46 Rogue Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Rogue names have connotations of being a fighter and warrior

Usually, parents choose rogue names for their babies as a rogue name means fighter and warrior.

See, when we go back in past years, the rogue was a videogame class that involves dragons, some heroes, and some high fantasy characters like undead rogues. Also, Human Rogue is in fiction videogames and television.

Rogue names are the names of fictional characters like from the X-Men who has this superpower of absorbing the memories of anyone she touches. Rogue is a good class for survivability and utility, evasion, the cloak of shadow, cheating death, vanishing but also taking plenty of skill in timing and dodging, so one must avoid groups in the fight.

Other fiction games like Dark Fantasy, Call of Duty, Marvel, Black Saber, etc have rogue characters. There are types of rogue names like mischievous, thief names or other nicknames according to different characters in the games. How cool it will be to get your baby a rogue's name that means warrior and bravery? And as a parent, it can be a confusing job to find the best theme for names. So, we have some of the best rogue names and the names that mean rogue with their meanings for your little warrior baby.

Have a look below. For more names, take a look at Names That Mean Protector and Names That Mean Guardian.

Rogue Names For Girls

A baby girl is always an angel and a little princess to their parents but, nowadays parents train their daughters to be real-life warriors. As there is a saying that names have an impact in many ways, and also reflect our personality as we grew old, so one must choose a unique and fantasy name for the baby! So, here are the female rogue names for your girl.

1 . Adira (French origin) meaning "strong and powerful".

2 . Alexandria (Greek origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

3 . Alessia (Italian Origin) meaning "defender".

4 . Brielle (French origin) meaming "warrior of God".

5 . Carla (German origin) meaning "warrior army and free woman".

6 . Casey (American origin) meaning "brave and clever in battle".

7 . Diana (Greek origin) meaning "wonder woman- the original warrior".

8 . Maeve (Irish origin) meaning "intoxicating".

9 . Moxie (English origin) meaning "boldness and strength of character".

10 . Zelda (German origin) meaning "grey fighting maid".

Rogue Names For Boys

A rogue name can have great meaning for your baby

To select a name for a baby boy, parents always want to name something very decent yet powerful, and when it comes to finding a popular yet uncommon name, you can sometimes get confused. So, here are some of the rogue names for your baby boy.

11 . Alex/Alexander (Greek origin) meaning "protector of mankind".

12 . Ansel (Hebrew origin) meaning "a protector".

13 . Callan (Scottish origin) meaning "battle and rock".

14 . Duncan (Scottish origin) meaning "dark warrior".    

15 . Dustin (German origin) meaning "fighter" and "thief".

16 . Lewis (English origin) meaning "renowned warrior".

17 . Oscar (Irish origin) meaning "God spear or champion warrior".

18 . Osmond (English origin) meaning "divine protector".

19 . Patton (English origin) meaning "fighter’s tow".

20 . Roger (German origin) meaning "famous warrior".

Gender-Neutral Rogue Names

When it comes to naming a baby, gender-neutral rogue names comes at the top at this time in the world, as parents love cool and funny names and, there are some lovable gender-neutral rogues' names with meanings that signify power, positivity, and bravery. Have a look at some gender-neutral funny rogue names.

21 . Aimilios (Greek origin )  meaning "bravery and strength".

22 . Andy (French origin)  meaning "strong and manly".

23 . Avery (English origin)  meaning "ruler of elves".

24 . Barrett (English origin) meaning "to bear, strength, powerful".

25 . Blair (English Origin) meaning "child of plains, field, or battlefield".

26 . Everette (Irish origin) meaning "wild boar and brave, hardy and strong".

27 . Evey has a variant Evere and is super cute rogue nicknames.

28 . Marilyn (English origin) meaning "little warrior".

29 . Payton (English origin) meaning "village of the warrior".

30 . Raine (English origin) meaning "wise ruler".

31 . Sloan (Irish origin) meaning "warrior".

Rogue Names Inspired By Fiction

Human rogues are considered as warriors in fantasy games like WoW, PVP, and Takken that use weapons to sneak out to someone or save the city with their superpowers. Here are some of the names of warrior and fiction characters.

32 . Alisa Boscomovitch, name from Tekken character (Russian Origin) meaning "protector and girl power".

33 . Alvaro, name from Free Fire character (Spanish origin) meaning "guardian".

34 . Anna Williams, name from Tekken character (Irish origin) meaning "grace, beautiful".

35 . Bolivar, name from the character (Spanish origin) in El Heroe meaning "mighty, warlike".

36 . Clementine, name from The Walking Dead Character (European origin) meaning "gentle, merciful".

37 . Eamon, name from the character (Irish origin) in Call of Duty meaning "wealthy protector".

38 . Freya Crescent, name from the Final Fantasy IX character (Irish origin) meaning "Goddess of love".

39 . Harbin name from the character (French origin) from Marvel meaning "little bright warrior".

40 . Joanna Dark, name from Perfect Dark Character (English Origin) meaning "God is gracious"

41 . Marcel name from the character (French origin) from the Remembrance of Things Past meaning "little warrior".

Medieval Rogue Names

Below we have listed a few medieval rogue names for your baby.

42 . Alice (English origin) meaning "kind".

43 . Federal (English origin) meaning "bravery".

44 . Merek (English origin) meaning "dedicated to God".

45 . Peter (Greek origin) meaning  "stone".

46 . Rose (French origin) meaning  "fame and kind".

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