100+ Radiant Romani Names For Your Baby

Romani baby names have a very distinct and unique quality.

Romani people (also known as Roma) are known as travelers of the world.

With a diverse culture, Romani people have many fascinating qualities that make them stand out in a crowd. And doesn't every parent want their child to stand out and make a difference in the world?

Romani people are said to have migrated from the Northern side of India and settled in several parts of Europe. They are a minority in many countries, but despite this, they have a rich heritage of folk music and a diverse, fascinating culture. They speak the Romani language which has several dialects. Roma names are divided into three forms: the family name (after their father or mother), the Romani nickname and personal and first name (Gadžo name). These names can be derived from Slavic, Czech, Anglo-Saxon or Indian roots. If you are looking for radiant, diverse baby names, have a look at our list of Romani names.

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Popular Romani Girls' Names

(Romani girls have some of the prettiest, most charming names.

Romani girl's names are unique, and distinct, just like their culture. Browse our list below comprising some of the most popular female Romani names.

1. Alexandra (Greek origin) meaning "shelter provider". This name is associated with the Princess of Greece, Alexandra. It is considered to be among the common Romani girl names.

2. Alexandreina (Greek origin) meaning "man's defender".

3. Ana (Spanish origin) meaning "gracious". Ana Pauker, a communist leader is known by this name.

4. Anastasia (English origin) meaning "resurrection". This is also the name of a famous animated movie, 'Anastasia'.

5. Dol (English origin) meaning "gift of God". It makes up for a cute baby name resembling a doll.

6. Elena (Greek origin) meaning "bright one". This name got popular due to one of the main characters from the popular series 'The Vampire Diaries', Elena Gilbert.

7. Elisabeta (Hebrew origin) meaning "gorgeous". This name is very similar to the name, Elisabeth.

8. Fitrat (Arabic origin) meaning  "inherent temperament".

9. Georgeta, meaning  "grower". This name is considered to be the Romanian feminine form of George.

10. Izabela (English origin) meaning  "devoted to God". This name is associated with popular Croatian singer, Izabela Martinovic. It is a Romani form of Isabella.

11. Joanna (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious". This name has become popular as the queen of Naples uses it, Joanna I.

12. Juliani, meaning "generous and kind".

13. Luminita (Spanish origin) meaning "little light". Luminita was the name of the award-winning Romania movie.

14. Maria (Latin origin) meaning "wish". This name got popular due to the tennis player, Maria Sharapova.

15. Maricara, meaning "rebelliousness".

16. Queena (English origin) meaning "queen". This name does sound elegant.

17. Relia, meaning "gold".

18. Reveca (Hebrew origin) meaning "join; tie". The name sounds similar to the Alfred Hitchcock classic movie, 'Rebecca'.

19. Rosella (French origin) meaning "rose". This name is associated with American actress, Rosella Towne.

20. Ruxandra, meaning "bright".

21. Shimeka (English origin) meaning "beautiful princess".

22. Sofia (Greek origin) meaning "wise". Sofia is the name of the iconic mosque in Istanbul. Sofia Coppola is also the name of a famous filmmaker, who is the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola.

23. Starlene (English origin) meaning "star". This pretty name is perfect for those who are fascinated by stars.

24. Tassa (English origin) meaning "born in Christmas".

25. Virginia (Latin origin) meaning "virgin". This name got popular due to American actress, Virginia Williams.

26. Viviana (Latin origin) meaning "full of life". A unique baby name among girls.

27. Yessenia (Spanish origin) meaning "flower".

28. Zabrina (English origin) meaning "princess". It makes up for a unique name for a baby girl.

29. Zerenity (English origin) meaning "calm". Zerenity is a Romani form of serenity.

30. Zina (Greek origin) meaning "welcoming". This name is associated with American actress and dancer, Zina Bethune.

Unique Romani Boys' Names

In any society, people are often identified by their names. Therefore, Romani boys have distinct names that differentiate them from others. We have crafted a list of some of the most unique Romani boy names.

31. Adam (English origin) meaning "son of the red earth". Adam is considered to be the first man God had ever created.

32. Alin (English origin) meaning "bright; beautiful". This name is a masculine form of Alina.

33. Atanase, meaning "immortal".

34. Caturix, meaning "the Helveti war God".

35. Codrin, meaning "of the forest".

36. Corneliu (Latin origin) meaning "horn".

37. Cristian (English origin) meaning "disciple of Christ". It is a Romani form of the name Christian.

38. Cristofor(Greek origin) meaning "follower of Christ". Famous as the Romani form of Christopher.

39. Dela (Latin origin) meaning "manly and brave".

40. Denis (French origin) meaning "Greek God of wine". This name is the Romani form of Dionysus. Saint Denis, patron saint of France, is known to have this name.

41. Dorin (Hebrew origin) meaning "determined". Dorin Dickerson, an American football player is associated with this name.

42. Dumitru, meaning "silversmith". This Romani name is associated with a popular football player, Dumitru Nicolae.

43. Garridan (English origin) meaning "one who keeps secrets".

44. Geofri (English origin) meaning "peaceful ruler".

45. Gheorghe (Greek origin) meaning "farmer". This name got famous due to the football player, Gheorghe Hagi.

46. Grigore, meaning "watchful; alert".

47. Haralamb (Old Greek origin) meaning "to shine from happiness".

48. Ion (Greek origin) meaning "God is gracious". Famous TV actress, Ion Overman, is known by this name.

49. Iulian, meaning "youthful".

50. Ivantie, meaning "glorious gift".

51. Laurentiu (Latin origin) meaning "laurel". This name is associated with popular rugby player, Laurentiu Constantin.

52. Luca, meaning "from Lucania; light". This name is considered common among Romani boy names.

53. Mihas (French origin) meaning "like God".

54. Mircea, meaning "peace-loving". Famous writer, poet Mircea Cartarescu carries this name.

55. Nandru (German origin) meaning "ardent for peace".

56. Patrick (English origin) meaning "nobleman". This name is made popular by Saint Patrick.

57. Radutu, meaning "happy man".

58. Rafael (French origin) meaning "God has healed". Rafael Nadal, one of the famous world-class tennis players, is known by this name.

59. Razvan, meaning "brings good news".

60. Uta (German origin) meaning "prospers in battle".

Gender Neutral Romani Names

Romani people have many beautiful gender-neutral names. Below is a list of unisex names which we think may inspire you.

61. Andrei (Greek origin) meaning "bold". This name is the Romani form of Andrew. Its feminine form Andrea is considered to be a popular Romani girl name.

62. Camelia (Latin origin) meaning "young; flower". Famous pop singer Camelia Aliouane is known to have this name.

63. Florin (Latin origin) meaning "flower". Florin Andone is the name of a famous Romanian footballer.

64. Gabriela (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my strength". This name is associated with popular tennis player Gabriela Sabatini.

65. Ileana (Greek origin) meaning "torch". Ileana D'Cruz is a famous Indian actress.

66. Imanuela, meaning "God is among us".

67. Jenica (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious". Jenica Bergere, a popular American actress, uses this name.

68. Lerae (English origin) meaning "strong and brave".

69. Marioara, meaning "wished child".

70. Nicoleta (Greek origin) meaning "winner".

71. Nicu, meaning "victor of the people".

72. Stefan (English origin) meaning "crown". This name got popular due to the series 'The Vampire Diaries' where one of the lead character Stefan Salvatore has this name.

73. Vali (Old Norse origin) meaning "mighty warrior; powerful".

74. Vanda (German origin) meaning "warrior". This name is associated with Australian actress and dancer Vali Myers. Vanda is also known as a type of orchid flower.

75. Vasile (Greek origin) meaning "king".

76. Vasilica (Roman origin) meaning "royal". This name is associated with popular movie and stage actress, Vasilica Tastaman.

77. Wodeleah (English origin) meaning "one from the wooded meadow".

78. Yetta (Hebrew origin) meaning "generous". This Romani name is used by American actress, Yetta Zwerling.

Some Traditional Romani Names

(Romani people have wonderful and often unusual names.

The tradition of naming babies after a saint or flowers is common in Romania. Such examples of traditional Romani first names for baby are listed below:

79. Albert (English origin) meaning "noble; bright". This name was made popular due to the scientist, Albert Einstein.

80. Anatolie, meaning "one from the east".

81. Angelika (Greek origin) meaning "like an angel". Makes for a beautiful angel-like name.

82. Anicuta, meaning "God is gracious".

83. Artur (English origin) meaning "bear". This name is associated with popular soccer player, Artur Boruc.

84. Augustine (English origin) meaning "great, magnificent". Saint Augustine is known by this Romani name.

85. Avram, meaning "father of multitudes". This name is the Romani form of Abraham. Avram Hershko is a Nobel Laureate.

86. Beniamin, meaning "son of the right hand".

87. Catina (Greek origin) meaning "innocent girl". Catina is considered a unique Romani girl's name.

88. Cornel (Latin origin) meaning "horn". American actor Cornel Wilde carries this name.

89. Crina, meaning "lily flower". In Roman culture, having girl names after a flower is fashionable. Crina is a perfect example of a Romani name.

90. Daciana, meaning "full of strength; wolf".

91. David (English origin) meaning "beloved". This name is associated with Australian cricketer David Warner.

92. Decebal (English origin) meaning "strong and powerful". The ancient ruler of Dacia has this name.

93. Enric (Catalan origin) meaning "lord of the manor". This name is associated with well-known conservationist, Enric Sala.

94. Enrieta (English origin) meaning "state ruler". This name is considered a Romani girl's first name.

95. Fisseha (English origin) meaning "blissfulness joy".

96. Ilinca, meaning "Lord is my God". This name is the feminine form of Romanian Ilie.

97. Ioana, meaning "God is gracious".

98. Lacramioara, meaning "lily of the valley". It is generally used as a Romani girl's name.

99. Ladinas (English origin) meaning "warrior chief".

100. Martin (Latin origin) meaning "warlike". The great Martin Luther King Jr. is associated with this name and made it popular. Considered one of the commonly used Romani boy names.

101. Minodora (English origin) meaning "gift".

102. Paul (Latin origin) meaning "humble". The famous singer, musician and poet Paul McCartney is known by this name.

103. Robert (English origin) meaning "bright fame". This name became famous due to Hollywood actor, Robert Pattinson.

104. Romeo (Latin origin) meaning "pilgrim to Rome".

105. Sorina, meaning "sun". A cute Romani name for a baby girl. It is a feminine form of Romani boy name, Sorin.

106. Stan (English origin) meaning "glory; fame". This name achieved popularity due to American author Stan Lee.

107. Tait (English origin) meaning "joy".

108. Tyne (English origin) meaning "river". Tyne Daly, an American actress, has this name.

109. Victor (English origin) meaning "conqueror". This name became popular due to Victor Krum, a character from the 'Harry Potter' series.

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