11 Positive Podcasts For Parents

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Whether you are looking for advice, solidarity or just some comic relief, there is a parenting podcast out there ready to provide just that!

During the last few weeks, it has been all too easy to get caught up in the 'groundhog day' feeling that lockdown creates, so much so that sometimes we all need a bit of help to see the positives. We have found a selection of podcasts that are bound to give you a boost!

The great thing about podcasts is that you can put them on whilst doing something else. They're great to listen to if you don't feel like music or the radio, but when your hands are a little too full to pick up a book. Or maybe in the bath if you can grab a little alone time and want switch off a bit whilst also absorbing some interesting info, top tips and hopefully some relatable quick wit! We have included a range of styles of presenters, guests and topics so whether you are solo parenting, part of a jam-packed household, a seasoned pro or looking for newborn tips, get your headphones on because there is a podcast just waiting for you to tune in.

1.The Parent Hood

Possibly one of the most helpful parenting podcasts out there, this podcast is all about reassuring you when you don't have the answer, and reminding you that its OK to seek advice! Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt deliver expert answers to all your parenting queries. Recent episodes range from learning how to play, how to parent a shy child, sleep and mindfulness, all the way to surrogacy, teenagers and debunking those ever-present parenting myths! There is something useful to be found for parents of all aged children here.

2. Didn't I Just Feed You

This hilarious podcast is all about feeding families, and all the ups and downs that come with that! With guests from everyday parents to top chefs, co-hosts Stacie Billis and Meghan Splawn discuss everything from meal planning and picky eaters to eating out with kids, and overall household wellness. The aim of Didn't I Just Feed You, is to 'make life as the family cook easier',  and to make mealtimes more fun and less stressful for busy parents.

3. Bitesize Secondary: Parents' Survival Guide

Bitesize has created this podcast, alongside another survival guide for parents of Primary school-age kids, to answer questions and offer guidance on how best to home school. With episode titles such as 'How to tackle lockdown emotions' and 'How to deal with challenging teen behaviour', all with expert input- this podcast is a treasure trove of useful information and tips for our current situation!

4. Parent Trapped

This is a new podcast created in lockdown, by Common Sense Media (a great resource for reviews on just about everything kids can watch/listen/read, especially online!). Each week the host Ann Marie Baldonado chats with various guests including authors, celebrity parents and educators about a range of subjects.  This podcast is all about raising kids in quarantine, and how best to cope with a challenge that none of us saw coming! Tune in for ideas for homeschooling, how to have fun with the kids on lockdown, juggling working from home and even movie reviews. You might be 'Parent Trapped' but it's always good to see the funny side!

5. Janet Lansbury: Unruffled

Each episode of Unruffled addresses a parenting issue sent into Janet, she will then discuss the issue and offer guidance and advice based on her tried and tested respectful parenting philosophy.  Janet Lansbury is a bestselling author and her methods have helped countless parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers to foster relationships of respect, trust and love- a must-listen for those practising or interested in gentle parenting.  Episodes range from 15 to 40 minutes so easy to squeeze in a quick listen!

6. Happy Mum Happy Baby

Possibly one of the most well known popular parenting podcasts, hosted by Giovanna Fletcher- Happy Mum Happy Baby interviews a different guest each week resulting in a warm and frank conversation on all aspects of parenting. Any parent seeking solidarity and support will find it here, this podcast is all about doing your best, and not comparing your parenting to what you see online as no one is perfect! With a mix of guests including The Duchess of Cambridge herself, there are lots of episodes to pick and choose from for an easy and informative listen.

7. Life Kit: NPR

NPR is an independent, nonprofit media organisation that was founded with a desire to create a more informed public.  NPR uses radio, social media, apps and podcasts to cover and report on just about any subject you can think of, so parenting is no exception! Life Kit talks to various experts to 'help you get it together' covering a range of subjects all boiling down to one thing, sometimes we all need a little help being human! As a side note, NPR Tiny Desk Concerts are a wonderful listen, or even better to watch on YouTube to show the kids some amazing live music!

8. Alright For a Mum

This podcast has been on a break but has new episodes almost ready to go! The previous two seasons are well worth a listen as all the discussions are still very relevant. So after being told she was 'alright for a mum' Carrie Anne Roberts (owner of mama merch bestselling brand 'Mere Soeur') decided it was time to start a realistic, modern conversation about what single motherhood and solo parenting looks like now. So along with author Remi Sade, 'Alright for a Mum' discuss all things parenting, single life as a parent, co-parenting and how to get it right- no topic is off-limits and this podcast is very much in the NSFW category in terms of language, so one to listen to with headphones or once the kids have gone to bed!

9. Two Mr P's in a Pod(Cast)

Two teachers, who also happen to be brothers, have teamed up to create this wildly popular podcast all about funny stories from the classroom. Covering serious topics with a hilarious twist, listeners have reported crying with laughter while listening! With historic school confessions and funny stories sent in by listeners, as well as current tales from both the Mr P's, this podcast has a ton of relatable content and some up to the minute discussions about lockdown too.

10. Dope Black Mums

This podcast is hosted by five 'dope black mums' who in their own words, rarely agree on anything! This results in some frank discussions and a wonderful insight into modern-day motherhood, and all that it involves, with some bold honesty and top tips thrown in, not to mention some inspirational guests, and a lot of laughs.  This podcast covers topics such as giving birth, mindfulness, raising black and mixed-race children, parenting and co-parenting, as well as career advice and ideas, and stories about dating and love- there is a real mix here and is well worth a listen for all kinds of parents, just make sure you've got your headphones in!

11. How Did We Get Here

Claudia Winkleman and Professor Tanya Byron invite real-life parents to be guests on this podcast, to discuss their story and identify parenting struggles, in a totally unscripted session, which is then unpacked and explored in order to find solutions. This podcast is a bit of deep dive into a whole host of topics, to help people understand why despite being fully functional adults, they can't put into practise the type of parenting they want to provide. Although not an easy listen at times, these conversations are insightful and thought-provoking,  and thankfully there is a clear outcome to each episode!



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