100+ Ranch Names From Across The World, As Well As New Ideas

A good ranch name is needed to help you distinguish your business from others.

Every good ranch needs a strong ranch name.

A ranch is a huge homestead, often in North America or Australia, where cows or different animals such as horses live and are bred. A range can be almost any size, although it is interesting to note that the average size of a range in the United States is 442 acres!

Whether you want to open a ranch and are looking for a great ranch business name, or perhaps you need a ranch name for a location in a new story or a game that you are playing, this article is full of the best ranch names and is here to help!

For more farming names, you can also take a look at our articles all about cowboy names and farm names.

Funny Ranch Names

A funny farm name can help when advertising a business

If you are looking for fantasy ranch names, these interesting homestead names will give your ranch a unique identity!

1. Allen’s Acres, is a great family business name.

2. Amber Waves, a good name for a ranch situated near the seashore.

3. Ambling Acres, a name for an organic farm.

4. Amore Miniatures, fit for a farm raising calves.

5. Amos Acres

6. Annabelle’s Acres

7. Harcourt Homestead, perfect for a family owned farm.

8. Hazelwood Gardens, an ideal name for a wood farm.

9. Heart Song Orchard, for a beautiful orchard garden.

10. Hickory Homestead

11. Hidden Cove Ranch, a ranch situated far from the city lights.

12. Hidden Hill Acres

13. Hidden Spring Hideaway

14. High Valley Fields, a great name for a ranch surrounded by valleys.

15. Hillock Corner

16. Hollow Hill Acres, for a ranch situated in a valley surrounded by mountains

17. Hollybrook Nursery

18. Honeycomb Farms, best for a ranch raising honeybees.

19. Honey Garden, a popular name for honey ranches.

20. Itty Bitty Nursery, a cute choice for a ranch taking care of baby animals.

21. Ivy Ridge, for ranch situated atop a hillside.

22. James Ranch

23. Lake View Farm, for a farm that gives a lake view.

24. Lincoln’s Inn

25. Little Acorn Farm

26. Lone Wolf Grange

27. Long Ears Acres, for a large ranch.

28. Lost Cove Homestead, suits a beautiful ranch.

29. Magnolia Ranch

30. Mist Wood Farmstead

31. Mossy Cobble Ranch

32. Mossy Rock Lands

33. Mustang Gardens, fit for a ranch that is home to lots of horses.

34. Silver Fox Grove, the perfect name for old and longstanding farms.

Texan Ranch Names

Texas has many different ranches.

95% of land in Texas is owned privately and for many families cattle are an important source of income. Ranch names in Texas range from authentic to creative, so why not take inspiration from some of these strong Texas ranch names?

35. Burnett Ranches, for a family that breeds horses and black Angus cattle.

36. Hughes Ranch

37. Jones Family Ranch

38. Kokernot Heirs, for a ranch offering hunting leases and excursion services.

39. Longfellow Ranch

40. Nunley Brothers

41. Briscoe Ranches

42. Waggoner Ranch, one of the biggest ranches of Texas, this range has thriving cattle and oil operations.

Horse Ranch Names

You might have come across a few farm names with 'bar' in the name and be wondering what that stands for or means. 'Bar' in a farm name, is used to show that the ranch has enlisted quarter ponies with bloodlines leading back to the magnificent steed called Three Bars. But if you can't use 'bar' in your ranch name, don't worry, here some of the best horse farm names and spooky ranch names for you.

43. Broken Spur, offers trail rides, boarding and training.

44. Cantering Acres

45. Dreamweaver, fit for a small but beautiful ranch.

46. Flying Hooves

47. Freckled Farm, a small farm raising foals.

48. Hands High Ranch

49. New Heights

50. Pegasus Ranch, this is a cute and magical ranch name.

51. Pony Pastures, good for small farm names raising ponies.

52. Roan Range

53. Rocking Horse Farm

54. Stable View

55. Sweet Hay Stables, one of the good ranch names for a horse farm.

56. The Golden Horse Ranch, for farms raising quality breeds of horses.

57. White Horse Ranch

Cow Ranch Names

Cattle farming is a significant part of American life. If you want to name your cattle farm something unique and original you should brainstorm the words which are relevant to your business farm, get feedback on these names from your target audience, and then check the availability of name the name. For lots of ideas, check out these cattle ranch names.

58. Bamford Dairy Cattle farm

59. Beam Ranch Club

60. Big Sky Cattle farm

61. Brandt Cattle Co.

62. Buttonwillow Land & Cattle farm, for a cattle farm that focuses on dairy and agriculture.

63. Connolly Ranch Natural Ranch, good name for a large cattle farm.

64. Cross Creek

65. Dawson

66. Diamond Ranch

67. Double L Cattle Farm

68. Drake Family Farms

69. Fair Cattle farm

70. Five Dot Land & Cattle Co.

71. Foster Farms Dairy

72. French Hill Farm

73. Glenn Land Farm, a great name for an agricultural farm.

74. Guess Cattle Co.

Spanish Ranch Names

Picking cool ranch names can be a challenge. Take inspiration from these cool Spanish farm names that you could use.

75. Acres Ambulantes

76. Centro De Vacas

77. Granjero Encontrado

78. Huerto De La Canción Del Corazón

79. Manada En La Calle

80. Mi Casa

81. Suelo Afortunado

82. Vacas Inteligentes

Cute Ranch Names

These personal, charming and adorable name for your range will really make you stand out. Cute farm names make your business more relatable and also more memorable.

83. Mustang Farm

84. My Homestead

85. Nettle Bank Farm

86. Oakdale Ranch

87. Oak Wood Grange

88. Old Maple Way

89. Parker Pond

90. Pinewood Acres

91. Pleasant View Ranch

92. Prairie Hills Nursery

93. Pure Plantation

94. Rainbow Ridge Fields

95. Rainbow Ridge Vineyard

96. Red Dog Orchard

97. Riverland’s

98. Riverview Estate

99. Robinwood Orchard

100. Rolling Hills Range

101. Rose Petal Pastures

102. Safe Vineyard

103. Shady Oaks Ranch

104. Shady Tree Acres

105. Sleeping Hills Meadow

106. Small Paws Acres

107. Smith Family Farms

108. Spring Mount

109. Stanley Manor

110. Sunny Banks Ranch

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