50 Rock Puns That Won't Leave You Stony-Faced

Children dressed as superheroes standing on rocks making rock puns

A rock may not seem very interesting at first but there are plenty of exciting facts to learn about them.  

Quick Rock Fact File

-The study of rocks and minerals is called geology, and people that do geology are are called geologists.

-The whole of the earth's crust is made up of rock. Underneath the earth's crust is a core of molten rock called magma.

-The lava inside of a volcano is liquid rock and when it cools it forms a kind of rock called igneous rock.

-Types of igneous rock include granite and basalt.  Rocks like chalk and sandstone are called sedimentary rocks.

-Sedimentary rocks build up over time from remains of plants, minerals and even animals!

-Gold and precious stones are found inside of other rocks.  Gold, silver and quartz are minerals. Some rocks like granite are made up of lots of different minerals, that's what gives granite it's sparkly appearance.  

Did You Know? Crystals are made when minerals get so hot that they become molten? When the molten mineral cools down, a beautiful crystal is formed.  There are all sorts of different crystals in different colours and shapes.

If those fun facts haven't grabbed your attention then maybe these geology jokes will help get you giggling!

Rock Puns

These rock puns are perfect to get us started...

1) So let's start with a clean slate.

2) There are definitely a few gems amongst all these terrible rock puns.

3) Let’s rock and roll!


If you're looking for a quick and catchy one line rock pun, you'll love these silly geology puns.

4) I think my career as a geologist is really on the rocks.

5) Geology rocks, but Geography is where it's at.

6) These puns rock!

7) You took me for granite.

8) It is true, you should never take life for granite.

9) It's definitely crystal clear that these puns about rocks are very punny.

10) You've got to commit to geology, it's all ore nothing.

11) He just igneous me whenever I try talking to him.

12) Where were you? I was quarried sick.

13) Not to quarry.

14) Power to the pebble.

15) I love the beach, you could even say I was a pebble person.

16) Geology puns are great, they really draw pebble together.

17) Taking about rock puns slowly eroded what was once a good friendship.

18) The quartz will probably find him guilty.

19) Of quartz it is!

20) Pass basalt.

21) I don’t want to chalk about it.

22) Look who’s chalking!

23) I love to enjoy some small chalk.

24) Some of your jokes fluorite over my head.

25) They are gravelling at my feet.

26) I liked carbon before it was coal.

27) You must remember to keep your coal.

28) You're a coal as a cucumber.

29) A bad rock pun really makes my blood run coal.

30) The two tectonic plates just couldn’t keep up the relationship anymore – said there was too much friction between them.

31)  I’m getting really sick and tired of always getting called to school because the only types of rock my son knows are punk, classic, and heavy metal.

32) If you’re going to claim to be the best stone mason, the least you could do is have some concrete proof.

33) That geologist gave me the coal shoulder.

34) You need to be boulder during your presentations.

35) My rock collection isn't the best but it has sedimental value.

A pile of rocks, inspiration for rock puns

Question And Answer Rock Puns:

Here are some question and answer jokes with stone puns included.

36) Why wasn't the rock comedian  very funny? There was too much pressure.

37) Where do stones sleep? In bedrocks!

38) Which concert did the geologist go to? The Rolling-Stones

39) What did the Mummy volcano say to the baby volcano? I really lava you.

40) In what era can you find the best examples of rock puns? The Stone Age.

41) How does a rock make his name stand out? Makes it bigger and boulder.

42) Why are geologists always crying? They are very sedimental.  

43) Do you like geology puns? They're not my idea of funny. My sediments exactly.

44) Why are beach rocks always so cheap? Because they're always on shale.

45) Which fruit do rocks buy most often? Pom-a-granites.

46) What did Sherlock say in the case of the missing geologist? Sedimentary, my dear Watson.

47) Who is the best rock artist in the world?  Michelangelo.

48) What kind of rock isn't really a rock? A Sham-rock.  

49) I hope you think we did a solid job today coming up with rock puns.

50) We're running low on rock puns, so I’ll call it quits before I hit rock bottom.

Children playing on the riverbank playing with rocks and telling rock puns

Did You Know...

Finally, turn those laughs into learning moments, and amaze the kids with some of these fabulous rock facts!

-Most of the gold on earth comes from meteorites from space that hit the earth over 200 million years ago.

-The biggest gold nugget ever found was dug up in Australia and weighed over 71 kg.

-Although a lot of gold has been dug up, 80% of the world's gold is still buried underground. Pyrite is a different mineral that can be found in other rocks. It looks a lot like gold and so has been given the nickname 'fools gold'.

-Diamonds are one of the toughest and hardest materials on the planet.

-Some diamonds are actually from space! They were deposited on earth by a meteorite over 3 billion years ago.

-Most diamonds are billions of years old. The largest diamond ever formed was found in Africa in 1905 and was the size of a pineapple!

-Naturally diamonds come from inside of other rocks but scientists can now make diamonds themselves in laboratories.

-There are over 1000 volcanos in the world. Over half of them are in the Pacific Ocean and this ring of volcanos is called "The Ring of Fire". These volcanos are gaps in the earth's rock crust where you can see the liquid rock beneath the earth's crust. This magma can erupt from the volcano and become solid, creating more layers of rock on the earth's surface.



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