Pick Your Own Farm (Enfield): Everything You Need To Know

Young girl in an orchard holding apples over her eyes.

At Parkside Farm, kids can have fun with a brilliant reward - berries they picked themselves that will taste brilliant alone, or even with ice cream or cake!

Located in Enfield, Parkside Farm perfects balancing act of feeling like the country while being easily accessible from London. Why don't you spend a family day in the sunshine and take delicious prizes home too?

If you're looking for strawberry picking, then Parkside Farm is the place to be near London this fruit picking season. Delicious strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries that you can take home are easy to find when you pick your own fruit. Whether you prefer redcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, or any other type of British fruit or veg, you'll be able to find it on this farm just outside London.

As the UK reopens following the relaxing of COVID-19 guidelines, there's plenty to do around the country this summer. Check out our guide to the best post-lockdown summer days out for some ideas. Or, if you've got the country farm bug after a trip to Parkside, have a look at our collection of farms near London that you can now visit this summer season.

Where Is Parkside Farm?

You can find Parkside Farm on the northern outskirts of London in the borough of Enfield. Its address is Hadley Road, Enfield, EN2 8LA. This makes it really easy to get to from anywhere in London or the Home Counties. There's also plenty of parking onsite.

Two young children picking cherries from a tree.

How Can You Book A Pick Your Own Slot?

To ensure that social distancing can be followed properly, Parkside Farm requires advanced online bookings. You can see time slots online two days in advance. Online bookings cost £4, but this if you pick enough berries to cover it this money is effectively refunded in full. You can buy slots for family groups of up to five people, and every two children aged twelve or under need to be accompanied by an adult. You can spend up to two hours picking fruit, before going to the farm shop, where the shop staff will weigh your fruit and let you know how much it costs.

What Facilities Are Available?

Parkside Farm has taken COVID-19 guidance very seriously, so unfortunately not everything is available currently. The toilets and picnic areas are closed. However, the farm shop is open. At the shop, you can buy ice cream, cold drinks, and even honey made at Parkside Farm. They also sell meringues; a perfect dessert combo with some cream and your freshly picked berries and fruits. Delicious!

Please note that Park Farm is currently only accepting card payments due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Young boy in an orchard collecting apples in a wicker basket.

What Fruit Can You Pick?

Fruit picking is often very dependent on the season, but July and August are fantastic times to visit the farm because the produce is very fresh. The farm currently has large amounts of blackberries, raspberries, redcurrants, french beans, courgettes, spring onions, beetroot, spinach, and swiss chard.

Strawberries are also available, although they are very popular so make sure you book a morning slot if you want to have the best chance of finding some. With fewer people able to visit the farm, there's more yummy fresh fruit to go around!

Fruit picking is a great activity for all the family to join in with. There's something special about being the one to deliver your fruit and veg straight from plant to plate! With its almost fully outdoors experience, the pick your own activities at Parkside Farm Enfield are a brilliant chance to get out of the city and find a new experience.



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