70+ Romulan Names From The Extended Star Wars Universe And Ideas For New Names

Romulans are one of the popular characters all over the world.

Romulan surnames typically bear prefixes like t’ for females, tr’ for males, and s’ for groups or formal association.

The Romulans originated from the planet Romulus. Did you know: they had a popular alcoholic drink that was deemed illegal due to a trade ban.

Romulans do not possess telepathic abilities like the Vulcans. Additionally, Romulans followed a more militaristic lifestyle, while Vulcans followed logic and science.

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Female Romulans Names

The fiercest female Romulan character names.

1. Ba’el - This Klingon-Romulan female was Tokath’s daughter who fell in love with Worf.

2. Caithlin Dar - Caithlin was a female Romulan diplomat who represented ‘Nimbus III’.

3. Commander Sela - A Romulan from the Star Trek franchise, Sela was a tactful commander. One of the famous Romulans.

4. Donatra - Donatra was the Captain of the ‘Valdore’, one of the Romulan ship names. The Romulan ship is also called ‘warbird’.

5. Kabath - This Romulan doctor was responsible for removing implants from the Borg drone.

6. Karina - Karina was a diplomat in the Romulan military and worked with Ruwon.

7. Kimara Cretak - Kimara Cretak was a Senator who was later arrested for treason.

8. Laris - Was Picard’s housekeeper and close friend.

9. Liviana Charvanek - She was a Romulan commander who had rare telepathic abilities.

10. Major Rakal - Tal Shiar operative Rakal was killed so Deanna Troi could use her identity.

11. Narissa - Colonel Narissa worked in a group that was led by Commodore Oh.

12. Nevala - Nevala was a Romulan military officer who worked under the leadership of Commander Rekar. One of the famous female Romulan names.

13. Oh - A rare hybrid of Vulcan-Romulan, Oh invaded Starfleet, a space organization.

14. Pel - This Romulan character married a human named Gabriel Hwang.

15. Ramdha - A famous Romulan, Ramdha was a mythologist. Another famous Romulan female names.

16. Saavik - This Vulcan-Romulan female character was a Starfleet official and Spock’s wife.

17. Selok - A Romulan spy who worked under the guise of a false Vulcan identity named T’Pel.

18. Senator Tal'aura - She killed members of the Romulan Imperial Senate to aid Shinzon, Picard’s clone.

19. Shai - An older Romulan name who relocated to the planet of ‘Vashti’.

20. T'Rul - A sub-commander who first appeared in the Star Trek series, ‘Deep Space Nine’.

21. Taris - Tari was the captain of the Romulan warbird named ‘Haakona’.

22. Toreth - This female Romulan commander hated the Tal Shiar because they murdered her father.

23. Varel - She worked alongside scientist Mirok to test the cloaking technology device.

24. Zani - The Qowat Milat’s warrior nun, Zani helped raise a male Romulan, Elnor.

Female Romulans are as famous as the male ones.

Male Romulans Names

The most powerful male Romulan characters are listed below.

25. Admiral Alidar Jarok - A famous Romulan male name, Jarok killed himself by consuming a poison tablet.

26. Admiral Mendak - Medak was known to operate the Romulan warship named ‘Devoras’.

27. Admiral Valdore - An influential character who had a Romulan starship called ‘The Valdore’ named after him. The Valdore - one of the Romulan starship names to reckon with.

28. Almak - Almak was the commander of T’Met, a Romulan ship name.

29. Ayel - Ayel was a miner who worked under Nero. He was later killed by his victim, Kirk.

30. Bidran - This Romulan character was part of the Romulan Rebirth movement.

31. Bochra - Centurion Bochra was a male Romulan who imprisoned La Forge.

32. Centurion Tarent - Tarent was ordered to look after a Borg starship named the Artifact.

33. Chulak - Chulak served as a commander in the Romulan Star Empire.

34. Colius - The Romulan who inspired the prominent accolade named ‘Praetor Colius Award’.

35. Colonel Lovok - Lovok was an important agent of the Romulan Empire of Star Trek.

36. Commander Tomalak - A powerful Romulan in the Star Empire, Tomalak was the master of deception.

37. D'Tan - A young male who believed that Vulcans and Romulans would unite someday.

38. Decius - A Romulan military name who lost his rank because he went against the rules.

39. Elnor - A popular character in the Star Trek franchise, Elnor looked up to Picard and believed in humanity.

40. Frenchotte - This Romulan was a music composer who never attained fame for his work.

41. Hiren - Romulan Star Empire’s leader refused to be an ally of Shinzon.

42. Konsab - This Romulan commander taught the military officers at the Intelligence Academy.

43. Koval - Tal Shiar’s chairman, Koval became sick with the incurable Tuvan Syndrome.

44. Letant - This male Romulan character name had a dislike for the Klingon species.

45. Livara - A spy who posed as the captain of a Talavian cargo vessel.

46. M'ret - M’ret was a Senate member who actively spoke about the government’s unjust policies.

47. Merrok - A Romulan Proconsul, he died after being poisoned by an unknown source.

48. Movar - This Romulan military general worked alongside Commander Sela.

49. N'Vek - This sub-commander organized Counselor Troi’s kidnapping.

50. Nanclus - This Ambassador allegedly tried to disrupt the peace between the Klingons and the Federation.

51. Narek - This spy broke the rules by falling for the android Doctor Soji Asha.

52. Nero - A vengeful Romulan captain who caused a lot of destruction to the humans and Vulcans.

53. Nijil - A popular Romulan scientist who worked in the military.

54. Orum - The Borg kidnapped this Romulan medic and sent him to the Delta Quadrant.

55. Pardek - Unlike others, this Senator liked to promote peace between the species.

56. Patahk - This military official went on a secret mission on Pi, a Romulan ship name.

57. Praetor Neral - Another famed politician of the Star Empire, Neral liked sociology and archaeology.

58. Rekar - This Tal Shiar agent successfully hijacked Federation’s USS Prometheus.

59. Ruwon - Star Empire’s Romulan diplomat, Ruwon worked with Karina.

60. Setal - Setal was a logistics official who worked under Admiral Jarok’s leadership.

61. Simon Tarses - A Human-Romulan mix, Simon was a medical technician who served in Starfleet.

62. Sirol - A Romulan commander who was the captain of Terix, a warbird. Terix - one of the Romulan warbird names that saw many wars.

63. Suran - Commander Suran tried to aid in promoting Shinzon as a Romulan Praetor.

64. Taibak - This military officer captured Starfleet official La Forge and brainwashed him.

65. Tal - Tal was the first Romulan officer who later went after the USS Enterprise.

66. Talok - This Romulan spy went undercover as a Vulcan officer to help conquer planet Vulcan.

67. Tebok - Tebok was the captain of the first Romulan starship and was allegedly involved with the Federation.

68. Telek R’mor - Doctor Telek was a scientist and the captain of the Talvath.

69. Tenqem Adrev - A Senator who later became a part of the Romulan Rebirth movement.

70. Tokath - A Romulan Commander who married a Klingon named Gi’ral.

71. Ustard - This sub-commander was a Romulan officer who was killed in an accident.

72. Velal - The Romulan General was part of the Dominion War.

73. Vrax - Vrax was a Romulan Senator who supported Admiral Valdore in his mission.

74. Vreenak - A politician who negotiated the treaty of nonaggression between the Romulan and the Dominion.

75. Xerius - He was a Councilor and spokesperson of Elysia’s ruling council.

76. Zhaban - A Romulan housekeeper who was Picard’s friend and advisor.

Some of the Romulan names are quite funny.

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