69 Pug Puns That Will Make Kids Smile

Young boy smiling while holding a pug wearing a bow.

The pug is a breed of dog that has been known and loved by us humans for over 2000 years.

Known for its distinct features, such as a curled tail, its flat but wrinkly face and its big dark eyes, the pug has become one of the most popular dog breeds of all time. It's for no other reason than this that pugs have such great pun-potential, and this pug-packed list of puns about your favourite animal is the best way to showcase that.

Did You Know? The pug breed originated in China, around 2000 years ago, but the dogs were then regularly transported to Holland via trading ships. People absolutely love looking for 'silly pug pictures' and 'silly pugs videos' on the internet but don't be fooled, pugs are pretty clever. Pugs can even save human lives! In 1572, it was the sound of a pug named Pompey that kept Prince William from going near the Spanish soldiers, who were approaching to attack. Thereafter, the pug breed was linked to the House of Orange.

The average pug has a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years. Pugs are brachycephalic dogs, meaning their faces appear squashed in and, as a result, they're pretty big snorers. Both the male pug and the female pug may weigh between six and eight kilograms. Female pugs tend to be slightly taller than their male counterparts, with the female pug being 30cm on average, while the male pug may be 27cm on average.

The dogs are fairly laid-back but love attention, company and affection, making them sweet companions. Chinese emperors used to keep pugs as lapdogs, giving them treatment fit for royals too! Pugs aren't just cute companions for humans, the dogs tend to get along with cats too! If you're considering getting a pet pug, or maybe you've recently got a new pug and are considering a great pug name we think Basco, Bella, Charlie and Lola are great ideas. We also love Lucy, Otis and Pugsley!

Whatever you decide to name your pug, below you can find some funny puns all about your favourite pet.

Close up of a pug's face, the pug is wearing glasses and a scarf.

Funny Pug Puns

Let the funny pug puns begin! Fancy some pug birthday puns? You'll definitely like the first of our pug puns, get ready for some big chuckles!

1.Happy pug-day to you!

2.Stop pug-gin my leg.

3.Gimme a big pug.

4.Pug-et about it.


6.Oh my pug-ness.

7.Simply pug-squisite.

8.Hip-hip pug-ay!

9.Ay pug-ramba!

10.I'm living that pug life.

11.A warm pug of tea.

12.Sorry, I pug-ged the toilet.

13.Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed pugs bite.

14.Help in times of pug-gle.

15.Hairy Pug-ger and the Sorcerer's Bone.

16.Pugs and kisses.

17.Pug-aroni pizza.

18.S-pug-etti bolognese with some garlic bread, please.

19,Stop pug-gin me.

20.I find that re-pug-nant.

21.I'll have some chicken pug-gets and fries please.

22.Oops, I stepped in a pug-gle.

23.Pugs in a blanket.

24.It's on my pug-et list.

25.When my pug is cold, I call it a pug-sicle.

26.Pug out!

27.I'm not feeling well, I think I might be down with a pug.

28.As cute as a pug's ear.

29.As snug as a pug.

30.I will not be taken for a pug.

31.When pugs fly.

32.Pug off!

33.We'll need to take a few pug shots.

34.I'm so glad I'm a wizard, I'd hate to be a pug-gle.

35.They pug into that meal pretty fast.

36.Pug-gy love.

37.Hush pug-gies.

38.Don't try to pug the blame on me!

39.Give me a pug-gle!

40.That look took them down a pug or two.

41.Like a square pug in a round hole.

42.Have you no pug-nity?

43.As pug as a bug in a rug.

44.A Pug's Life.

45.Could you pug that in?

46.Someone un-pug-ged the TV!

47.Pug of war.

48.The Love Pug.

49.Just pug and play.

50.Pug socket.

51.Dragon Ball Z: Lord Pug

52.Spark pug.

53.Pug-in and you should be up and running in no-time.

54.A lovely braided pug.

55.Telephone pug.

56.Pug machine.

57.Stink pug.

58.Bed pug control techniques need to be applied to tackle these insects.

59.Pug zapper.

60.A bear pug.

61.Travel pug.

62.Power pug.

63.Pug and cover.

64.Pug soup.


66.Bah hum-pug!

67.Un-pug the cable.

68.Group pug!

69.I push my baby around in a pug-gie.



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