30 Pie Puns That Are Hilarious

Ancient civilisations first invented the pie to preserve food.

From meat pie puns to pumpkin pie jokes and jokes about pie-rates, get a piece of the pie with our list of the best pie puns you'll love to share with your family and friends.

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians and the Romans invented pie? The tough pie crust worked like an ancient lunchbox, keeping people's food fresh.

Pie became so important in the UK that seventeenth century revolutionary Oliver Cromwell even banned mince pies at Christmas for being too luxurious. What a killjoy!

Luckily, these days we get tasty edible pie crusts and proper containers for our lunches and mince pies are legal again. People everywhere still like a good pie, and we've collected 30 of the best pie puns you'll love.

Fruit Pie Puns

Everyone will want a piece of the pie with these funny pie puns.

1. A raspberry pie sent a Valentine. "Pie love you berry much", it said.

2. A pumpkin pie won a beauty contest. It was absolutely gourd-geous.

3. I dropped my phone in some pastry without noticing and put it in the oven. I made an Apple pie.

4. A blueberry pie went to the pie doctor. "I've been filling blue lately," it said.

5. The baby apple pie wanted to know how to read. It went to pie-mary school.

6. I ate too much pumpkin pie. I've got autumn-y ache.

7. Pie often has fruit in the middle, but pa-pie-a's a fruit with pie in the middle.

8. It was the ghost's turn to cook. She baked boo-berry pie with I-scream.

Pie, in all its forms, is popular in the UK, and it has been for centuries.

Dessert Puns

What happens when a pie, a cake and a bread loaf hang out together? Our list of dessert puns you'll want to tell everyone, of course!

9. A pie and a cake got into a fight. "You want a piece of me?" yelled the pie.

10. The baker's wife asked for bread. "Sorry," he said. "I only have pies for you."

11. A dessert dreamed of flying. It was pie in the sky.

12. A pie full of candy was always kind. She was a sweetie pie.

13. A pudding wanted to go to the bathroom but a pie beat her to it. The stall was occu-pie-d.

14. A fruit pie and a crumble ran away and got married. They lived apple-ly ever after.

15. A baker lined up pies to measure how many of each kind were left. He made a pie chart.

Pie-rate Puns

You'll treasure these funny pie-rate jokes.

16. A captain told his crew not to bother with treasure, just raid the kitchens and steal the desserts. He was a pie-rate.

17. One slice of pie is £2 in the Bahamas and £2.50 in Jamaica. Those are the pie-rates of the Caribbean.

18. A sailor made sure his pumpkins were always buckled in safely when he started the car. He was a squash-buckling pirate.

19. Some pirates fell overboard and washed up on a beach made of pie and cake. It was a dessert island.

Silly Pie Puns

It's a piece of cake - sorry, pie - to make your friends laugh with every one of these silly pie puns.

20. A mad inventor built a machine made of candy canes with wheels made of pie. It was a pie-cycle.

21. A mother pie wanted her kids to fall asleep, so she sang a lulla-pie.

22. Everyone who sees this pie says "Awww". It's a cutie pie.

23. A kid was snacking in PE, and missed an easy catch. The teacher said, "Keep your pie on the ball."

24. The pie couldn't crust his friend after he found out he had lied to him before.

25. A pie went to the dentist. He needed a filling.

26. A pie signed up for yoga but didn't like it. It did pie-lates instead.

27. I had a shepherd's pie for dinner. The shepherd was furious.

28. A chef needed some puff pastry. She made a meat pie run laps.

29. A lady hid her letters in pastry. She liked her pie-vacy.

30. A pie went into a café one day and asked for a sandwich. "Sorry," said the owner. "We don't serve food."



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