106 Posh Boys' Names That Are Royally Good

Newborn baby boy sleeping.

Are you looking for posh baby names that will stand the test of time?

Choosing baby names can be tough. As parents, we understand the struggle of picking out the perfect name for your baby.

To get you off to a great start, make sure you read this list of posh names for boys that we have compiled. It includes classic names such as Oliver, William and Theodore, as well as names which will stand out from the crowd like Xavier, Ra and King. Maybe you’d like a baby name meaning ‘prosperous’ in the hope of getting your little one off to the best start in life? Perhaps you’re in search of a Royal name, such as Archie which was recently made popular thanks to his parents Prince Harry and Meghan. Of course, George and Louis feature in our list too. Or do you have posh girls names and you're looking for posh boys names to match?

Well make yourself a cup of tea and read on to find 106 of our favourite posh baby names for boys. We’re sure a few of them will make their way on to your list of potential names.

Baby boy in his dad's arms.

Popular Boys' Names

These posh baby names all feature in the list of top baby names right now.

1. Albert (English Origin) Meaning "noble and bright".

2. Alexander (Greek Origin) Meaning "defender of the people".

3. Archie (German Origin) Meaning "Archer" or "Truly Bold". The son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

4. Arlo (German Origin) Meaning "hill".

5.Arthur (Welsh Origin) Meaning "bear".

6. Benjamin (Hebrew Origin) Meaning "son of my right hand". Shortened names include Ben, Benny and Bennie.

7. Dylan (Welsh Origin) Meaning"son of the sea".

8. Edward (English Origin) Meaning "guardian of prosperity".

9. George (Greek Origin) Meaning "farmer". First son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

10. Harrison (English Origin) Meaning "son of Harry". Middle name of Archie, the son of Prince Harry. He has two posh names of course.

11. Harry (English Origin) Meaning "army ruler".

12. Henry (German Origin) Meaning "home ruler".

13. Hugo (German Origin) Meaning "bright in mind and spirit".

14. James (Hebrew Origin) Meaning "supplanter". This boys name has been popular in almost every decade.

15. Jude (Hebrew Origin) Meaning "praise".

16. Louis (German Origin) Meaning "famed warrior". Second son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

17. Oliver (Latin Origin) Meaning "olive tree".

18. Sebastian (Greek Origin) Meaning "venerable".

19. Theodore (Greek Origin) Meaning "God's gift".

20. William (German Origin) Meaning "with gilded helmet". This posh baby name has been one of the most popular boys names for the last 100 years.

Baby smiling in mum's arms.

Royal Boys' Names

Being royalty, could these be the poshest of all the posh baby names?

21. Alfred (English Origin) Meaning "elf ruler/counsellor".

22. Andrew (Greek Origin) Meaning "manly". Nicknames for this posh boys name include Andy and Drew.

23. Charles (German Origin) Meaning "free man".

24. Harold (Scandinavian Origin) Meaning "Army ruler".

25. Humphrey (German Origin) Meaning "peaceful warrior". The posh boys name was made famous by Duke Humphrey, the fifteenth century Duke of Gloucester.

26. Phillip (Greek Origin) Meaning "lover of horses".

27. Richard (English Origin) Meaning "brave ruler".

28. Septimus (Latin Origin) Meaning "seventh". Septimus was the name of a Roman Emperor from 193 – 211 and he converted the Roman government to a monarchy.

Man carrying his baby and showing him books on the bookshelf.

Cool Boys' Names

These posh baby names stand out from the crowd, meaning there's less likely to be eight of them on the register at school.

29. Clovis (French Origin) Meaning "famous battle". Shortened from the name Clodovicus.

30. Beau (French Origin) Meaning "handsome".

31. Emeric (German Origin) Meaning "leader".

32. Esai (Spanish Origin) Meaning "gift".

33. Fahd (Arabic Origin) Meaning "panther".

34. Flavius (Latin Origin) Meaning "yellow coloured".

35. Friso (German Origin) Meaning "of the Frisians". The Frisians were a Germanic tribe native to Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands back in 300 BC.

36. Inigo (Portuguese Origin) Meaning "fiery".

37. King (American Origin) Meaning "ruler". This posh boys name can also be spelt as Kyng.

38. Mansa (African Origin) Meaning "King, Conqueror".

39. Maxton (English Origin) Meaning "greatest".

40. Mircea (Slavic Origin) Meaning "peace".

41. Ra (Egyptian Origin) Meaning "sun" or "day".

42. Tiberius (Latin Origin) Meaning "of or near the Tiber river".

43. Xavier (Latin Origin) Meaning "new house".

44. Xerxes (Greek Origin) Meaning "ruler over heroes". This posh boys name is pronounced zurk-seez.

Baby sleeping peacefully on bed.

Prosperous Boys' Names

These posh boy names are associated with prosperity, wealth and luck, perhaps bringing baby good fortune for the future.

45. Ed (English Origin) Meaning "wealthy".

46. Edgar (English Origin) Meaning "wealthy spearman".

47. Edmond (Dutch Origin) Meaning "wealthy protector".

48. Edwin (English Origin) Meaning "rich friend".

49. Fortune (Latin Origin) Meaning "luck, fate, wealth".

50. Imran (Arabic Origin) Meaning "prosperity".

51. Jessie (Hebrew Origin) Meaning "wealthy".

52. Kamran (Persian Origin) Meaning "prosperous".

53. Legacy (English Origin) Meaning "an inheritance".

54. Lucretius (Latin Origin) Meaning "wealth".

55. Odilio (German Origin) Meaning "possessor of enormous wealth".

56. Otis (German Origin) Meaning "wealthy".

57. Rafferty (Irish Origin) Meaning "one who will prosper".

58. Kenny (Irish Origin) Meaning "little prosperous one".

59. Ulric (English Origin) Meaning "wealthy, powerful ruler".

Baby boy in a woolly hat, wrapped up in a blanket.

British Boys' Names

These posh baby names for boys all originate from either England, Scotland or Wales.

60. Angus (Scottish Origin) Meaning "one" or "choice".

61. Alistair (Scottish Origin) Meaning "defender of the people".

62. Caradoc (Welsh Origin) Meaning "beloved".

63. Dafydd (Welsh Origin) Meaning "beloved".

64. Duke (English Name) Meaning "title of nobility".

65. Eddie (English Origin) Meaning "wealthy guardian".

66. Edric (English Origin) Meaning "wealthy ruler".

67. Egbert (English Origin) Meaning "bright edge".

68. Ethelred (English Origin) Meaning "noble counsel".

69. Frederick (English Origin) Meaning "peace ruler".

70. Fulk (English Origin) Meaning "folk people".

71. Giles (English Origin) Meaning "pledge".

72. Gratian (English Origin) Meaning "grace".

73. Harris (English Origin) Meaning "son of Harry".

74. Jasper (English Origin) Meaning "treasurer".

75. Kenneth (Scottish Origin) Meaning "handsome".

76. Leonardo (English Origin) Meaning "brave as a lion".

77. Lionel (English Origin) Meaning "lion".

78. Luther (English Origin) Meaning "soldier of the people".

79. Ludlow (English Origin) Meaning "from the loud river".

80. Owen (Welsh Origin) Meaning "well born, noble".

81. Patrick (English Origin) Meaning "noble".

82. Royal (English Origin) Meaning "of the King".

83. Tate (English Origin) Meaning "cheerful".

84. Tristan (Welsh Origin) Meaning "tumult".

Baby boy sleeping on bed with one arm out of the covers.

Fancy Boys' Names

And finally, for something ultra posh, here are some very fancy sounding names for boys.

85. Augustus (Latin Origin) Meaning "majestic".

86. Barclay (English Origin) Meaning "birch wood".

87. Barnaby (English Origin) Meaning "son of consolation". This posh boys name is the English version of Barnabas.

88. Bertram (German Origin) Meaning "bright raven".

89. Constantin (Dutch Origin) Meaning "constant".

90. Ferdinand (German Origin) Meaning "to be courageous".

91. Fergie (English Origin) Meaning "strength of man".

92. Fenton (English Origin) Meaning "from the fen town".

93. Gustav (German Origin) Meaning "staff of the goths".

94. Hadrian (Latin Origin) Meaning "person from Hadrian".

95. Julius (Latin Origin) Meaning "youthful".

96. Leopold (German Origin) Meaning "bold people".

97. Miles (Latin Origin) Meaning "soldier".

98. Montgomery (English Origin) Meaning "from the hill of the powerful man".

99. Prince (Latin Origin) Meaning “Royal son".

100. Rufus (Latin Origin) Meaning "red haired".

101. Rupert (French Origin) Meaning "bright fame".

102. Quentin (Latin Origin) Meaning "the fifth". Traditionally, this posh boys name was given to the fifth child.

103. Quincy (French Origin) Meaning "estate of the fifth son".

104. Wills (English Origin) Meaning "with gilded helmet".  

105. Zachary (Hebrew Origin) Meaning "God has remembered". This posh boys name could also be spelt Zackery or Zachery.

106. Zebedee (Hebrew Origin) Meaning "endowed by God".



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