See If You Can Spot These Six Sights From The Shard London

The Shard

We spy with our little eye something beginning with S!

Young or old, there’s no denying that ‘I spy’ is one of the greatest games of all time. Whether it’s to pass the time on a long car journey or to explore the surroundings of a new place, ‘I spy’ is the perfect game to keep youngsters entertained and engaged whilst subtly encouraging them to become more observant of their surroundings. Win win!

And what better place to play a few rounds of ‘I spy’ than at the top of The Shard - a staggering 800ft in the air? We can guarantee you won’t be stuck for choice! There's so much to see at the top of The Shard so to narrow it down we’ve rounded up six incredible sights for you and your mini explorers to spot. Head up to the viewing gallery and soak up the sights - no cheating! Yes, it's outside and yes, you can see it from where you are.

1. We spy with our little eye something beginning with... B

And, no it’s not bananas. It is long but definitely not curved. It has four faces and eight hands yet cannot see nor touch. It’s been around since 1859 (so it’s pretty old) and has had many nicknames but one in particular that it’s known by today. It sounds multiple times within the hour and can be heard from miles away - everyone can recognise its voice. It's undoubtedly older than you and most definitely BIGger... Any guesses?

2. We spy with our little eye something beginning with... G

You guessed correct but we went pretty easy on you. Things are about to get a little trickier… This one has a very peculiar name. You may find it slotted in between two slices of pastrami, topped with cheese and ketchup on a counter at a delicatessen. Or maybe you'll find it by the Thames, home to over 30 floors of office workers. It's instantly recognisable from its unique shape and is one of the city’s most widely recognised examples of contemporary architecture. Take a guess - don’t get yourself into a pickle about it.

3. We spy with our little eye something beginning with... L

Lucky you, right again. This one has one eye but cannot see. It moves slowly and looms over London, above the River Thames and just below the sky. At certain points it reaches 135m above the ground and when it's lit up at night it looks wheel-y nice. It can hold up to 800 people on each rotation and travels twice as fast as a tortoise sprinting - we’ll leave it up to you to decide how fast that is! Have you sp(eye)d it yet?

The London Eye in front of a blue sky

4. We spy with our little eye something beginning with... S

This ones for all the thespians in your family. You might have to look a little more south of the river to see this one. Built in 1599 this is a truly historical landmark, complete with traditional, distinctive wooden timbers and thatched roof, making it instantly recognisable. Holding up to 1500 people at one given moment, it is certainly big and mighty. Perhaps it’s time to get out those binoculars now and see if you can spot any corsets or skulls lying around...

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London

5. We spy with our little eye something beginning with... C

And no, it’s not clouds (although, good guess). Here, you’ll find someone very important. With nicknames including ‘The Snail’ and ‘The Onion’, the distinctive architecture of this building means that you can see it from miles away. Home to the Mayor of London and a twisting, spiraling walkway that looks like something out of Harry Potter, this building is one of the most iconic in all of London. Have you spotted it yet?

6. We spy with our little eye something beginning with... T

You’ve reached the last one, congratulations! When it closes it opens and when it opens it closes. Any ideas? You can walk on it or cruise under it depending on your mode of transport. It’s blue and white crossing is noticeable from miles off and makes for some epic selfie opportunities. It is used by over 40,00 people a day and is vital for getting to and from either side of the River Thames. Ok, enough clues - have you made your guess yet?

Tower Bridge in London

How many did you spot? Did you find any other landmarks that are even cooler? There's just so much to witness at the top of The Shard that it's difficult to know where to start. We hope this game of 'I spy' helped point out some of London's most iconic attractions and that you gained an entirely new perspective of them up high! Don't miss the opportunity to soar through the sky and go up the 4th tallest building in Europe to witness London from a whole new perspective!



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