gang, stole money from French supermarkets by drilling holes in Vaults and sucking money from vacuum tubes.

47. Forty thieves, 40 female thieves who were very active for 80 years by robbing rich people’s houses.

48. The Pink Panthers, group of robbers who carried out robberies in the most innovative and wackiest manner.

Famous Robbers In Films

There have been numerous films about robbery and thieves.

49. Agent Smith, invincible killer of the ‘Matrix’ movies is one of the most violent killers.

50. Darth Sidious, a manipulative villain in ‘Star Wars’ who assassinates his master to become immortal.

51. Darth Vader, villain of ‘Star Wars’ series is one of the most despicable characters in Hollywood.

52. Grand Moff Tarkin, a governor in the ‘Star Wars’ series who wipes off millions of innocent lives.

53. Loki, the main villain in ‘Thor’ movies of the Marvel series. A cool villain name.

54. Lord Voldermort, a practitioner of black magic in the ‘Harry Potter’ series who creates a gang of vile wizards.

55. Sauron, a villainous Sauron of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ who cannibalized virtuous citizens for centuries.

56. Skynet, antagonist from the ‘Terminator’ series.

57. Thanos, a monster of ‘Avenger’ movies who, with a snap of fingers, slaughtered half of humanity.

58. Ultron—Avengers, an evil product of artificial intelligence who wants to obliterate humanity.

Flagrant Rogue Names From History

Prometheus stole fire from the Gods to give to humankind.

History shows that robbery is no modern practice.

59. Blackbeard, an anti-hero and a violent pirate who always lived like an outcast.

60. Dismas and Gestas, famous thieves who were crucified with Jesus. One thief was forgiven while the other went to hell.

61. Prometheus, stole fire from the Gods and gave it to humans. He was severely punished for this by Zeus.

Famous Fictional Thief Names

Robin Hood is the most famous thief.

Below is our list of some of the most famous thieves in literature.

62. Aladdin, a boy who lives on the streets until he comes across a genie in a bottle.

63. Ant-Man, a renowned superhero of comics published by 'Marvel'.

64. Bender, a despicable protagonist of an animated television drama—'Futurama'.

65. Bodhi, the villain in ‘Point Break’, who robs money to live life to the fullest.

66. Carmen Sandiego, a female criminal mastermind of a crime series of the same name, created by an American software company.

67. Catwoman, a popular anti-heroine and female protagonist of 'DC Comics'.

68. Charlie Croker, a leader of a gang who has finished its prison term and wants to commit the next robbery of stealing Italian gold.

69. Cobb, a thief who invades people’s dreams to know their secrets.

70. Cruella De Vil, steals dogs because she is obsessed with wearing a coat made of puppies’ fur.

71. Danny Ocean, a conman who robs casinos and the rich with his accomplices.

72. Dignan, part of a trio in ‘Bottle Rocket’, which plans to carry out a series of heists.

73. Doug Judy, a funny bandit name ‘Pontiac Bandit’, for stealing 40 Pontiacs.

74. Earl Hickey, tries to undo his wrongdoings in the Sitcom ‘My Name Is Earl’.

75. Franky Four Fingers, a compulsive gambler, despite having his one finger chopped, from the movie snatch.

76. Flynn Rider, a handsome thief in the film ‘Tangled’ and gets romantically involved with ‘Rapunzel’.

77. Hans Gruber, a polished villain in the movie ‘Die Hard’, who imprisons hostages to steal money and bonds from a Plaza.

78. Henry Gondorff, a professional con who is hired to swindle a mob leader.

79. Irene Adler, a character in ‘Sherlock Holmes’, admired for her wit and cunning.

80. Jackie Brown, works as an air hostess for a fictitious Mexican airline to smuggle money between the two countries.

81. Keyser Soze, a villain of titanic proportions.

82. Max Guevara, a fictional character of ‘Dark Angel’, trying to find her siblings.

83. Neal Caffrey, a crime consultant for the FBI in New York who committed a series of forgeries.

84. Neil McCauley, a seasoned robber who committed a robbery of $1.6 million bearer bonds, killing three guards in the process.

85. Remy Lebeau, part of the thieves’ guild until he joined X-men.

86. Robin Hood, stole from the rich and gave to the poor. The most famous thief of all time and thus a good name for a thief.

87. Snake Jailbird, problematic character in the series ‘The Simpsons’.

88. Sonny, orchestrates a chaotic bank robbery in Brooklyn.

89. The Wet Bandits, specialized in robbing houses until they met a smart eight-year-old boy.

90. Willie, from the movie ‘Bad Santa’.

Names Meaning Thief

Below are names associated with the ultimate robbery - loss of human life.

91. Agro (Celtic origin) meaning “slaughter”.

92. Agrona (Celtic origin) meaning “Goddess of war”.

93. Busiris (Greek origin) derives from the name of an Egyptian king.

94. Damiano (Italian origin) meaning “to subdue or kill”.

95. Fachtna (Irish origin) meaning “hostile, malicious”.

96. Gandalf (Old Norse origin) meaning “a monster”.

97. Lamia (Greek origin) meaning “one who kidnaps and kills children”.

98. Medea (Greek origin) meaning “cunning”, inspired by the figure in Greeky mythology who killed her children.

99. Megedagik (Native American origin) meaning “kills many”.

100. Mirrikh (Arabic origin) meaning “the planet of Mars”, “death”.

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