60+ RainWing Names From Wings Of Fire, Plus Ideas For Your Own Characters

RainWing tribe characters have eclectic names

The rainforest mythical beast dragons found in 'Wings Of Fire' are called RainWings.

They live on Pyrrhia, a distant kingdom in the novel series 'Wings Of Fire'. Their scales tend to change color in response to their mood and state of mind, and they can also use their scales to blend in with their environment, allowing them to sneak up on their enemies.

These rainforest dragons are also known for their poison and it is known that not many have survived their venom. A gold or yellow colored scale means the dragon is excited or amused. Pink scales means the dragon is happy or curious, pale green scales indicate fear, dark green means they are worried or displeased and blue scales indicate a calm, tranquil or enthralled RainWing.

So, if you are looking for strong character names to create your own online games, books or stories, then we have put together a list of 50+ RainWing names just for you. You can also check out our lists of the best red dragon names and the best ice dragon names for more ideas.

RainWing Names For Girls

If you are looking for good dragon names, then you are in for a treat

Names for dragons should be selected whilst keeping in mind their nature. Some of these 'Wings Of Fire' dragons are sweet natured whilst others are more evil characters. Make sure that your name suits your characters.

1. Astonishing, an amazing choice among the strong IceWing names

2. Bamboo, such strong and cool dragon names are hard to come across.

3. Beauty, such good SeaWing names are suitable for a 'Wings Of Fire' hybrid dragon.

4. Bella, for a beautifully scaled Peacock RainWing dragon.

5. Blossom, such calm 'Wings Of Fire' hybrid names are suitable for Peacock dragons.

6. Boa, such cool IceWing-RainWing hybrid names are hard to miss.

7. Caracara, a perfect name for RainWing-SkyWing hybrid dragons.

8. Citrus, RainWing name ideas like this are not to be missed.

9. Cocona, a strong name for a tiger RainWing dragon.

10. Copal, a perfect name for any dragon from Pyrrhia.

11. Cotinga, naming your character after a mythical bird is a good way to name them.

12. Crystal, a good name for an IceWing and RainWing hybrid creature.

13. Edelweiss, a flowery name for a peacock RainWing dragon.

14. Emerald, a good name for RainWing and SeaWing hybrid dragon.

15. Fabulous, a cute name for your character.

16. Fauna, such strong 'Wings Of Fire' dragons' names are perfect for a RainWing dragon.

17. Flora, a perfect name for your LeafWing dragon who is a Dragonslayer.

18. Gloxinia, a cool name for your RainWing dragon.

19. Grape, a perfect name inspired by fruit for your RainWing dragon character.

20. Guava, a perfect name for a parrot RainWing living in Scorpion Den.

21. Kiju, a name suitable for a rainforest monster.

22. Kohleria, a cute flowery name for Darkstalkers dragons.

23. Mist, a perfect name for a really fast LeafWing dragon.

24. Nebula, a strong name for a NightWing-RainWing hybrid.

25. Okapi, a name for a magnificent RainWing dragon.

26. Pasque, good name for a RainWing-IceWing hybrid.

27. Rainbow, a perfect name for a colorful RainWing dragon.

28. Ravishing, a cool name for a MudWing dragon.

29. Spearmint, a minty name for your LeafWing dragon.

30. Tayra, a strong name for your Pyrrhian dragon.

31. Tropic, a cute name for your MudWing dragons.

32. Viola, a flowery name for your SeaWing dragons.

33. Vine, a cute name for a LeafWing dragon.

34. Wonderful, a simple and sweet name for your RainWing character.

RainWing Names For Boys

Check out some cool dragon names from the 'Wings Of Fire' book series .

Like most RainWing dragons, male dragons can possess different powers and have beautiful and large scales that they use to camouflage themselves with, as well as to express their state of mind and emotions. Most RainWing dragon names come from nature, so take a look at these RainWing name ideas for boys.

35. Capybara, a perfect name for a parrot RainWing dragon.

36. Dodo, a great RainWing-SeaWing hybrid name.

37. Draco, the most popular and common dragon name.

38. Dragonfruit, a perfect name for your peacock RainWing dragon.

39. Fossa, a perfect name for a NightWing dragon.

40. Hoatzin, a perfect name for RainWing-SkyWing hybrid.

41. Hoopoe, a perfect name for a rainforest creature.

42. Ink, a good name for a RainWing-NightWing hybrid.

43. Jaguarundi, a perfect name for a RainWing dragon.

44. Kiwi, such cool 'Wings Of Fire' RainWing names are a must for your character.

45. Mamba, a perfect name for a tiger NightWing dragon.

46. Nightshade, a perfect name for a LeafWing dragon.

47. Tamandua, a perfect name for your rainforest creature.

48. Tiger, a great name for an ancient King RainWing dragon.

49. Toco, a perfect name for a toucan dragon.

50. Toucan, a perfect name for a rainforest bird character.

51. Vista, a perfect name for SkyWing or RainWing dragon.

52. Woodcreeper, a rainforest name for a RainWing or NightWing dragon.

Gender Neutral RainWing Names

If you don't want a gender defining name for your character, then check out these unique and cute gender neutral names for your RainWing characters.

53. Basilisk, a good name for a RainWing-SeaWing hybrid dragon.

54. Binturong, a strong name for those looking for jaguar dragon names.

55. Canary, a perfect name for a dragon hybrid.

56. Harpy, a perfect name for SkyWing dragon.

57. Hoatzin, a perfect name for a RainWing-SkyWing hybrid.

58. Hyacinth, such perfect 'Wings Of Fire' names should not be missed.

59. Lemur, such 'Wings Of Fire' dragon names are suitable for SandWing dragons.

60. Lyre, this 'Wings Of Fire' dragons' name is perfect for MudWing dragons.

61. Passion Fruit, can be a suitable name for either SkyWing or RainWing dragons.

62. Pineapple, a perfect name for SeaWing or RainWing hybrid dragons.

63. Snapdragon, a funny dragon name for LeafWing dragons.

64. Spectral, a good name for NightWing and RainWing hybrid dragons.

65. Starfruit, a good name for RainWing-LeafWing hybrid dragons.

66. Yulin, a perfect name for a RainWing dragon character.

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