60 Rabbit Names That Will Make You Jump For Joy

Find the best rabbit name ideas here.

Rabbits are wonderful pets; they are playful and cheerful, and are excellent company.

They not only keep us owners busy but also keep us cheerful with their antics, happily hopping around the house or their hutch all day long. One of the best parts of getting a new pet rabbit, is choosing its name!

Newborn baby rabbits are known as kits or kittens until they grow up a little. When you choose a name for your new kit, you may want something unique, something cute or even something funny.

Naming your pet animal will help you to bond with him or her and will create a sense of belonging both for us humans and our pet rabbits. Rabbits learn to respond to your voice and will become more friendly once they are familiar with their owners and the people who visit them frequently. They are even smart enough to recognize and learn to respond to their own names, so pick carefully.

Here you'll find 60 beautiful and sweet rabbit name ideas for both male and female rabbits. For more pet naming fun, check out these squirrel names and these grey cat names.

Funny Female Rabbit Names

Funny names of female rabbits are a great idea for your pet bunny. You could name your female rabbit one of these funny bunny names if you wish!

1.  Babs (Greek origin) a name for a girl bunny, which means "foreign".

2.  Bean (English origin) a character from 'The Tale  Of The Bunny Picnic'.

3.  Beatrix (Latin origin) meaning "traveler".

4.  Benjamin (Hebrew origin) features in 'The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny'.

5.  Bianca (Italian origin) means "white".

6.  Binky (English origin) means a "field full of beans".

7.  Blossoms (English origin) meaning "blooming".

8.  Bonbon (French origin) meaning "sweet confection".

9.  Bonkers (American origin) means "crazy".

10.  Brer (American origin) means "brother".

11.  Buck (English origin) means "deer".

12.  Bugs (Middle English origin) the name of the popular 'Bugs Bunny' rabbit character.

13.  Buster (English origin) means "tough guy".

14.  Bunnicula is the name of a "vampire rabbit".

15.  Buzz (American origin) refers to a"buzzing sound".

16.  Camellia (Japanese origin) are "vibrant flowers".

17.  Captain Carrot is a character from 'DC Comics'.

Cute Female Rabbit Names

Female rabbit names that are cute are also a great choice. You might just find the perfect cute bunny name from the cool bunnies' names listed below.

18.  Chestnut (English origin) originates from the "chesten nut".

19.  Chicory (Greek origin) is "a flower name from the sunflower family".

20.  Cinnabun (American origin) referred to as "delicious cinnamon buns"

21.  Cinnamon (Greek origin) is a "brown spice".

22.  Cottontail is the youngest female rabbit in 'Peter Rabbit'.

23.  Cuddles (Scottish origin) means "cuddling".

24.  Daisy (Old English origin) the name of a cute flower.

25. Doe (English origin) refers to an "adult female pet".

26.  Dotty (English origin) a bunny name meaning "covered with spots on the body".

27  Emily (English origin) means "to excel".

Cute Male Rabbit Names


(Male rabbit names can be cute too.)

Choose from these cute bunny names to give great new titles to your sweet and adorable pet. We hope you like the cute names in this list.

28.  Flopsy is one of the female rabbit names in 'Peter Rabbit'.

29.  Freckles (English origin) meaning "spotted".

30.  Fun Bun is short for "funny bunny".

31.  Ginger (Old English origin) is "a tan colored spice".

32.  Hodge-Podge is a character from 'Bloom County Comics'.

33.  Jackalope (American origin) is a mythical animal from North American folklore.

34.  Judy Hopps is the name of the first-ever 'Zootopia' rabbit cop.

35.  Kani (Finnish origin) this name means simply "rabbit".

Baby Bunny Names

These cute names are perfect for a baby bunny rabbit, which will you choose?

36.  Lavender (English origin) meaning a "purple flower with a pleasing fragrance".

37.  Lepus (Latin origin) meaning "rabbit".

38.  Lilac (Multiple origins) meaning "pink flower".

39.  Lily (Greek origin) meaning "pretty flowers".

40.  Magic (Greek origin) means "enchanted" this is the perfect name for white bunny.

41.  Miffy (Dutch origin) is a bunny rabbit character from a series of Dutch children's books.

Funny Male Rabbit Names

Pick from these funny rabbit names for your pet. Your search for the best name is now over!

42.  Mopsy is the oldest sister of 'Peter Rabbit'.

43.  Mr. Bouncer was a minor rabbit featured in the 'Harry Potter' books.

44.  Mr. Bun is the cute brown stuffed rabbit from 'Calvin & Hobbes Comics'.

45.  Nibbles (American origin) means "light snacks".

46.  Nutbrown (Anglo Saxon origin) meaning "dark brown".

47.  Hare is the name featured in the story 'Guess How Much I Love You'.

48.  Pumpkin (Greek origin) and "orange colored vegetable".

49.  Rabbid (Latin origin) comes from the 'Raving Rabbids' video game series.

50.  StellaLou is a bright purple ballerina rabbit popular in Tokyo.

Gender Neutral Rabbit Names

Why not name your bunny with a cute gender neutral name that would suit every girl and boy rabbit?

51.  Smokey (English origin), meaning "filled with smoke".

52.  Snuggles (English origin), meaning "cuddling and hugging closer".

53.  Spot means "a small dot".

Famous Rabbits

Make your pet a popular one with one of these cool names.

54.  Snowball a character from 'The Secret Life Of Pets'.

55. Tagalong is a character in 'Robin Hood'.

56.  Thumper is a character in the Disney movie 'Bambi'.

57.  Trix (Latin origin) this name means "bringer of joy and happiness", Trix Rabbit is the mascot for Trix cereals.

58.  Velveteen 'The Velveteen Rabbit' is a book by Margery Williams.

59.  Wenet (Egyptian origin) inspired by the Hare Goddess Wenet.

60.  Whiskers inspired by the whiskers that all rabbits have.

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