100+ Roller Coaster Names From Around The World

Riding on a rollercoaster is always an adventurous experience.

Roller coaster rides (also known as amusement rides or carnival rides) are loved universally!

So roller coaster fans listen up! We have put together a list of the names of famous and historic roller coasters, as well as lots of cool roller coaster names and good roller coaster names.

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Historical Roller Coaster Names

This list of roller coasters will teach you all about the biggest roller coaster names.

There are so many roller coasters in the world, but the top 10 roller coasters are generally agreed to be: American Thunder, Big Dipper, Steel Vengeance, Mako, Phoenix, Fury 325, Intimidator 305, Lightning Rod, Phantom's Revenge, and Montu.

1. American Thunder, is at the Six Flags St. Louis in Eureka, Missouri.

2. Batman The Ride, is one of the most famous historical roller coasters in the township of Jackson, New Jersey.

3. Big Dipper, is a rollercoaster in Blackpool, England.  

4. Boulder Dash, is at the Lake Compounce theme park in Bristol, Connecticut.

5. Coney Island Cyclone, one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in Luna Park of New York City.

6. Giant Dipper, a historical wooden roller coaster at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California.

7. Jack Rabbit, is a roller coaster in the Seabreeze Amusement Park in Irondequoit, New York.

8. Leap-The-Dips, is a coaster built in 1902 in Lakemont Park, Pennsylvania.

9. Megafobia, is at Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

10. Phoenix, is made of wood in Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, Pennsylvania.

11. Rutschebanen, the amusement park Tivoli Gardens is known for having the oldest wooden coaster, Rutschebanen, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

12. Scenic Railway, the rollercoaster is found at Dreamland Amusement Park in Margate, UK.

13. Shivering Timbers, is located at Michigan's Adventure in Muskegon County, Michigan.

14. The Haunted Mansion, was in Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland.

15. Tilt-A-Whirl, is a historical amusement ride located in Europe.  

16. Thunderbolt, was first opened in 1924 at the Kennywood in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania.

17. White Roller Coaster, is an old white colored coaster in Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah.

18. Wild One, is at the Six Flags theme park.

19. Playland Wooden Coaster, was opened in 1958 at the Playland in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

20. Zippin Pippin, is a wooden roller coaster at the Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Fastest Roller Coaster Names

Roller coaster rides have always been a popular attraction for amusement ride lovers.

Did you know that Kingda Ka is the tallest roller coaster in the world (so far...)? It is located at Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in the United States. Find more fast roller coaster names here!

21. American Eagle, is considered as one of the fastest moving roller coasters built at the Six Flags Great America theme park in Gurnee, Illinois.

22. Colossos-Kampf Der Giganten, is located in Heide Park in Germany and was first opened in 2001.

23. Do-Dodonpa, is located in Fuji-Q Highland amusement park in Fujiyoshida, Japan.

24. El Toro, is located at the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in the United States.

25. Formula Rossa, is known as the greatest and fastest roller coaster in the world located at the Ferrari World amusement park in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

26. Fury 325, is one of the high speed coasters located in Carowinds, United States.  

27. Goliath, is located at the Six Flags Great America amusement park in the United States.

28. Kingda Ka, is located at the Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in the United States.

29. Leviathan, is a Hyper Coaster model and is located in Canada's Wonderland in Canada.

30. Lightning Racer, is a duelling roller coaster located at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

31. Lightning Rod, is promoted as the first launched roller coaster at the Dollywood theme park in the United States.

32. Millennium Force, is a steel coaster at Cedar Point in the United States.

33. Outlaw Run, is at the Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.

34. Red Force, is a steel launched roller coaster in Ferrari Land theme park in Spain.

35. Ring Racer, is themed on Formula One racing and is in Nürburgring theme park in Germany.

36. Steel Dragon 2000, is made of steel at the Nagashima Spa Land in Japan.

37. Superman: Escape From Krypton, the coaster is at Six Flags Magic Mountain in the United States.

38. The Beast, is located at the Kings Island amusement park in Ohio, United States.

39. The Boss, this fastest moving coaster is at the Six Flags St. Louis park in Eureka, Missouri.

40. The Voyage, is a very popular coaster at the Holiday World & Splashin' Safari in Indiana, United States.

41. Top Thrill Dragster, is an accelerator based speed rollercoaster at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

42. Wildfire, is also the second tallest roller coaster in the world, it is found at the Kolmården Wildlife Park in Sweden.

Tallest Roller Coaster Names

Takabisha at Fuji-Q Highland theme park is the craziest roller coaster in the world. Would you dare to ride any of these sky high rides?

43. Gold Striker, is the intense coaster in California’s Great America Park in Santa Clara, California.

44. Hades 360, is one of the tallest roller coasters at the Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

45. Intimidator 305, is one of the highest coasters at the Kings Dominion in Virginia.

46. Kingda Ka, is at the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in New Jersey.

47. Le Monstre, is the tallest two track roller coaster made of wood in the world at the La Ronde amusement park in Quebec, Canada.

48. Orion, is the seventh tallest coaster in the world and is located at the Kings Island theme park in Mason, Ohio.

49. Ravine Flyer II, is one of the tallest roller coasters at Waldameer Park in Pennsylvania, United States.

50. T Express, is the fourth tallest roller coaster in the world and is at the Everland amusement park in Yongin, South Korea.

51. Thunderhead, is one of the best coasters located at Dollywood amusement park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

52. Wodan Timbur Coaster, this great coaster is found at the Europa-Park in Rust, Baden-Württemberg.

Roller Coaster Names For Children

Here are some creative names or nicknames for children that are inspired by the names of famous roller coasters.

53. Arashi (Japanese origin) meaning "storm". Can be inspired by the roller coaster name of Arashi Nagashima Spa Land.

54. Arthur (English origin) meaning "courageous". Inspired by Europa Park's Arthur rollercoaster.  

55. Beaver (Old English origin) meaning "a fine view". Inspired by Beaver Land Mine Ride coaster at Geauga Lake's park.

56. Ben (Hebrew origin) meaning "blessed". Inspired by the Ben 10 roller coaster at Ultimate Mission Drayton Manor Park.

57. Bob (German origin) meaning "bright". Can be taken from the Bob Express coaster at Bobbejaanland.

58. Boulder (Swedish origin) meaning "noisy". Can be taken from the Boulder Dash coaster at Lake Compounce theme park.

59. Carolina (French origin) meaning "freeholder". It will be best for a girl after the Carolina coaster at the Cyclone Carowinds park.

60. Chang (Chinese origin) meaning "constant". From a coaster found at the Kentucky Kingdom.

61. Diamond (English origin) meaning "brilliant". Diamond Mine Run is a coaster at the Magic Springs & Crystal Falls.

62. Dipsy (English origin) meaning "creative". A beautiful name for a girl after the Dipsy Doodle coaster at Joyland Amusement Park.

63. Dizzy (English origin) meaning "desired". A great name option after the Dizzy Mouse coaster at Wiener Prater park.

64. Emerald (English origin) meaning "green gemstone". Suitable for a girl after the Emerald Coaster at Sam's Fun City.

65. Griffon (Old French origin) meaning "vicious person". Found at the Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

66. Han (Scandinavian and German origin) meaning "gracious". Gotten from the Han Katten coaster at the BonBon-Land.

67. Harry (Old German origin) meaning "power". From an indoor coaster named Harry Potter And The Escape From Gringotts at Universal Studios in Florida.

68. Jimmy (English origin) meaning "holder of the heel". Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer is a coaster at the Movie Park Germany.

69. Jozi (Hebrew origin) meaning "blessed". Jozi Express is a coaster at Gold Reef City.

70. Maverick (American origin) meaning "wildly independent". After a roller coaster located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

71. Max (Latin origin) meaning "the greatest". Max Adventures Master Thai is a coaster at Mirabilandia.

72. Merlin (Welsh origin) meaning "sea fortress". Merlin's Mayhem is a coaster at Dutch Wonderland.

73. Mick (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God". Mick Doohan's Motocoaster is at Dreamworld.

74. Mini (English origin) meaning "of the mind". Mini Coaster is at Tuscora Park.

75. Nessi (Greek origin) meaning "pure". Nessi is a coaster at Coney Beach Pleasure Park.  

76. Raik (German origin)meaning "a journey taken". Raik is a coaster name at Phantasialand.

77. Rebel (English origin) meaning "to go against the norm strongly". Rebel is a racing roller coaster at Yell Kings Dominion.

78. Rex (Latin origin) meaning "King". Rex's Racer is a steel shuttle roller coaster at Disneyland in Shanghai.

79. Rita (Indian origin) meaning "previous". A great name for a girl inspired by Rita, the Queen of speed coaster at Alton Towers.

80. Sierra (Spanish origin) meaning "mountain range". Sierra Sidewinder is also a name for a coaster at Knott's Berry Farm.

81. Silver (English origin) meaning "rich". A great name for girls inspired by the Silver Streak roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland.

82. Smiler (English origin) meaning "happiness". Smiler is a coaster at Alton Towers.

83. Talon (English origin) meaning "bird claw". Talon is an inverted roller coaster at Dorney Park.

84. Taron (English origin) meaning "earthman". Taron is a multi-launch steel roller coaster.

85. Timber (American origin) meaning "strong". Timber Terror is a coaster of wood at Silverwood Theme Park.

86. Tiny (Latin origin) meaning "follower of Christ". Tiny Toot is a roller coaster at Silverwood Theme Park.

87. Tom (Hebrew origin) meaning "simplicity". Is a roller coaster at the Parque Warner Madrid amusement park.

Ideas For Roller Coaster Names

You can get amazing ideas for naming your own amusement coasters from this list.

88. Basilisk, the name can be an outstanding idea for roller coaster names.

89. Berzerker, the name easily describes the ferocity of the coasters.

90. Blackheart, you definitely need to have a brave heart to take a ride on a coaster with such a name.

91. Bloodcurdler, the name will be perfect for a high speed ride.

92. Cardiac Climb, for a steep roller coaster.

93. Forest Rumbler, the name idea shows a distinct quality of the coaster.

94. Frightmare, frightening is a common word used to describe a ride on a roller coaster.  

95. Lifeline, perfect for a fast and scary coaster.

96. Lift-Off, the name suggests a coaster with a vertical take off.

97. Lord, the name idea is the perfect one for a classy coaster.

98. Pacemaker, a funny name for a fast coaster.

99. Royale, is another great name option.

100. Supercharge, supercharged to take a ride in the sky.

101. Titan, perfect name idea for a gigantic roller coaster.

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