Top Picks From The Scouts Great Indoors Activities

Building a tent together indoors is always fun.

The Scouts have been bringing us oodles of fun since 1907 and now a 100 years on they still have our backs with this brilliant set of free indoor activities.

The Scouts are dedicated to helping young people live and thrive in society by learning the important lessons of life and having fun while doing so. Their motto, 'Be Prepared', aptly presents us with the scout association who has prepared us for lockdown with these innovative and creative ideas for activities that you can do inside with your kids!

Fun Fact about The Scouts

The Scouts Association prides itself on being an accessible and inclusive organisation which means that all these activities that they have posted have an option at the bottom of the page to make the task more accessible. It is important for them to reach out to all people with all kinds of needs and ensure that no one is disadvantaged in developing their skills at home. There is also an option to give each task and extra challenge if your scout can take on the challenge.

Great Indoors Word Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt combines learning and fun with this innovative way to spell words with a search for household objects at home. This is something that the whole family can get involved with and you can tailor the activities to each individual in the family for extra fun! This activity is ideal for 8-14-year-olds and all you need to complete it is a camera/phone, a printer or photo editing software or a map of your neighbourhood/access to google maps. Or when the weather is nice, take this outside into the garden!

Fruit Salad Solar Systems

Help your children learn about the solar system and make their very own with fruit! This free and easy activity simply needs the fruit you have in your house to help teach your kids for the world outside of Earth. Spend 40 minutes of your time teaching your 6-14-year-olds all about space with this fun and interactive lesson!

Tiny Tube Trees

If you are looking for a slightly more crafty activity to keep your family positive and having fun in lockdown then you might want to try making your very own outdoors, indoors! Explore the great indoors with these homemade tiny tube trees that will help teach your kids about the ever-changing nature of nature! Explore the importance of trees to human life and build your own trees with recyclable materials that you will have in your house now for 6-8s. Get your children outside to admire and appreciate nature in order to replicate it inside.

Stand By Me

Looking for a DIY project to do with your 8-10-year-old scout? Well, we've found the perfect activity for you to do at home. Create your very own wooden stand to keep your children's books, teddy bear or any other various items. This will take an hour to complete and will help your child gain and develop modern and practical skills needed for school, work and social life!

The Professor's Collection

Build your very own museum, at home, of your family's favourite things! Since you can't go out and explore the museums in the outside world, why not create your very own one at home. Challenge your young people at home to become museum curators with this ingenious activities and enhance their listening and learning skills as they search for important artefacts to display in their shoebox museums. While the Scout Association say this is perfect for 8-10 year old, this could easily be expanded to a whole family activity and get your older kids involved too! Get crafty and creative with this one!

Funny Fruity Monster Faces

Turn fruit and veg into a fun craft.

Make your 5-a-day into scary faces with these ideas to spice up your mealtimes. While this is a really fun activity for your family to make art out of their food, it is also the perfect time to teach your children about the importance of keeping a healthy and balanced diet and for them to earn the skills to ensure they are keeping their bodies as healthy as their minds. Bring a positive outlook to fruit and veg by giving your young kids the information to keep a healthy lifestyle and get the most out of their 5-a-day! Perfect for 6-10s!


Explore the science of paper planes with one of these clever home craft activities that will build a bit of competition between the people in your family. Make your own whirlybirds with these easy instructions and then test them out against a target to see who can score the most points. This free activity will help build a positive family feel with healthy competition and adding a little bit of science to craft for your scout with a craving for curiosity. Join your 6-10-year-olds in this easy 30-minute activity and search for your inner child to help your children develop their modern and practical skills.



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