Rave On! 6 Top Tips For Dancing The Day Away With Your Under 5s

Child pretending to DJ

Whether you are three or thirty-three, Raver Tots is the ultimate event for anyone who enjoys a little boogie now and again. No matter the genre, no matter the location, Raver Tots has something for you. But how do you get the most out of these events with your mini humans in tow? We've made a guide on how you can keep the whole family happy while grooving. Grab your rave shades and dummies and get ready to bop to the music with your little ravers.

1. From dummies to drum-mies

Remember that your little ravers are only small and probably not used to the loud booming tunes! These baby raves are pretty groovy with music ranging from happy hardcore to house and garage, but they can be loud for little ears. While the music is always kept at safe levels, we at Kidadl advise you bring ear defenders for particularly young children or those easily overwhelmed by lots of noise. Your kids will be able to enjoy the day and the music without any complaints.


2. “Everybody is free to wear sun screen”- Baz Luhrmann

Raver Tots festivals and summer events are legendary, with huge outdoor inflatables, stalls, confetti, and most importantly, epic music. However, even if you stay in their covered areas, if you're outside all day the likelihood is you'll all be getting extremely hot from all the bouncing around. Before you get dabbing, remember to dab some sunscreen on your little ravers' faces. Stay hydrated, place those rave shades firmly on and get a funky hat to match!

children outdoors

3. Dress to impress

Raver Tots events often sell out, with many venues filling up with over 1,500 people. With that being said, we advise you to dress your children in bright, noticeable colours so you can spot them easily. Neon colours and white are particularly good choices as with the UV lighting they'll glow in the dark! Of course, make sure you're all dressed comfortably too - it is a dance party after all!

babies jumping

4. Lights, camera, action

Not to worry! While there will be bright lights and flashing TV screens, Raver Tots do not use strobe lights, which means it's a safe environment for everyone. Expect disco balls, coloured laser-style lights and UV light instead - all of which add to the real rave experience.

strobe lights

5. Keep those tummies full

Dancing is hungry work, but luckily at each Raver Tots event there is always a café of some sort, with plenty of snacks and drinks. Adult beverages are also provided, but we of course advise all parents to drink sensibly! We recommend grabbing a meal before heading to the event so that your mini ravers are full of energy and raring to go by the time you arrive.


6. For all the non-walking ravers

For all those with children who can't walk confidently yet, baby slings or carriers are advisable. They're a great way to bring your tiny dancers to the dance floor and have them experience the fun without having to worry about their whereabouts. Bear in mind that buggies can usually be brought into the venue but must be kept in buggy park areas during the event itself, as they cannot be taken onto the dance floor.

7. Have fun, embrace the music and rave on

These events are an excellent way to relax, let go and enjoy your favourite tunes. Teach your children your old hobbies and how to groove to the kind of music you loved back in the day, and maybe they'll teach you a thing or two themselves! With a huge range of events depending on your music taste, you'll be able to introduce your kids to your favourite genre in a way that's accessible, exciting and fun. Grab a glow stick and your little one's hand and let go to the music!




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