40 Playlist Names For Every Mood

Playlist names are important for capturing the mood of the music

Naming a music playlist is an art in itself.

Sometimes you need to think out of the box to make your music collection look appealing. That is where this bunch of cute playlist names will come in handy.

Use the mood of your selected music or get quirky like those official playlists on Spotify. Maybe even go retro to get your listeners to click on your playlist. Naming your playlist is important because it summarises the vibe of the music within. You could make a playlist of music to cheer you up when sad, or really energise you when you're happy.

Sometimes editing a collection on Spotify can be difficult. There's no need to fret because here's some quick help. Simply go the 'Playlists', click on 'Create Playlist' and start adding details. For editing, just click on the 'three dots', click on 'Edit details', and make the desired changes. There's no rule saying how long your playlist should be, but 30-40 tracks is a decent length to aim for.

Here are some Spotify playlist names for all types of music, including sub-genres and indie forms. Why not also check out Names From Songs and Punk Names?

Funny Playlist Names

Let’s start with some creative playlist names for your collection of humorous music, stand-up comedy skits, and podcasts. Or even just a funny-sounding name for a serious collection.

1. Everything but Country Music– For if you are a part of the ‘anti-country music movement.’

2. Killer Playlist or <add musician’s="" name=""> Entire Discography</add> – To pull a funny one with your friends on Spotify.

3. Laugh in 3, 2, 1 – Comic tracks go here.

4. My Life’s Playlist (or Songs About Failures) – When you want to create a personal collection.

5. Songs About Love – But you only add tracks about food.

6. Songs About My Ex – A teasing name.

7. Songs That Don’t Make Sense but Make You Feel Good – For those popular tracks with meaningless lyrics.

8. Songs That Double Up as Alarm Tunes – When you are feeling a bit too creative with alarm ringtones.

Sad Playlist Names

Sometimes you want to build playlists that either help you get out of loneliness or bask in it.

9. Ballads for Heartbreaks – Create an aura of sadness and get through heartbreak with sad music.

10. Befriend the Loneliness – Slow rock ballads, country numbers, or maybe even some trap music.

11.  Comfort Music – For that solid collection of music that instantly makes you feel good.

12. Hit Me in the Feelings – For those ballads and R&Bs tracks that speak louder than just words.

13. Over the Blues – For a playlist filled with uplifting music to get you out of the mood.

14.  Some More Damage – Listen to more sad album tracks when you are feeling low.

15. Songs to Make You Stop Crying – Long but effective; helps you stay bright and happy.

Playlist Names For Getting Stuff Done

Listening to music can boost your productivity

Pick some Spotify playlists names for your exercise sessions or your chores schedule using these names.

16.  Art of Feel-Goodism – For the peppy songs to feel good.

17. Chill Tunes – Add some catchy tunes like Pharrell’s Happy and many more.

18. The Comfort Playlist – Happy tracks that bring a smile on your face.

19.  Get Stuff Done – Highly useful for a bunch of fast numbers and beats.

20. No Lyrics, Only Music – For when you want to build a list with fast instrumentals.

21. Focus Machine – For that fast-paced music.

Classic Names

Classic and good playlist names for when you want to focus on music and nothing else.

22. <add musicians="" name="">’s Classics </add>– The playlist name dedicated to an individual artist.

23.  Feel-Good Tracks – All your favorite tracks that make you feel good.

24.  The God’s Playlist – For gospel, religious audios, or Biblical podcasts.

25.  The Greatest Hits – Collect an artist’s entire repertoire, a specific year’s top songs, or a genre.

26. Low-Fi Indie Beats – For instrumentals and slow indie rock tracks.

27. World’s Best Music – For your collection of international tracks.

Party Playlist Names

Here is the cool playlist name ideas for your dancing mood.

28. Don’t Stop the Music – Non-stop EDM, anyone?

29. Earthquake in the Disco – Put all your fast music here – EDM, dance, hip-hop, and other electronic music

30.  I Am the DJ Tonight – Put on your DJ hat.

31.  Last Night a DJ Saved My Life – Inspired from the song by the same name by Indeep.

32.  Not Just Electronic Music – Add trap, rap, hip-hop, synthpop, and more to your collection.

33.  The Ultimate Party Playlist – Just a no-nonsense playlist name.

Quirky Playlist Names

Think out of the box, and tag your Spotify playlists with one of these names.

34. Anti-Auto-Tune – Songs where the artists don’t use the Auto-Tune software.

35.  If you Like X, Listen to This – For everything based on inspiration.

36.  The ‘Good for Her’ Playlist – Collect music by women or about women power.

37.  Good Songs That No One Listens To – Introduce underrated gems to your friends.

38. More Talk Than Music – Only ballads by pop artists.

39.  Songs Where the Artist Says Their Name – Get creative with your selection.

40.  Windy with Indie – Collection of your favorite underrated indie tracks.

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