Top 100 Romanian Boys Names For Your Baby

The Eastern European country of Romania is a great source of inspiration for unique baby names.

Romania is an Eastern European country with a very long and interesting history.

This country has been inhabited for at least two thousand years and it is sometimes thought of as the cradle of civilization. It was through the Roman Empire that Romania became a powerful country, during the Early Roman Period.

The country has two official languages, namely Romanian and Bulgarian, though more than forty thousand people in Romania speak either Italian or French. This is why Romanian names have varying influences, making them special and a great source of inspiration for your baby's name.

In Romanian culture, names are an essential aspect of Romanian heritage. Many people think that the child's name meaning is limited to their birth date and the first name they bear. However, these days, many parents are looking for other meanings behind the Romanian baby names to give importance to their child. A baby's last name is also important in their identity in Romania. Albescu, Bogdan, Ionescu,  Muller, Romanescu and Stan are among the common Romanian last names. However, this article will focus on boys' first names.

This article will highlight some of the more significant aspects of the purpose of your boy's name, in the context of Romanian culture. Keep reading to find out the top 100 Romanian baby names for boys.

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Common Romanian Baby Boy Names

Are looking for unique Romanian names for your boys or most loved ones? Unique Romanian names are not always easy to come by, as many names are common in Romania and tend to be used as a result of tradition. ‘Nicolo’ is the name of the Romanian brave national hero, which is a favourite choice for many baby boy’s names. He was a member of the military during World War II and later became an acclaimed politician in communist Romania.

This list contains names which are already considered part of the Romanian culture, but are still unique in meaning and might interest you for your boys.

1.    Alexandru (Romanian origin) meaning ‘mankind’s defender’. One of the most popular strong male Romanian names.

2.    Alin (Romanian origin) (derived from the word Alina), meaning ‘to pacify’.

3.    Andrei (Russian and Romanian origin) meaning ‘the man; the brave warrior.’

4.    Anton (Romanian origin) meaning ‘priceless.’ The meaning of this Romanian boys' name is very cool.

5.    Andra (Greek origin) another male name of ‘Andrei’.

6.    Andreea (Italian origin) another Romanian form of the name ‘Andrew.’

7.    Anghel (Romanian origin) meaning ‘an angel.’

8.    Anamaria (Hebrew origin) is a name-blend of Ana and Maria.

9.    Apostol (Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Old Norse and Ukrainian origin) signifying ‘advocate; envoi.’

10. Aurel (German and Romanian form of Roman Latin Aurelius), signifying ‘light-gold tint.’

11. Beniamin (Romanian form of Greek Beniamín), signifying ‘the right hand’s son.’

12. Boian (Slavic origin) is an original name from the word ‘boi,’ signifying ‘combat; battle,’ thus ‘combatant.’

13. Carol is the Latin equivalent of Carolus, signifying ‘man/male.’

14. Catalin (Greek origin) is a Romanian form signifying ‘clean/pure.’

15. Cezar, (Polish and Romanian origin) Latin Cæsar, meaning ‘detached.’

16. Ciprian (Romanian origin) Romanian form signifying ‘the word Cyprus.’

17. Claudiu, (Romanian origin) meaning ‘handicap.’

18. Constantin (French and Romanian origin) Latin Constantinus, signifying ‘steady.’

19. Cornel (Romanian origin) meaning ‘taken from the horn.’

20. Corneliu (Romanian origin) Romanian form signifying ‘horn’s part.’

21. Cosmin meaning ‘remain in order, attractiveness.’

22. Costel (Romanian origin) signifying ‘being committed.’

23. Costica meaning ‘firm in the decision .’

24. Costin Romanian form, signifying ‘strength of will.’ The meaning behind this name is strong and powerful.

25. Cristi (Romanian origin) signifying ‘Christian’, or ‘Christianity.’

26. Cristian (Romanian origin) signifying ‘Christian.’

27. Danut (Hebrew origin) signifying ‘justice.’

28. Decebal, Latin of Decebalus, signifying "strong as ten."

29. Dorin, Latin of Dorianus, signifying ‘beginning form Dorian tribe."

30. Doru, (Romanian origin) signifying ‘pine for or wish for.’

31. Dracul meaning ‘evil or demon’ or else ‘fire-belching dragon.’ This is considered a strong name.

32. Dragomir (Bulgarian and Serbian origin), originally a Slavic name made together with the elements, namely dorogo ‘valuable’ and mir ‘sanctity." Thus, the same connotes ‘valuable sanctity.’ This name is a strong and commanding male name.

33. Dragos (Slavic origin), signifying ‘sanctity which is pricey.’

34. Dumitru, Latin of Demetrius, signifying ‘one who admires and loves Mother Earth’ or Demeter’s disciple.’

35. Emilian, Latin name of Æmilianus, signifying ‘opponent.’

36. Eugen, (German, Romanian and Swiss origin) signifying ‘good birth.’

37. Fane, (Romanian origin) meaning ‘the circlet or tiara.’

38. Ferka, (Hungarian origin) signifying ‘native from France.’

39.Flaviu, (Latin origin) Latin of Flavius, meaning yellow-hued hair.’

40. Florin, (Latin origin) Roman-Latin of Florian, meaning flora.’

41. Gavril, (Bulgarian origin): meaning 'God’s man’ or ‘God’s warrior.’ This is a pretty tough and awesome Romanian name for your baby boy!

42. Ghenadie, Latin of Gennadius, signifying ‘honourable or principled.’

43. Gheorghe (Romanian origin) meaning ‘worker of the earth, cultivator.’

44. Grigore, Latin of Gregorius, meaning ‘being observant or alert.’

45. Haralamb meaning ‘the happiness which shines bright.’ This is certainly a cool choice for your baby boy.

46. Horatiu (Romanian origin) signifying ‘an individual having good eyesight.’

47. Iancu (Romanian origin) name meaning ‘the gracious Lord’s kindness.’

48. Ilie (Romanian origin) meaning 'God is the Lord.’ This is a particularly unique Romanian name for a boy.

49. Ioan (Romanian origin) meaning ‘the cordial Lord’, or ‘amicability.’

50. Ion (Basque origin) meaning 'God is gracious.’

51. Ionatan (Hebrew origin)  meaning ‘bestowed by the Lord.’

52. Ionel meaning ‘congeniality of the Lord.’

53. Ionut (Romanian origin) meaning God is gracious.’

54. Iorghu meaning ‘worker of the Mother Earth, cultivator.’

55. Iacob (Romanian and Hebrew origin) meaning the name ‘Jacob.’ One of the common Romanian boy names.

There are many common Romanian names as well as unique names which would be perfect for your little boy.

Famous Romanian Baby Boy Names

This list of Romanian boy names lists some of the most famous. The most common and famous name for Romanian baby boys is Alexander. This name means ‘God is with us.’ People usually give this name to infants who brought up with religion. You will also see Alexander on billboards, names of men from Romanian history and sports teams! The list of names in Romanian form will help you narrow down your search and get some great boy names.

56. Iosif (Russian origin) meaning ‘The gracious Almighty adding of another son.’

57. Iancu (Slavic origin) signifying ‘little John.’

58. Iulian (Roman origin) Latin of Julianus, meaning ‘one who came from Jupiter (Jove).’

59. Iuliu (Roman origin) Latin of Julianus, signifying ‘Jupiter (Jove) descendent."

60. Ignat (Romanian and Russian origin) meaning the name ‘Ignatius’.

61. Inica meaning the male form of the name ‘Elena.’ A more unique option from this list of baby boy names.

62. Laurentu (Roman origin) Latin of Laurentius, signifying ‘of Laurentum.

63. Liviu (Roman origin) Latin Livius, perchance meaning ‘blue-hued.’

64. Lucian meaning ‘light' or 'well-lit.'

65. Marian (Roman origin) Latin of Marianus, meaning ‘similar to Marius.’

66. Marku meaning ‘protection’ or ‘belonging to the sea.’

67. Mihai meaning ‘equal to the gracious Almighty’. A popular yet special name for your little boy.

68. Miahita meaning 'God's equivalent.' This name is very powerful in meaning.

69. Mircea (Slavic origin)  name meaning ‘being in peace.’

70. Mitica Romanian form, signifying ‘loving Mother Earth’ or ‘Demeter’s disciple.’

71. Nandru (Old English, Visigoth origin) ‘ passionate about peace.’

72. Necula (Romanian and Greek origin) meaning ‘vanquisher.’

73. Nelu (Romanian and Basque origin) signifying ‘God is gracious.’

74. Nicolae (Greek and Romanian origin) ‘conqueror.’

75. Neculai Romanian form, a variant of ‘brave Nicholas.’

76. Nicu meaning ‘the champion of the mass.’ In use by the Romani.

77. Nicusor Romanian form, signifying  ‘people’s victor.’

78. Ovidiu (Roman origin) meaning ‘the herder of sheep.’

79. Petre Romanian form, signifying ‘heavy rock.’

80. Petrica meaning ‘ a part of the rock or stone.’

81. Petru (Corsican origin) signifying ‘ a rock’ or ‘a stone.’

82. Pompiliu (Roman origin) Latin of Pompilius, signifying ‘ to show’, ‘being under serious parade.’

83. Radu (Slavic origin) meaning ‘ being happy.’

84. Sandu Romanian form, signifying ‘mankind’s defender.’ Among the strong baby boy names.

85. Serghei (Romanian and Greek origin) signifying ‘ a sergeant.’

86. Sergiu Romanian form, signifying ‘sergeant."

87. Silviu meaning ‘forest’s part.’

88. Skender (Greek origin) signifying ‘mankind’s defender.’

89. Sorin meaning ‘ the Sun.’

90. Stefan Romanian form, signifying ‘tiara.’

91. Stelian meaning ‘a pillar or pole.’

92. Tiberiu Romanian form, signifying the name of ‘Tiber’s (river) part.’

93. Valeriu meaning ‘being hale and hearty.’

94. Vali Romanian form, signifying ‘being full of health, and strength.’

95. Vasile (Greek origin), signifying ‘the gracious ruler.’

96. Vasilica meaning ‘the ruler or tsar.’

97. Viorel Romanian form, signifying ‘blue-bell.’

98. Virgiliu Romanian form, the name signifying ‘to flourish.’ This is a unique sounding name and a good choice for a baby boy.

99. Veaceslav signifying the Romanian form the name ‘Vaclav.’

100. Wadim (Romanian origin) meaning ‘to have knowledge about someone.’

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