82 Precious Gemstone Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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Choosing your child's name is a fun and creative process, so why not consider one of these gemstone inspired names for an individual and opulent moniker?

From unique, glamorous names inspired by the nine jewels that represent the planets (diamond, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, ruby, emerald, garnet, pearl, cat's eye and coral) to traditional gemstone names, we have a great range of names for babies of all personalities in this list of wonderful gem names. Take your pick!

Choosing a baby name based on the birthstone of the month your child is born is one great idea for a truly meaningful name, like Garnet for a baby born in January, Pearl for a girl born in June or the sweet Emerald for your May baby. Otherwise, simply pick the sparkling name that appeals to you the most.

We treasure these cute and cool gemstone baby names here at Kidadl, and we hope you will too. Take a look below at our favourite 82 names inspired by precious stones.

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Classic Gemstone Names For Girls

Many of these jewel names for girls were very popular throughout history, and remain the perfect balance of elegant and edgy, so why not pick one for your little girl?

1) Allirea (Aboriginal Origin) meaning "quartz".

2) Beryl (Greek Origin) meaning "crystal".

3) Coral (Greek/English Origin) meaning "deep pink".

4) Coralie (Greek/French Origin) meaning "coral".

5) Cordelia (Latin/French/Welsh Origin) meaning "brave" or "jewel of the sea".

6) Crystal (Latin Origin) meaning "brilliant glass".

7) Glain (Welsh Origin) meaning  "jewel".

8) Golda (English Origin) meaning "gold".

9) Greta (Germanic Origin) meaning "pearl".

10) Gretchen (Germanic Origin) meaning "pearl".

11) Larimar (Greek/Spanish/Caribbean Origin) meaning "sea blue", a mineral found only in the Dominican Republic.

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12) Maisie (English Origin) meaning  "pearl".

13) Margaret (Latin Origin) meaning "pearl".

14) Margot (Latin/French Origin) meaning "pearl".

15) Marit (Aramaic Origin) meaning "pearl".

16) Marjeta (Latin/Slavic Origin) meaning "pearl".

17) Megan (Welsh/Latin Origin) meaning "pearl".

18) Opal (Sanskrit Origin) meaning "gem".

19) Pearl (Latin Origin) meaning "a gem of the sea".

20) Ruri (Japanese Origin) meaning "lapis lazuli".

21) Soraya (Persian Origin) meaning "jewel".

Did You Know? The pearl is the birthstone for the month of June, making Pearl, and its variations especially great choices for your summer baby. The Ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the tears of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. The opal is the birthstone for babies born in October, and is a wonderful classic, vintage-sounding name choice.

Classic Gemstone Baby Names For Boys

You can't go wrong with these lovely traditional gemstone names for baby boys.

22) Adi (Hebrew Origin) meaning "jewel".

23) Jasper (Greek/Hebrew/Arabic Origin) meaning "speckled stone".

24) Kito (Swahili Origin) meaning "precious jewel".

25) Mica/Micah (Hebrew Origin) meaning "who is like God", name of a precious grey stone.

26) Rubin (Latin/German Origin) meaning "red", refers to the ruby.

27) Taniqsh (Hindi Origin) meaning "jewel".

Contemporary Girls' Names Inspired By Precious Stones

These trendy jewel names are increasingly popular at the moment, and are great options for parents seeking a sophisticated, modern name for their baby girls.

28) Agate (Greek/French Origin) meaning "from the River Achates", a semiprecious mineral originally found at the River Achates in Sicily.

29) Amber (Arabic Origin) meaning "fossilised tree resin", orange jewel,

30) Ambre (Arabic/French Origin) meaning "fossilised tree resin", orange jewel.

31) Amethyst (Greek Origin) meaning "not drunk" - the Greeks believed the purple quartz stone we know as an amethyst would protect one from intoxication.

Amethyst gemstone uncut.
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32) Aquamarine (Latin Origin) meaning "seawater", a blue form of the beryl gemstone.

33) Bijou (French Origin) meaning "jewel".

34) Bitxi (Basque Origin) meaning "gem".

35) Citrine (Greek Origin) meaning "gold stone".

36) Diamond (English Origin) meaning "valuable, brilliant".

37) Galena (Greek/Latin Origin) meaning "calm" or "lead ore".

38) Gemma (Latin Origin) meaning "gemstone".

39) Giada (Italian Origin), meaning "jade", a green jewel.

40) Iolite (Greek Origin) meaning "violet".

41) Helmi (Finnish Origin) meaning "pearl, bead".

42) Jada (Arabic/Spanish Origin) meaning "he knows" or "jade".

43) Jade (Spanish/English Origin) meaning "stone of the side" or "green stone".

44) Juvela (Esperanto Origin) meaning "jewel like".

45) Lazuli (Arabic Origin) meaning "sky blue", after the blue Lapis Lazuli.

46) Olivine (Latin Origin) meaning "olive tree", refers to a group of green minerals.

47) Penina (Hebrew Origin) meaning "pearl".

48) Peridot (Arabic/French Origin) meaning "gem" or "green gem".

49) Takara (Japanese Origin) meaning "treasure".

50) Tourmaline (Sinhalese Origin) meaning "mixed gems", a multicoloured mineral.

51) Ula (Celtic Origin) meaning "sea gem".

52) Zariza (Hebrew Origin) meaning "gold, brilliant".

Did You Know? The amethyst is the birthstone of February babies, and symbolised protection to the ancient Greeks, making this valuable violet stone a comforting and pretty option for your winter baby. The glamorous diamond is associated with April, and is a sparkling choice for any little girl born in springtime.

Named after the Egyptian goddess Pele, the pale green peridot is the birthstone for August, and is a chic option for your daughter born in August. If your baby is born in March, why not choose the baby name Aquamarine inspired by the vibrant blue March birthstone?

Contemporary Jewel Themed Baby Boy Names

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Jewel names for boys are becoming all the more popular nowadays. Choose one of these super stylish gem names for your little boy.

53) Carnelian (Latin Origin) meaning "cherry", a red mineral.

54) Cobalt (German Origin) meaning "trouble maker", a blue metallic element.

55) Jet (Greek Origin) meaning "stone of Gagas", a black stone named for the Gagas river in Turkey where it can be found.

56) Obsidian (Latin Origin) meaning "of Obsidianus", volcanic glass discovered by the Roman Obsidianus.

57) Onyx (Latin/Aboriginal Origin) meaning "claw' or "black gemstone".

58) Quartz (Germanic/Greek Origin) meaning "white vein" or "ice".

59) Slate (French/English Origin) meaning "to splinter", a grey mineral.

60) Sterling (English Origin) meaning "little star".

61) Ulexite (Latin/German Origin), a milky white mineral, named after the German chemist who first described it.

62) Zircon (Persian Origin) meaning "gold-hued", a mineral.

Baby Names Inspired By The World's Rarest Jewels

Did you know, although diamonds are the most precious stones in the world, they are not the rarest! Choose one of these stunning gemstone names derived from the world's rarest jewels, perfect for your unique baby boys and girls.

For Boys:

63) Alexandrite (Latin/Russian Origin), red or green jewel named after the Russian Tsar Alexander II.

For Girls:

64) Emerald (French/English/Persian Origin) meaning "green gemstone".

65) Esmerelda (Spanish Origin) meaning "emerald".

66) Ruby (Latin Origin) meaning "red precious stone".

67) Sapphira (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Gem", a blue jewel.

68) Sapphire (Hebrew/Spanish Origin) meaning "gem", a blue jewel.

69) Tanzanite (Swahili and Latin Origins) meaning "from Tanzania", a rare blue jewel.

Did You Know? Babies born in May, July and September have one of the 'big three' jewels, the most famous and precious jewels, as their birthstones. The birthstone of May is the deep green emerald, making Emerald and its variations wonderful name options. Ruby is a great choice for your little girl born in July. Sapphire or Sapphira are wonderful, elegant options for a precious little girl born in September. The delicate, deep blue tanzanite is the birthstone for December, and makes for a striking and beautiful baby girl name.

Unisex Jewel Inspired Baby Names

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Why not give your baby a cool unisex jewel themed name?  From pretty popular picks to stunning original choices, we have every gender neutral gem inspired name you could possibly want for your baby.

70) Crisiant (Welsh) meaning "crystal".

71) Elmas (Turkish Origin) meaning "diamond".

72) Gem (Latin Origin) meaning "jewel".

73) Garnet (Latin/English Origin) meaning "pomegranate", a red jewel that looks like a pomegranate.

74) Hyacinth (Greek/Latin Origin) meaning "blue flower", or "blue stone".

75) Jewel (English Origin) meaning "precious stone".

76) Kyanite (Greek Origin) meaning "blue", a blue mineral.

77) Lin (Chinese Origin) meaning "jade" or "forest".

78) Morganite (Latin/Welsh Origin), a pink mineral named after the banker JP Morgan.

79) Neelam/Neelum (Sanskrit Origin) meaning "sapphire".

80) Silver (English Origin) meaning "the colour silver".

81) Topaz (Greek/Latin Origin) meaning "fire" or "golden gemstone".

T82) urquoise (Aboriginal Origin) meaning "Turkish stone".

Did You Know? The deep red garnet is the birthstone for January, and is a bold, regal baby name for your baby. Topaz is the golden yellow birthstone of November babies, and symbolised healing to the ancient Greeks, making it a meaningful choice for any baby born in late Autumn.



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