50 Perfectly Punny Panda Names

Choose from these 50 punny panda names for your baby.

Selecting a name for a loved one – a child, a pet, or even a plush toy – can be a time-consuming, high-stakes task.

This living creature, or inanimate object, will endure this name for the rest of his or her life. Thankfully, naming a baby panda, otherwise referred to as a cub, is stress-free and very fun!  

The panda bear, also called the giant panda, is a lovable, though fierce, bamboo-eating native of China.  Forest land serves as the habitat of a panda.  It is also common to find pandas at the zoo.  These black and white-coated, woolly creatures, with puff ball ears and paws complete with claws are a topic of great debate among scientists.

Professionals dispute over whether the beloved creature, scientifically known as Ailuropoda melanoleuca, is to be categorized as a bear or as a raccoon.  This dispute also extends to include the controversy over how the red panda, cousin of the giant panda, should be categorized.  According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the giant panda is to be classified as a bear, while its equally cute cousin, the red panda, belongs in the raccoon family – who would have thought?

The technical part is covered.  Now, take a look at these 50 names, perfect for the giant or red variety, of a real-life, newborn cub or a nonliving, though similarly adorable, plush toy.

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Girl Panda Names

Beautiful girls' baby panda names for precious panda cubs.

1. Buttercup (Latin origin), meaning ‘little frog’.

2. Flora (Latin origin), meaning ‘plants, flowers, and fertility’; there is a goddess in Roman mythology with the name.

3. Lulu (German origin), meaning ‘famous warrior’; the name is a shortened version of Louise.  

4. Melody (Greek origin), meaning ‘song or tune for lyric poetry’.

5. Petunia (French origin), a beautiful flower name for a girl panda.

6. Pinky (Dutch origin), meaning ‘little finger’.

7. Polly (English origin), meaning ‘great sorrow’; but the name Polly sounds so happy.

8. Princess (Old French origin), meaning ‘female ruler’.

9. Serenity (Latin origin), meaning ‘calm or peaceful’.

10. Sunshine (Old English origin), meaning ‘a mirror’.  

Boys’ Panda Names

Adorable boys’ names for the gentle giants known as pandas.

11. Barry (Irish origin), meaning ‘fair-haired’.

12. Bashful (Middle English origin), meaning ‘to lose composure’; one of Snow White’s kind-hearted dwarfs holds this name.

13. Darwin (Old English origin), meaning ‘gifted friend’.

14. Paulie (Roman origin), meaning ‘humble’; a childlike version of Paul.

15. Percy (Greek origin), meaning ‘to destroy’; though it sounds a bit dangerous, it comes from the Greek figure Perseus, Percy sounds so loveable.  

16. Peter Panda (Greek origin), meaning ‘stone or rock’; of course, this is simply the meaning of the name Peter.  

17. Pierre (French origin), meaning ‘stone or rock; it is the French version of Peter.

18. Prince (Middle English origin), meaning ‘behaving in a regal manner’.

19. Sonny (English origin), meaning ‘male descendant’.  

20. Teddy (English origin), meaning ‘divine gift’.

Gender Neutral Panda Names

Unbelievably cute names both for the living, breathing pandas roaming around forests and zoos, and the plush pandas sitting obediently on beds and couches.  

21. Bamboo (Dutch origin), meaning ‘giant grass in the tropics’.

22. Bamboozle (Scottish origin), meaning ‘confound or perplex’.

23. Blizzard (English origin), meaning ‘driving snow’.

24. Cuddles (Middle English origin), meaning ‘to embrace’.

25. Fluffy (English origin), meaning ‘light and soft’.

26. Pandemonium (Greek origin), meaning ‘evil spirit’; pandas are quite the opposite of evil, but this adorable name matches paradoxically well with their angelic faces.

27. Rocky (Middle English origin), meaning ‘rock like’.

28. Snuggles (Old Danish origin), meaning ‘neat or tidy.’

29. Tiny (Middle English origin), meaning ‘very small’.

30. Tranquility (Latin origin), meaning ‘rest or quiet’.

31. Tumbles (Middle English), meaning ‘to fall over and over again’.

32. Zen (Sanskrit origin), meaning ‘thought or meditation’.

These are fascinating panda names for lovers of sweet and savory treats.

Food Related Panda Names

Whimsical names for lovers of sweet and savory treats.

33. Coconut (Portuguese origin), meaning ‘head or skull’.

34. Cookie (Dutch origin), meaning ‘little cake’.

35. Cupcake (English origin), meaning ‘small cake serving one person’; though the word is commonly used in a loving way.

36. Marshmallow (Old English origin), meaning ‘mallow plant’.

37. Peanut (Turkish origin), meaning ‘husk’; though the word is commonly used endearingly towards a loved one.

38. Pumpernickel (German origin), meaning ‘dark rye bread’; despite the word’s meaning being a bit dull, the name itself is very cute for an animal.

39. Pumpkin (Greek origin), meaning ‘large melon’.

40. Sundae (unknown origin), there are varying tales of who invented the first ice cream sundae and how it got its name; regardless, the name suits a panda very well.

Famous Panda Names

Charming names of the celebrity pandas who have called China their home.

41. Basi (Turkish origin), meaning ‘little chief’.

42. GuGu (African origin), meaning ‘precious’.

43. HuaMei (Chinese origin), meaning “China and USA’.

44. MeiSheng (Chinese origin), meaning ‘victory’.

45. PanPan (French origin), meaning ‘failure or breakdown’; despite the negative denotation of the name, its connotation is one that is cutely fitting for a panda.

46. SuLin (Chinese origin), meaning ‘something very cute’; this accurately describes panda babies.  

47. TaiShan (Chinese origin), meaning ‘peace in my family’.

48. TaoTao (Chinese origin), meaning ‘long life’.

49. XiangXiang (Chinese origin), meaning ‘soars above others’.

50. ZhenZhen (Chinese origin), meaning ‘precious’.

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