40+ Scary Jokes That Are Perfect For Spooking Your Friends

Scary jokes are scary and funny at the same time.

So, welcome to this scary ride of funny horror jokes.

And if you've been looking for the best skeleton jokes to tickle your funniest bone, you've come to the right place! Here's dedicating a series of scary humor and hilarious jokes just for you!

Are you tired of watching too many scary movies this Halloween season? Need a little light something to serve as a breather? Watch this space for a hilarious succession of scary jokes and funny spooky stories that you can share with your friends and family and laugh out loud together. So the next time Uncle Bob says, "Tell me a scary joke!", you'll have plenty of scary jokes to read out loud. And if you're tired of stupid scary stories, leave it up to us to turn them into the funniest scary jokes for you. We'll make scary and funny stories into the best scary jokes that you'll want to tell all your friends!

If you're looking forward to some scary jokes to tell your friends this Halloween, read through our series of jokes and let laughter be your best treat this Halloween. Break out into a hoot of laughter as you read the following jokes out aloud. Make memorable memories, be it on Halloween or otherwise. Have good scares along with a good peal of laughter and if you're too scared to be scared then our funny bone tickling humor is always there to be your company. So, have a hilarious read ahead!

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Scary Funny Jokes

Your search for the funniest scary jokes ends here! Roar into belly tickling laughter as you read through our specially curated scary jokes and ghost humor. While you binge-watch your favorite scary shows, add on these funny scary jokes to your binge-watching chart and roll off your couch with these belly cackling laughter doses. Munch on these crunchy jokes as you munch on your popcorn.

1. What's the best thing you can do if you're feeling lonely? Watch a scary movie. You won't feel lonely anymore.

2. What is hot and scary at the same time? Ghost pepper!

3. What's scarier than a scary movie? Mathematics homework!

4. Do you find birds to be scary? Imagine Dragons!

5. What's the best dessert you can have alone after watching a scary movie? Eye scream!

6. What do you call a big, prejudiced, scary clown? A big It.

7. Why was Tom scared of making friends? Because of the fear of getting ghosted.

8. Do you want to know the scariest mathematics joke? I can't tell you. I'm 22 to say it.

9. When was the turkey scary? When it was goblin!

10. Why was the fart scary? Because the sound came from the morgue.

11. What starts with T and ends in X and adults are the most scared of it? Tax.

Spooky Halloween Jokes

Halloween is a great time to make scary jokes.

Make your Halloween even more fun this year with the best scary Halloween jokes. Let these scary jokes find you and your family in good humor. Have a little break of laughter sometime between trick-or-treating. Laugh at our hilarious scary jokes. So, cherish the happy, funny, scary moments with your friends and family. Happy reading, folks!

12. What's empty-headed and orange and always tries to be scary? Jack o'lantern.

13. If there was a scary Halloween dessert that kept coming back, what would you call it? A boo-meringue.

14. Do you like punchlines about scary cows? I find them to be terror bull.

15. What makes cheese Frankenstein so scary? Because he's a Muenster!

16. Why are Halloween French pastries so scary? Because they give you crepes.

17. What happened when the lady didn't pay her exorcist on Halloween? Her house was repossessed.

18. What classes do witches love in school? Spelling!

19. What music was the mummy listening to on Halloween? Wrap music.

20. Why did the ghost enter the wine shop on Halloween? For the boos.

Scary Jokes For Kids

Looking for some scary jokes to keep your kids entertained? You're in just the right spot. We've all seen that kid who's obsessed with all things scary, starting from horror movies to ghost storybooks. If you're a parent or a sibling willing to surprise the little one with something exciting this trick-or-treat season, then surprise with our best treat ever, a compilation of the best scary jokes. So have fun with our spooky jokes for kids!

21. Where do ghosts mostly go on vacations? Boohamas!

22. Where does Dracula keep his valuables? In the blood bank.

23. Where do ghosts mostly trick-or-treat? At dead ends.

24. What do you call witches living together? Broom-mates!

25. If you cross a vampire and a snowman, what will you get? Frost-bite!

26. What do ghosts eat for dinner? Spooketti.

27. What kind of keys do ghosts use for unlocking scary doors? Spoo-key!

28. How do ghosts tell their future? By reading their horrorscope.

29. Why can't ghosts ever be good at lying? Because one can see through them.

30. What are vampires scared of most of the time? Tooth decay!

Readers' Favorite Scary Jokes

Ghosts have been part of pop culture for a long time.

Done searching numerous websites? Need a place where you can find the best and the scariest joke? Browse through our collection of readers' favorite scary jokes that'll make you cackle with laughter. From tricky twin witches to ghosts in elevators, from vampires going to prom to mummies going for a swim, these hilarious jokes are sure to make you crack up and have a good long laughter session. So, enjoy this hilarious ride of scary jokes and share the good laughter with your loved ones! Have a good read of these jokes!

31. What would you call the spiders who married on Halloween? Newly webbed!

32. What do ghosts clean their hair with? Shamboo!

33. Why don't ghosts take the stairs but use elevators instead? Because it raises their spirits.

34. What happened to the ghost who got lost in the fog? He was mist!

35. Why are twin witches tricky? Because you can't figure which witch is which.

36. Where do ghosts buy their essentials from? Ghost-ery store.

37. What toppings do ghouls love on their ice cream? Lemon and slime.

38. What's a ghost's favorite play? Romeo and Ghouliet.

39.What's fruits do ghosts love the most? Boo-berries.

40. Whom did the vampire take to the prom? His ghoul friend!

41. Where do mummies like to go for a swim? To the Dead Sea.

42. Why can't mummies make friends? Because they are too wrapped up in themselves.

43. Why do vampires love baseball? Because they turn into bats each and every night.

44. What did the skeleton order at the restaurant? Spare ribs.

45. What was the baby ghost wearing on Halloween? A pillowcover!

46. Where do rich, fashionable ghosts shop? Boo-tiques!

47. Why are mummies scared to go on vacations? Because they are scared that they'll relax and unwind!

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