Gotta Craft 'Em All! 8 Pokémon Crafts And Bakes

pokemon craft ideas

Pokemon has always been great, but since Pokémon Go craze hit our streets it's very much made a comeback!

If the kids have near-exhausted the game, need a break from watching Pokemon videos or simply want to extend their love of all things Pokeball, then you should definitely try one of these DIY Pokemon craft ideas. They're perfect for entertaining active young minds on a rainy day and creating a craft the kids are really excited about!

Children with a passion for Pikachu might be hard to tear away from the screen, but it's always good to encourage kids to get active and creative - which is why these Pokemon projects are great. Why not try to bring that interest into other areas of their life with these fun crafts for kids, plus a few kitchen recipes, that might even get your Pokemon nostalgia flowing...

Pokeball Suncatcher

This is an easy and quick way to decorate a Pokemon lover's bedroom window and it requires very few materials! To start, get a piece of A4 white paper (tissue paper or thin card might work best to let as much light through as possible!) and draw a large circle (by tracing around a bowl or other round surface) with a thick black pen. Then, carefully cut this circle out to form your Pokeball base. To make the middle black intersection, cut some black card in the right Pokeball shape (take a look online or find a good one to trace) and stick your cut-out on top of the base.

Now you're ready to add colour! Rip up red and white tissue paper into small pieces and collage each coloured section accordingly using a mixture of PVA glue and water. Once dried, you will have a beautiful piece of window art that will look amazing when the sun is shining through it. You can stick it onto the window using blu-tack or sellotape (under the black card so that the light display isn't interrupted).

pokemon craft for kids

Pokemon Nature Collage

First, draw out large outlines of some your favourite Pokemon characters onto card or paper, or print out some free templates online. These could just be the faces or the whole body. Then head out to your garden or a local park, and try to collect as many leaves, fallen flowers, twigs, or any other interesting bits of nature as you can find. You'll need to stick to the main colours of each Pokemon character to make them most recognisable, so if you're making a Pikachu collage look for as many yellow items as you can, green for Bulbasaur, or red for Charmander. Once back inside, it's time to get glueing! Layer all of your pieces of nature onto your character template so that they're completely filled with colour, adding darker bits for eyes, noses and spots where necessary, and then proudly display your Pokemon nature collage once it's dry!

Pokeball Pizza

Pokemon inspired food is always a good idea for the kids' dinner time, and this Pokeball pizza is no exception. You can make it at home using just a few simple ingredients: pepperoni, black olives, cheese, and of course a pizza base. It's easy to make and a great way to celebrate your favourite anime series with the whole family.

Start by getting a pizza base - we like one already topped with tomato sauce - from a shop and buying the separate toppings too. Then, using an image of a Pokeball as a reference, use the pepperoni to create the red top, cheese to create the white bottom and sliced black olives to make the black outline and middle detail. This pizza will taste and look great, and is a sneaky way to encourage your child to try eating more olives too. If your kids really aren't a fan - they are quite an adult taste - then get creative with your toppings to create different coloured Pokeballs. Why not go for bright red tomatoes for the top section and ham or BBQ chicken for the darker centre, or mix things up with yellow sweetcorn, orange peppers or green spinach for your homemade Pokeball pizza.

pikachu crafts

Pikachu Lampshade

If you have any old lampshades lying around or want to jazz up the one in the kids' bedroom, then this amazingly simple craft idea is just the ticket. To make a Pikachu, you will need yellow, black, white and red paints, or you're welcome to try any other Pokemon character that your child loves best!

Start by painting the whole lampshade in yellow. Then, to create the features, either draw them freehand onto the lampshade (maybe practice a few on some scrap paper first) or try making a stencil from a printable Pikachu found online - this completely depends on your child's drawing ability and confidence! Once you've drawn the outlines, fill them in using your red, white and black paints accordingly, whilst looking at a picture for reference. When you're done painting, it's ready to hang! This makes an amazing addition to a Pokemon lover's bedroom and it's so cheap and easy to make.

Pikachu Shoes

Have your kids' white shoes become not-so-white? Instead of throwing them away, give this craft idea a go - it will help kids to understand the importance of recycling, as well as just how fun upcycling can be! You'll need the pair of shoes to be canvas ideally - like Converse or something similar. To start with, give them a quick wash to get rid of any dirt. If you're really committed, you could grab yourself some yellow fabric dye - it's pretty cheap to buy and it's very easy to do - to turn the base of your shoes into the perfect Pikachu colour, or use appropriate yellow fabric pens.

Now you're ready to start crafting. We recommend using a fabric or felt for this, but you could use fabric pens or paint as well. Make little templates of each feature of the character's face by printing and cutting a picture at the right size. Then, cut around the components on your red, white and black fabric accordingly and you're ready to stick them on with a strong glue! This bit is probably better for parents to do.

When they're done, your kids' old shoes will have gained a whole new Pokemon life.

pokemon go crafts

Gotta craft some more? Try one of these other great ideas:

Pokemon Cupcakes

Whip up a batch of your favourite simple cupcake recipe, then use red, white and black fondant or food colouring to ice the tops into Pokeballs. You could also try yellow Pikachu cupcakes, adding his signature black stripes, ears and red cheeks using cake decorations.

Pokemon Pebbles

If you came across lots of pebbles whilst scavenging for your nature collage, then why not paint these into your favourite Pokemon faces? Just make sure they're clean and dry first, then afterwards you can decorate your garden with your little pebble friends!

Pokemon Egg Cartons

Equally, the round moulds of empty egg cartons make for perfect Pokemon bases. Paint each oval accordingly, add some simple faces, ears and tails out of pen and card, then pop open your Pokemon egg carton to reveal the whole gang - just as they would emerge from a  Pokeball!



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