40+ 'Psych' Trivia Questions: How Many Mysteries Can You Solve?

The TV show 'Pysch' is funny, thrilling and captivating.

Psychic abilities sound cool, and so does a show about these psychic abilities.

This is a show that does not takes itself too seriously. 'Psych' is an American detective television series created by Steve Franks, talented, self-aware writer.

'Pysch' is a fun TV series filled with drama, a mystery at every step, hilarious comedy, and like detective Sherlock Holmes. The show revolves around two best friends Shawn and Gus who solve cases for local police force, except Shawn is a psychic. How cool is that! A story about a Shawn Spencer who is a psychic solves mysteries for the local police force and with his best friend, Gus. And how does he have this ability? His father Henry Spencer since childhood taught him to always remember the smallest details around him which gradually built as he grew up. It stars James Roday Rodriguez, Dule Hill, Maggie Lawson, and Timothy Omundson. Running for eight seasons with 120 episodes, Steve Franks was the creator, writer and executive producer of the USA Network original series. If you liked our trivia, check out our Big Bang Theory trivia and Supernatural trivia.

'Psych' Introduction Quiz

'Psych' debuted on 7 July 2006. The final episode aired on 26 March 2014. It ran for a long time which meant it remained and still remains popular as many people enjoy all the seasons. This show is a perfect combination of comedy, crime and mystery and is a totally addictive. Enjoy this 'Psych' quiz with friends and family!

1. Question: 'Psych' was set in what idyllic Southern California city?

Answer: Santa Barbara.

2. Question: What was the nickname of Gus' car?

Answer: The blueberry.

3. Question: Which early episode was remade in the final season?

Answer: 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder'.

4. Question: In the fashion-themed episode, what are Shawn and Gus's modelling names?

Answer: Black and tan.

5. Question: Why is Shawn upset about losing his Nintendo at the resort?

Answer: He kept his engagement ring inside it.

'Psych' Fun Facts And Quiz

You probably know that in 'Psych', Actor Dulé Hill left 'The West Wing' to play Gus. Interestingly, and pineapples featured in 'Psych' a lot, as pineapples are always  hidden in every episode in the show, which all started with an adlib. Since then it has become an ongoing tradition and continued till the very last episode, making this a comedic show. Enjoy this 'Psych' trivia game full of fun facts about the series and bring out the psychic in you !

Cracking the case is always a hard task.

6. Question: What is the name of the actor that plays Gus's mother?

Answer: Phylicia Rashad.

7. Question: Shawn writes a book that has speeches in it, and it also includes a eulogy for Gus. What line of it does Gus read?

Answer: '12 cats'.

8. Question: What is the 'super sniffer'?

Answer: An acute sense of smell.

9. Question: Which type of food appears in many episodes?

Answer: Pineapples in 'Psych'.

10. Question: Have Shawn, along with Gus, ever been to Canada?

Answer: Yes.

11. Question: Gus is playing which game when Shawn comes tells him to begin the 'psych' with him?

Answer: Galaga.

12. Question: Who is the psychic in a private consultant to the SBPD?

Answer: Shawn Spencer.

13. Question: Who is the former pharmaceutical salesman, private consultant to the SBPD, Shawn's best friend?

Answer: Burton "Gus" Guster.

14. Question: Name Henry's ex-wife.

Answer: Dr. Madeleine Spencer.

15. Question: Name the serial killer who murdered her first victim in 1995.

Answer: Mr Yang.

Pineapple 'Psych' Questions

According to the curiosity of the viewers, it is all an inside joke. In the pilot episode, Shawn Spencer picked up a pineapple and spoke about slicing it. Since then, it was a joke on set. You may notice the 'Psych' pineapple in every episode, where references are made continuously. You can find the pineapple locations to be different every time and it is a fun game for the for the 'Psych' fan club to spot it. The fans picked up on it, and since, the pineapple became the symbol of 'Psych'.  This is just one example of the humor in 'Psych'.

'Psych's friend is the pineapple.

16. Question: In Gus' apartment, Shawn grabs something from the the fridge and asks if he should cut it for the road. This happened in which episode of the first season?

Answer: Season one, episode one.

17. Question: What happens in episode five of season one?

Answer: In the office, Shawn and Gus take a pineapple in as a gift.

18. Question: When Shawn and Gus buy churros, a woman in blue walks in with pineapples. Can you guess the name of the episode?

Answer: 'Shawn vs the Red Phantom'.

19. Question: At the beginning of the episode, in the chief's office, McNabb hands Shawn a pineapple smoothie. Which episode?

Answer: 'Woman Seeking Dead Husband: Smokers Okay, No Pets'.

'Psych' TV Show Trivia

Let's test your knowledge on this 'Psych' TV show quiz! It is fun to watch bloopers of your favourite TV show, make sure you watch 'Psych' season three bloopers, as they're the most fun !

20. Question: Which TV network is 'Psych' on?

Answer: 'USA Network'.

21. Question: Which actor plays the character Henry Spencer.

Answer: Corbin Bernsen.

22. Question: Who is Pooky Wiggington?

Answer: A snitch that worked for Shawn's dad.

23. Question: What happened to Timothy Omundson?

Answer: He is the actor who suffered a major stroke in April 2017.

24. Question: Did James Roday write 'Psych'?

Answer: James Roday wrote some episodes, as he is not just an actor but also a writer and director.

25. Question: What is the concept behind 'Psych' hidden pineapple?

Answer: It is a running gag carried over from the pilot, a pineapple was inserted in almost every episode.

'Psych' Trivia Quiz

Check out these questions to test yourself. Can you pass?

26. Question:  What does Gus nickname the car that he rents?

Answer: Cranberry.

27. Question: In what episode was Juliet O'Hara was first shown?

Answer: 'Spelling Bee'.

28. Question: In 'Speak Now r Forever Hold Your Piece', who steals the wedding ring?

Answer: The sister of the groom.

29. Question: While at the planetarium, Shawn compares our universe's size to what ocean?

Answer: The Indian Ocean.

30. Question: Which character thought they had the highest score in the detectives exam?

Answer: Carlton Lassiter.

'Psych' Character Quiz

It is the best party game to play with friends. Play super fun group games like you've never played before! May the best bluffer win! The 'Psych' app is available on the Google Play Store too. The series finale of 2014 took place in San Francisco, so let's test your knowledge.

Since you've played the quick quiz, take this quiz and put some up easy 'Psych' facts for you.

31. Question: What is the color of Gus' car?

Answer: Maroon in color.

32. Question: Who played a cameo in the 2017 reunion film?

Answer: Carlton Lassiter.

33. Question: Why do people see a pineapple in 'Psych' in every episode?

Answer: Because pineapple became the symbol of 'Psych'.

34. Question: Who had the idea that Shawn was not a psychic?

Answer: Chief Vick.

35. Question: Why does Chief Vick leave?

Answer: At the end of Season two, Vick announced that she would step down because her position as chief was not solidified by the mayor.

36. Question: Who played the character of Gus?

Answer: Dulé Hill.

37. Question: What is the most common thing in all the episodes?

Answer: As a running gag, you'll find pineapple (of course) and the word "delicious" featured.

38. Question: Does it air come on TV?

Answer: USA Network confirmed that the eighth season is the last season.

39. Question: Is it based on a true story?

Answer: It is based on events that occurred during the childhood of series creator Steve Franks.

40. Question: Are Juliet and Shawn married in season two?

Answer: Shawn and Juliet finally marry after the engagement ring is retrieved.

41. Question: Who was Emilio Estevez?

Answer: The only cast member to not appear at some point.

42. Question: Who confirms Woody's return?

Answer: Kurt Fuller.

43. Question: What is Gus's special skill that he performs with his nose?

Answer: Super smeller.

44. Question: Which character is played by Omundson?

Answer: Lassiter.

45. Question: Detective Lassiter had an interoffice romance with junior officer Juliet O' Hara.?

Answer: True.

46. Question: Which actress played  Madeline, Shawn's mother?

Answer:  Cybill Shephard.

47. Question: What role was played by Maggie Lawson ?

Answer : Juliet O'Hara.

48. Question: What is the IMDb rating of this popular show ?

Answer: 8.3/10.

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