Quiz: Can Your Kids Guess These Museums?

Two kids examining a museum display with a magnifying glass.

It's time for a family quiz. The following 10 images were all taken by the author at well-known London museums. How many can you (or your kids) identify?

1. Quite an entrance, but where?

Escalator going up through a model of the planet.

2. Where might your refreshments look a little like this?

Underground roundel-themed refreshments: a cupcake and two mugs of coffee.

3. Something’s not quite right with this £10 note. But where is it?

Doctor Who ten pound note with David Tennant's face.

4. A sleeping child, by Antony Gormley, is an often-missed exhibit on the floor of which museum?

Antony Gormley's sleeping child sculpture.

5. This 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite must be one of the oldest exhibits in the world… but where can you touch it?

London's oldest object, a meteorite.

6. This circle of flattened brass instruments greets visitors to which museum?

7. The ultimate teddy bear’s picnic?

Museum display of the ultimate teddy bear's picnic.

8. A unique warning at one of London’s best local museums

An interesting display sign which reads 'Please do not touch the walrus or sit on the iceberg'.

9. Two little space invaders guarding a doorway

Two space invaders guarding a doorway.

10. And finally… outside which big museum will you find this celebration of families?

Stone monument which reads 'For the splendid struggling mothers of Southwark and their children'.

Scroll down for answers


  1. Natural History Museum (it’s the lesser-known entrance on Exhibition Road).
  2. London Transport Museum, of course. The cafe used to do smoothies in the colours of the tube lines.
  3. The British Museum’s money gallery. This dodgy tenner, and hundreds like it, featured in an actual episode of Doctor Who, as played by David Tennant. 
  4. The Science Museum. Find the mini-masterpiece on the floor of the Wellcome Wing, at the back of the museum.
  5. The Royal Observatory Greenwich. The meteorite predates the emergence of life on Earth, it’s that old.
  6. The V&A Museum. The instruments were crushed by the bascules of Tower Bridge -- a surreal but brilliant idea by the artist Cornelia Parker.
  7. The V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. Sadly, the museum is currently closed for a major refit.
  8. The Horniman Museum in Forest Hill. The museum’s most famous exhibit is an over-stuffed walrus, whom you’re not allowed to touch even in non-Covid times. Biscuits shaped like the creature can be bought in the canteen.
  9. The Museum of London. The computer sprites were added to the Victorian walk by street artist Invader.
  10. The Imperial War Museum, whose grounds also include a fragment of the Berlin Wall, murals of children’s TV characters, a community orchard, small playground and some very impressive totem poles. Worth a wander.


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