Santa’s Coming To London Transport Museum This Christmas

The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden has some special plans for kids this Christmas.

What’s red, very old, and adored by kids? The answer’s either “Santa Claus” or “Vintage buses”, and you can see both at London Transport Museum this Christmas.

The museum promises a bevy of family festivities when it reopens on 3 December, including a winter trail, weekly prize draws, and visits from a socially distanced Santa. Also, on 12 December, the museum will host an Early Explorer morning for children with special education needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Families can catch a new display of “stunning seasonal transport posters depicting the magic of London during wintertime”. You can even step inside one of them -- an iconic 1980s poster ‘Cold Winds Do Blow’ by Brian Grimwood, which features roundel-shaped snowflakes. A good one for Instagram.

Entrance to the museum also includes a chance to see the new transport at war gallery, and the excellent Hidden London exhibition, which should have ended by now, but has seen a welcome extension.

Upstairs, the museum’s exceptional cafe will serve mince pies and hot chocolate (with mulled wine for the grown-ups). Oh, and don’t forget the shop, which is always a winner for novelty Christmas gifts on a transport theme. 

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