40+ Punny Cat Names For Your Hilarious Kitten

Choose a punny name for your cat.

It is very fun to come up with a punny name for your new kitty.

A lot of people name their cat based on their breed or their external characteristics. Instead, why not go for something unique and funny, one of our punny cat names.

Whether you are looking for some punny cat names, or some unique or creative nickname for cats or your new-born kitty, you have come to the right place. Our list of more than 40 punny and funny cat names will put make everyone smiles and laugh. You can choose from cool cats names like Jude Paw, Fidel Catstro, Fleas Witherspoon and Meowly Cyrus!

For more inspiration on kitty names, you can have a look at these Disney cat names or these nerdy cat names for your kitty.

Celebrity And Character Pun Names For Boys

If you got a male cat, you can try to name him something related to your favorite movie or a celebrity. You could name your cat anything from Santa Claws, Anderson Pooper, Bing Clawsby, Cat Benatar, Luke Skywalker, or Bob Meowely. We have made a list of some amazing names of cute cats that you will love to name your kitty.

1. Anderson Pooper, is a cool cat name if you like Anderson Cooper.

2. Barack Obameow, is a perfect cat name if you follow Barack Obama.

3. Bing Clawsby, is a funny cat name if you like music.

4. Bob Meowerly, is a punny cat name related to Reggae singer Bob Marley.

5. Brad Kitt, is an amazing cat name if you are a fan of Brad Pitt.

6. Captain Purrcard, is a great cat name if you like ‘Star Wars’.

7. Cat Leblanc, is one of the best funny cat names if you are a huge fan of Matt Leblanc from the TV show ‘Friends’.

8. Catzilla, is a pun name for your kitty which relates to the movie ‘Godzilla’.

9. Cat Damon, is a perfect name if your kitty is as energetic as famous actor Matt Damon.

10. Catman, is a pun cat name for the movie ‘Batman’.

11. Catrick Swayze, is a good pun name for your cat that is like Patrick Swayze.

12. Draco Meowfoy, is a perfect cat name if you are a follower of ‘Harry Potter’ series.

13. Furcules, is the best pun cat name if your kitty is a demigod.

14. Fuzz Aldrin, is a name, based on the famous Buzz Aldrin.

15. Genghis Khat, is a punny cat name if your kitty is as brave as the ruler Genghis Khan.

16. Hairy Potter, is a perfect cat name if you are a follower of ‘Harry Potter’ series.

17. Jean-Clawed Van Damme, is a funny cat name for an action-packed kitty like Jean-Claude Van Damme.

18. Leonardo DiCatrio, is a pun cat name if you want your cat to win the Oscars.

19. Luke Skywhisker, is a great cat name if you are a huge fan of ‘Star Wars’.

20. Pablo Picatso, is a fantastic punny cat name if your cat is artistic like Pablo Picasso.

21. Paw Solo, is a funny cat name if you are a huge fan of ‘Star Wars’.

22. Ron Fleasly, is another cat name from the ‘Harry Potter’ movies.

23. Ron Furgingly, the name fits perfectly if your cat is funny like Ron Burgundy.

24. Santa Claws, is a suitable cat name if you want your kitty to bring presents for you.

25. William Scratchner, is a beautiful name if your cat is worth as much as William Shatner.

26. Wolverine, is a perfect name for your kitty if it has sharp nails.

Your furball deserves the best punny name.

Celebrity And Character Pun Names For Girls

If you are looking for female cat names, there is nothing to worry about. There are plenty of punny cat names for your stripped kitty. You can get a lot of inspiration from TV stars, movie celebrity and your favorite movie for your cat names. Here is a list of some funny cat names based on movie stars and celebrities that you can use to name your feline.

27. Catalie Portman, is a suitable name for your cat if it is as beautiful as Natalie Portman.

28. Cat Middleton, is a good name for your cat if it is in a royal family.

29. Cat Winslet, is an amazing name for a kitty if it moves like Kate Winslet.

30. Catnip Everdeen, is a perfect name for a cat if there is a resemblance to the character from ‘The Hunger Games’.

31. Catty Griffin, the name will fit perfectly if your cat is as funny as the comedian Kathy Griffin.

32. Christina Aguill-hair-a, is a great punny name if your cats’ voice is as soothing as Christina Aguilera.

33. Cleo Catra, name will fit well if the cat is as fierce as the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra. This is a good name for a striped cat.

34. Demi Meower, is an amazing name for your cat if you are a fan of Demi Moore.

35. Fleas Witherspoon, is a playful version name of the actress Reese Witherspoon.

36. Fur-gie, is a perfect fit is your cat is as musical as Fergie from the Black-Eyed peas.

37. Jane Klawkowski, is a punny version name of Jane Krakowski.

38. Jennifur Aniston, if your kitty is beautiful and funny like Jennifer Aniston.

39. Kitty Purry, is a good nickname for a cat that purrs like Katy Parry.

40. Mariah Hairy, is a good cat name if you like Mariah Carey.

41. Maru Tyler Meowr, is a punny version of the actress Mary Tyler Moore.

42. Meowly Cyrus, is a fantastic name if you want your cat to be a wrecking ball.

43. Opurrah Whisker, will fit perfectly if your cat has a personality like Oprah Winfrey.

44. Puma Thurman, if your cat is super cool like Uma Thurman.

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