Ramble Around The Regal Regent's Park

Family on a walk in Regent's Park.

In the mood to explore London on foot but not sure where to start? Our friends at Go Jauntly have provided us with some inspirational city walks for Kidadlers to try! We love their Regent's Park South walk - it's perfect for those lazy Sundays where you just want to get out and experience London's calmer side. The walk begins at the south east entrance and winds its way through the park on a 2.7km route that the whole family can take part in We've even found some activities for you to do while you're in the area, so head down to Regent's Park and let your regal ramble begin.

Go Jauntly Regent's Park South route on a map

To get the full experience on your phone, why not view the walk on the Go Jauntly app?

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

Throughout the spring and summer, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre hosts a range of mesmerising productions. We recommend Dragons and Mythical Beasts if you've got younger kids, Romeo & Juliet for teens and 101 Dalmatians: A New Musical if you've got a mix - or just want to feel nostalgic!

ZSL London Zoo

Of course, what's a trip to Regent's Park without a visit to the ZSL London Zoo? Animal lovers can make new feathery, fluffy, slippery and slimy friends at this brilliant central London attraction. With plenty of interactive activities and seasonal events taking place, there's always something new to see and do.

Tiger relaxing at ZSL London Zoo

Regent's Park Boating Lake

There's nothing better than getting out onto the water on a sunny day, and Regent's Park Boating Lake is the perfect place to do it. Set sail in the children's boating lake on a row boat or a pedalo, feel the wind on your face and count how many swans and ducks you can see. You might even spot some rare wildlife!

3 House Club

3 House Club is one of our favourite venues in London and it's just a few minutes' walk outside of Regent's Park, so it's perfect if you want to extend your route. From Pasta 'n Play's Lasagne Making Workshop and famous Cooking for Tiny Londoners class, to the adorable Fyn Play for babies, the space is always a hive of activity.

A mother leaning over her baby

The Hub

Whether it's a crisp autumn day or the sun is blazing on a mid-July day, The Hub is great for restless kids to let out some energy in a healthy way. You can play a game of rugby, football, cricket and more, or just throw a frisbee around and play some Stuck in the Mud!

The Cockpit Theatre

Just a short walk from the Regent's Park is The Cockpit. Hosting tons of family-friendly shows throughout the year, it's always worth checking out what's on when you're in the area. From springtime silliness at Sunshine to mad, mischievous science with Professor Kaos and everything in between, you'll definitely find a production you love.

So Board at The Albany Fitzrovia

Once you're all worn out from walking and playing, head to The Albany on Great Portland Street for a chilled out board game session led by the amazing team at So Board. With yummy pub food on offer, along with a near-infinite supply of every board game you can imagine (and even some you can't!) it's the perfect way to end a fun-filled morning of exploring.

So Board's game selection on a table

Just like that, you've explored all around Regent's Park! Check out our ultimate guide to see which adventure to try next.



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