50 Seriously Cool Snake Names With Meanings

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Are you looking for a cool name for snakes?

Some people like to choose names based on popular movies or fictional characters. However, some snakes deserve original names too.

Snakes are such a cool animal, in Greek mythology they were even considered as scared to Asclepius, the God of medicine (he is as close as you will get to finding a God of snakes)!

If you have a pet snake and you want to find a really cool name for it then you are at the right place. Here are some great snake names that might just be the perfect fit for your pet snake.  Finding the right name for your pet is quite a tiresome work but to find the perfect one you need to go through the list we are offering.

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Cute Snake Names for Males

Want to find a unique name for your pet snake? Here are some great male snake names.

1 . Alpha implies “who the boss is”.

2 . Apollo is one of the male snake names that got its origin from the Greek God of archery.

3 . Balthazar implies “a legendary Indian magus”.

4 . Basilisk is a male name originated from a mythological name of a serpent King.

5 . Blade is a sharp name for any male that implies “a fanged pet”. We think this would made a great name for a Ball Python snake.

6 . Brutus is a tough male name that implies “a respected leader”.

7 . Deadpool is derived from a superhero that is known to carry deadly swords.

8 . Deathstroke is another name derived from a comic book character.

9 . Diablo is male snake name that means “devil”.

10 . Diesel is a powerful male snake name, Diesel known for its fast speed.

11 . Dracula is a male snake name inspired by the famous fanged villain.

12 . Executioner is a dangerous male snake name meaning “the one who carries out a death sentence”.

13 . Flint is a male snake name that implies “a sharp stone”.

14 . Fang is an apt name for a serious male snake.

15 . Godzilla is inspired from the famous and much loved movie.

16 . Hades is a snake name makes your snake the ruler of the underworld according to Greek mythology.

17 . Hercules is a male snake name meant for a strong snake, perhaps this would suit a Cobra snake?

18 . Hunter, if your snake is a hunter then you can definitely name him this.

19 . Hendrix is a male snake name that means “the ruler of the home”.

20 . Jax is a male snake name that means “son of Jack”.

22 . Jafaar is inspired by the sorcerer from 'Aladdin'.

22 . King Ghidorah this name means “three headed snake”.

23 . Loki is one of the best names for pet snakes and is a perfect fit for a mischievous snake.

24 . Mars is one of the funny names for snakes, it is also the name of the Roman God of war.

25 . Magnum is one of the perfect fit names for a dangerous snake.

26 . Ramses is one of the funny snake names that got its origin from the ancient Egyptian ruler.

27 . Slytherin is a male snake name that is named after a house from 'Harry Potter'.

28 . Spartan is a male snake name is inspired from the Greek City and its warriors.  

29 . Set is a mythological meaning “a snake God”.

30 . Vasuki is a name implies “king of the serpents”.

Snake names are really cool

Cute Snake Names for Females

Why not choose a cool name for your female pet snake from this amazing list?

31 . Amazon is a female snake name that refers to the world's largest rainforest, cool right?

32 . Andromeda is a female snake name that got its origin from a mythological Greek Goddess.

33 . Athena is inspired by the Goddess of war.

34 . Bellatrix means “warrior”.

35 . Cassandra is inspired by a Greek mythological character known for her prophecies.

36 . Calypso is a snake name is associated with magic.

37 . Coral is inspired by the deadly breed of snake with the same name.

38 . Destiny is a perfect name for female snake meaning “mystery”.

39 . Elektra is a famous character from a Greek tragedy.

40 . Jade Dragon is the perfect name for your green snake.

41 . Medusa is a name inspired by the mythological character that has snakes as her hair.

42 . Maleficent is a name that belongs to a wicked Queen character.

43 . Morgana is inspired by a wicked sorceress from Arthurian legend.

44 . Minerva is the name of a Goddess who was depicted as a snake.

45 . Poison Ivy is another great name for green snakes.

46 . Sorceress is a name related to mysterious and magical side of snakes.

47 . Stormy is best for any dark, black or grey snakes.

48 . Venus is inspired by the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.

49 . Viper is a name that implies a deadly snake.

50 . Wizard is a magical name that denotes a mysterious snake.

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