40+ Qunari Names With Meanings To Inspire You

We love 'Dragon Age' and we love their names.

Coming up with your own 'Dragon Age Inquisition' names for the total experience is not very easy.

You need the perfect name for your Qunari 'Dragon Age Inquisition' character to inspire you. The right names are not easy to find, and your characters' name needs to be as unique as your gaming experience.

The Qunari are a group of people that are poorly understood because of the complex Qunari language. They are tall, strong, and muscular, and follow the ways of Qun. They are from Thedas. Their origins are unknown. The Qunaris are one of the strongest races on the continent and are feared by the other races for their militant fervor and zealousness. Their real names are kept secret and are a combination of numbers while they bear names based on their ranks or positions. Here are some 'Dragon Age' Qunari names, we've split them into male and female qunari names to make your search even easier.

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Qunari Names For Girls

The Qunari women are not usually part of the military because the males don't believe women should fight (pretty backwards if you ask us.) However, this does not make them any less important than the men. So, they are given specific positions and roles in society, and often bare names based on their positions. But female Qunari is of equal importance as their male counterparts as exclusive positions are strictly for Qunari females. Here are some good Qunari female names for your characters to complete your gaming.

1. Aban (Persian origin) means “the sea”.

2. Arigena (English origin) are heads of industry and agriculture and are part of the Salasari.

3. Aqun (Unknown origin) means “balance”.

4. Asaara (Hebrew origin) means “wind”.

5. Asala (Quranic origin) means “soul”.

6. Beres-taar (Hungarian origin) means “shield”.

7. Dathras (Unknown origin) means “cattle”.

8. Herah (African origin) means “time”.

9. Hissera (English origin) means “hope”.

10. Kadan (Irish origin) means “where the heart lies”.

11. Kara (Latin origin) means “infantry”.

12. Meraad (Unknown origin) refers to the tide.

13. Salit (Arabic origin) means “respect”.

14. Tal (Hebrew origin) means “true”.

15. Tamassran (English origin) means “those who speak”.

Qunari Names For Boys

Male Qunaris have a distinctive physical appearance and are pretty intimidating. They are very strong and are a head taller than a human. They are the protectors and form the military force of the nation. Male Qunaris are usually given names based on their military rank and not referred to as anything else. A female who becomes a male is also referred to like that and given a position in the military. For a complete character, you need to find cool Qunari names that embody their great features. For the ideal Qunari male name check the list below.

16. Arishok (English origin) meaning “head of the military.

17. Arvaarad (Unkown origin) means “the one who holds back evil”.

18. Kaaras (English origin) meaning “navigator”.

19. Karasaad (Unknown origin) means “infantry soldier” a part of the Antaam.

20. Karashok (Unknown origin) means “private”.

21. Karasten (Unknown origin) means “corporal”.

22. Kathaban (English origin) meaning “naval admiral”.

23. Kithshok (English origin) means “military leader”.

24. Reth (English origin) means “protect”.

25. Shok (English origin) means “war”.

26. Shokrakar (English origin) means “rebel”.

27. Sten (English origin) means “infantry platoon leader”.

28. Taam (English origin) means “battle”.

29. Valo (English origin) means “great”.

30. Vasaad (English origin) means “soldier of unknown rank”.

Gender Neutral Qunari Names

Many people don't identify with a binary gender anymore, and you may want your character to adopt a gender neutral name as well. Some of the Qunari characters do not fall under any gender specification. The Qunaris have names that are not gender specific which makes it perfect as the main character you need. Here are some awesome gender neutral names for you.

31. Ariqun (English origin) means “head of the priesthood”.

32. Ashkaari (English origin) means “philosopher,” “scientist,” or “one who seeks”.

33. Athlok (English origin) means “menial laborer”.

34. Besrathari (English origin) means “trainer”.

35. Hissrad (English origin) means “liar”.

36. Rasaan (English origin) means “emissary”.

37. Saarebas (English origin) meaning “dangerous thing”.

38. Tallis (English origin) means “assassin”.

39. Taarbas (English origin) means “clerical support”.

40. Vidathiss (English origin) means “re-educator”.

41. Viddasala (Unkown origin) meaning “one who converts purpose”.

42. Viddathari (English origin) refers to a new convert of the Qun.

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