39 Quirky Boys' Names Beginning With Q

Happy baby smiling, with his boys name beginning with Q

Due date drawing nearer but still no closer to making your mind up about baby's name?

Why not consider some unique baby boy names that start with a Q? Boys' names beginning with q are still pretty rare, which means choosing a name starting with Q will increase the likelihood of your baby boy being the only child with his name in his nursery.

Names beginning with Q are all the rage this year as people search for original, one-of-a-kind baby names that will have their baby boy standing out from the crowd. Names beginning with Q can feel regal, mysterious, unconventional and magical. Any baby boy starting life with one of these quirky names that start with letter Q will have a great head start in life. An original, meaningful name beginning with a Q could boost your child's self-esteem in life and set them off on a unique path in life.

While there are many boy names starting with Q of Arabic origin, there aren't very many boy names that start with Q of European origin. There are some very ancient baby boy names that start with Q of Latin and Gaelic origin, and as boy names that start with Q continue to gain popularity we'll probably be seeing a rise in new baby boy names that start with Q in the future, as parents invent their own names that start with Q.

The first letter of our names has a corresponding number in numerology. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number between one and nine and has certain personality traits associated with it. Names starting with Q are said to bestow confidence, tenacity and peace on their owner. People with names starting with Q are thought to have great powers of intuition and to be sharp and witty. Baby boys' with Q names are likely to have strong leadership qualities and to have many non-mainstream interests.

Check out our list of baby boys' names beginning with Q and you'll hopefully be one step closer to deciding on a name for your baby boy.

Boy sitting on ground looking at parent, with his boys name beginning with Q

Classic Q Names For Boys

There are many classic baby boy names that start with the letter Q. Q names are popular all around the world but are particularly prevalent in Arabic cultures. There are several ancient names from the UK beginning with Q and these are ultra-fashionable now that old-fashioned names are making a big comeback in 2020. Take the plunge and give your child a truly unique and interesting ancient boys' name beginning with Q and start your baby off in life with a one-of-a-kind, characterful moniker.

1. Qara - (Mongolian origin), meaning "cloudlet". This is one of our favourite baby boy names starting with Q. What an adorable name for a cuddly little baby.

2. Qabid - (Arabic origin), meaning "good boy" or "great child".

3. Qabil - (Arabic origin), meaning "able".

4. Qadim - (Arabic origin), meaning "ancient" or "one who advances". Got a timeless old soul looking up at you? Choose this beautiful Arabic baby boy name starting with Q and let it be a self-fulfilling prophecy for your little boy.

5. Qadry - (Arabic origin), meaning "capable" or "competent".

6. Qais - (Arabic origin), meaning "lover".

7. Qamar - (Arabic origin), meaning "moon," "lunar" or "lunar month".

8. Qanee - (Arabic origin), meaning "one who is satisfied with his life". This is also one of our favourite boy names that start with Q as it is so positive and would be a great self-fulfilling prophecy.

9. Qasim - (Arabic origin), meaning "charitable", "generous" or "one who gives to the people". This is a lovely boy name starting with Q with a beautiful meaning behind it.

10. Qasit - (Arabic origin), meaning "person who is just or fair".

11. Qawi - (Arabic origin), meaning "one who is strong, powerful and firm".

12. Qays - (Arabic origin), meaning "firm".

13. Qimat - (Arabic origin), meaning "valuable".

14. Qu - (Chinese origin), meaning "an interesting and delightful person".

15. Quade - (Latin origin), meaning "born fourth". A great baby boy name starting with Q that would be perfect for baby number four.

16. Quadir - (Arabic origin), meaning "powerful and capable".

17. Quaid - (Irish origin), Irish version of Walter.

18. Quain - (French origin), meaning "clever" or "quick".

19. Quanah - (Native American origin), meaning "fragrance".

20. Quarrie - (Scottish origin), meaning "proud".

21. Quasar - (Arabic origin), meaning "meteorite" or "someone who is unique or other-worldly".

22. Quentin - (Latin origin), meaning "fifth". A great choice if this is your fifth child, and a cool name for any baby boy regardless of birth order.

23. Quercus - (Latin origin), meaning "mighty as an oak tree".

24. Quigley - (Irish origin), meaning "one with unruly hair". A great choice for a baby with a crazy mop.

25. Quill - (English origin), meaning "feather".

26. Quillan - (Gaelic origin), meaning "cub" or "small one". Such a cute name for a little boy cub!

27. Quincy - (French origin). A lovely, unique name meaning "estate of the fifth son". Made cool by legendary musician Quincy Jones.

28. Quinlan - (Gaelic origin), meaning "graceful", "strong" or "well-made". This is a rare baby boy name, but really lovely, and one of our favourite boys names beginning with Q.

29. Quinn - (Celtic origin), meaning "wise". Quinn is also a Gaelic name meaning "wisdom" or "intelligence".

30 Quique - (Spanish origin), diminutive of Enrique, meaning "ruler of the home".

31. Quirino - (Latin origin), meaning "spear".

32. Quoba - (Aboriginal origin), meaning "good".

Quoba, a boys name beginning with Q, could be the name of this baby in a white onesie lying on the floor.

Contemporary Q Names For Boys

These are some of the most modern baby boy names beginning with the letter Q. These fresh and unique baby names have ancient roots but have been modernised for the 21st century for the super-hip boys of tomorrow. Why not choose one of these hyper-modern baby boys' names or make up your own.

1. Qeith - (Scottish origin), variation of Keith, meaning "the wind" or "wood".

2. Qeshaun - (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is merciful".

3. Quantay - (Latin origin), meaning "one who knows his worth".

4. Quantrell - (English origin), meaning "one who is dashing or elegant". This is one of the most modern boy names starting with Q, and is one of the hippest new boy names starting with Q.

5. Quest - (English origin), meaning "pursuit" or "journey". This is a great name to choose if you want your baby to have a  name that could encourage him to be driven in pursuit of his dreams and an adventurous traveller.

6. Questian - (English origin), meaning "one who pursues quests" or "seeker of wisdom".

7. Quantum - (Latin origin), meaning "the smallest possible unit of energy or matter". A very cool name for a future quantum physicist.



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